Bestest Babbehs Ch. 1 (by fluffysomething)

You are a baby fluffy! You just opened your eyes to see a nice lady is your hoomin mummah now! Your mummah got adopted too! You are so happy, because you get called the bestest baby every day!

“Peep! Mummah! Peep! Wub mummah!” You peep, hugging your fluffy mummah’s teat and drinking her warm, sweet, creamy milkies.

That’s when you hear another baby, not a fluffy baby, say something.

“Eff-vee-twee-tuu-zewo-seven hab namesie nyow!? Wub namesie!” The voice squeals, as you look around the room to find a ball-shaped baby with pointies jutting out of it.

“That’s right, FV-0446 and FV-7410 couldn’t just call you ‘white-pinkie baby’ for the rest of your life, so we got you a name!” The nice lady smiles at them, patting the other baby on its not-head.

You’re so upset! Why don’t you have a name!? You’re the bestest baby ever!

“Peep! Bestest babbeh wan namesie NYOW! Peep!” You shout, stomping your hooves angrily as you continue crying out for a name.

“That’s not very nice… Hmm… Butterscotch.” Your human mummah sighs, naming you and walking out of the hotel room you all live in to go work.

“Poopie babbeh nu git miwkies!” Your fluffy mummah screams, smacking your sister off her teat as the little brown fluffy starts sobbing and chirping.

“Wai mummah du dat?” You ask, curious for your mummah’s response.

“Poopie fwuffies nu desewbe wub ow huggies ow miwkies! Owny gud fo’ num poopies!” Your mummah replies, hitting the “poopie babbeh” again.

“Weawwy? Poopie babbehs am bad fwuffies?” You ask, also raising your hoof to stomp on your poor poopie sister.

“Es! Nu poopies nee’ wub ow miwkies. Onwy huwties an’ num poopies.” Your mummah exacts, clapping her hooves as you stomp on your sister.

“Babbeh… Babbeh nu wan… Pwease nu gib huwties… Babbehs am fo’ wub an’ huggies!” Your sister cries, trying to move away from you as your mummah holds her down.

You are a baby Bestest Sickie Friend! Your parental viruses always say you’re the bestest, even though you’re not like the other baby who got mad because it didn’t have a name.

“Bay-bees, gu pway! Pawentaw ‘viwus-esses’ wa’ch Sickie-Fwiend Teebee! Fink ‘Nu Pway Wit Diss-en-fek-tint’ am on!” One of your parents says, placing you by another, not a Bestest Sickie Friend, baby.

“Bay-bee?” You ask, poking the small fluffy baby as it looks at you.

“Yeh, am babbeh. 'Ou am babbeh tuu?” The baby asks as you nod.

“Es! Namesie am Eff-vee-twee-tuu-zewo-seven. 'Ou Buttewscotch? Heaw mom-mee say 'ou namesie.” You say, walking around to find a toy and rolling a ball towards Butterscotch.

“Nu, wan pway nyew gamesie.” What could be the game Butterscotch wants you to play?

“Wan gib Buttascotch poopie sissie huwties?” Poopie? Aren’t all fluffies good? You want to keep your new friend, but you don’t want to give anyone hurties on purpose!

You made a new friend!

You just hope you don’t regret it.


I dont think thats milk