The Sketties (by fluffysomething)

AN: Based off of this picture. Enjoy!

You are Dr. Clarke Fields, and you are currently starting an experiment that some other fluffy researchers have done before. You’ve gotten two fluffies, and you’re making spaghetti right now.

Day 1

“Here, Bluey. Here’s your ‘sketties’.” You sigh, placing the bowl of spaghetti down in front of one of the fluffies as you place the other one into a glass box.

“Bwuey git sketties!? Fank 'ou, daddeh! Wub daddeh!” Bluey squeals, dunking its head into the bowl and eating messily.

“Fwend gib wittwe sketties tu Puwpwe? Am gud fwuffy… Wan sketties, tuu…!” Purple cries out, tapping their hooves against the glass and trying desperately to taste the sacred ‘sketties’.

“NU! Sketties am fo’ Bwuey onwy! Dummeh nu git sketties!” Bluey shouts, continuing to eat the spaghetti right in front of Purple.

Day 2

“Wai Bwuey in bawks? Am gud fwuffy!” Bluey complains, ‘sorry-hoofing’ the glass box as you give spaghetti to Purple.

“Puwpwe wemembah wha’ bwuddah say tu Puwpwe wast bwight-time… Buh, am gud fwuffy. Gud fwuffies shawe! Bwuddah wan wittwe sketties?” Purple asks, scooting the bowl over to Bluey as he devours the spaghetti.

“Nu owny git wittwe sketties! Wan aww sketties!” Bluey exclaimed, as Purple picks up the bowl with their mouth and sighs.

Day 3

“Puwpwe wan sketties nao, bwuddah… Pwease gib wittwe sketties tu Puwpwe?” Purple cries, still probably focused on yesterday’s loss of spaghetti.

“NU! ONWY BESTESH BWUEY GIT SKETTIES!” Bluey yells, sorry-hoofing the glass box as Purple tries to back away.

“Hay-te meanie bwuddah… Meanie bwuddah am wowstesh fwuffy eba!” Purple shouts back, as Bluey starts screaming and running at the glass box, tipping it over.

“Huwties! Puwpwe faww!” Purple cries, as the two fluffies start to fight until Bluey gets knocked over fairly quickly, quite fat from all the spaghetti they’ve eaten.

“Meanie bwuddah git foweba-sweepies!” Purple shouts, closing their eyes and stomping their hoof on Bluey’s head repeatedly until nothing could be heard.

“Dummeh bwuddah was awways bestesh babbeh… Awways git mummah wub… Buh, nu Puwpwe! Puwpwe nee wub an’ huggies tuu!” Purple rants, walking away from Bluey’s body as you pick him up.

“Purple, you did this? Well, neither of you can have spaghetti anymore. But, I do know something you can do. I have a fluffy named Princess, and she wants a special-friend. You can be her special-friend, if you want.” You smile and point at a door, as Purple trots in Princess’s safe-room and you walk downstairs to clean up Bluey’s remains.


inb4 Bluey was a pegasus with a yellow mane

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