Trials and Tribulations Ch. 2 (by fluffysomething)

You are Dr. Harriet Roseman, and you’re currently taking notes on Orange. It’s now Day 2 of your experiment, and you’ve told FV-0446 and FV-7410 that they can finally have “replication-huggies” with Orange.

Day 1

Orange is a 3 week old, female cannibal fluffy who currently is whining about ‘fluffy-nummies’ and ‘need fluffy-nummies’. Subject has been well-behaved if we’re not regarding the incident where she tried to eat her own sister.

Day 2

Subject is now being exposed to two Bestest Sickie Friends who have been informed that they could both have ‘replication-huggies’ with her. I am currently watching the ‘replication-huggies’ process to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can.

“Tummeh-babbehs? Buh, am tuu wittwe fo’ babbehs!” Orange squeals, taking a hoof to her stomach and tapping it gently.

“Yeh, inside-baybees! They am gewd inside-baybees!” FV-7410 smiles, tapping Orange’s stomach and smiling even harder.

“Nu touch Owange tummeh-babbehs! Tummeh-babbehs am tuu wittwe fo’ bad sickie-munstas!” Orange squeals, scooting away from FV-7410 after hitting it with her hoof.

You are Orange! You have tummy-babies! You’re so happy, even though you’re too little to even have babies!

“Mummah! Wan mowe fwuffy nummies! Gib!” You demand as your mummah walks over and gives you a very fat baby fluffy.

“Nuuu! Nu num babbeh! Nu wa- SCREEEEEEEEEEE!” The fluffy screeches, wriggling around as it bleeds out from the hole you chewed in it.

“Shuddup! Nu cwy! Jus wan nummies!” You yell, taking more bites out of its neck and leggies until it goes limp.

“Good job, I guess…! Now, go eat more so you can feed your tummy-babies. Your tummy-babies.” Your mummah repeats, watching you eat the rest of the baby fluffy as it shakes slightly.

You have a few questions. Why are those sickie-monsters so interested in your tummy-babies? What kind of ‘eck-pir-ee-mint’ is mummah doing, and why does she need your help?


I wonder how a sickie-pregnancy will affect a filly

I’m expecting something explosive


Thinking the baby are going to be horrible flesh eating bactiera. Instead of biting thier prey they just inject a flesh eating goop eat fluffies like an over ripe tomato.