Bestest Mummah Ch. 7 (by fluffysomething)

You are Princess, and you just woke up. You had babies, and it HURT, and… and… There’s no and, simply because you can’t remember what happened after that.

“Ou wose a wot of boo-boo joose and 'ou tuu wittle tu be mummah, that wai ‘ou gu sweepies. Hewe, huggies ma’ ebewyfing betta!” A fluffy says, giving you hugs and lickie-kisses.

“Ou babbehs otay, hewe!” They continue, handing you your babies to check and clean.

You check all of them, but two of them smell bad! Like, really bad. And, one of them is a poopie baby! You’re tempted to give it forever sleepies.

“Wucky! Babbeh smeww bad! Nee’ gib foweba sweepies!” You say, raising your hoof over one of the babies.

“Nu! Ta-ya hold babbeh! Kee’ babbeh safe from bad mummah!” Tanya yells, holding her hooves out for the baby.

“Chirp! Peep, peep! Chirp!” The baby chirped, getting picked up by Tanya.

“Oh-tay, nu wike ugwy tuu-smaww babbeh anee-ways.” You shrug.

“Dis babbeh am Pom-ee-gwanite, dis babbeh am Owange, dis babbeh am Cot-in, dese babbehs am Sunny an’ Cwoudy, dis babbeh am Wachel, an’ dis babbeh… Poopie. Cot-in or Wachel be bestest, Pom-ee-gwanite second bestest, Owange thiwd bestest, Sunny fouwth bestest, Uhm… Pwincess nu count higha den dat. Cwoudy and Poopie both worstest babbehs. Cwoudy bit betta den Poopie, though.” You announce, rating and naming your babies.

You are Daisy, and you have tummy-babies! You can’t let mummah know, or she’ll be mad, but she let your sister get away with it. Maybe because she’s the bestest? You don’t know, you just love your babies.

“Mummah wub tummie-babbehs, tummie-babbehs wub mummah-” You say, hearing someone walk into your hidey-hole.

“Wha Day-see say? Tummie-babbehs?” You hear them say, sounding like… Oh no! Your mummah!

“Day-see jus…” You tremble, looking up at your mummah worriedly.

“Day-see jus…’ Nu! Mummah knyo wha du. Mummah git aww 'ou pwetty babbehs, if 'ou eben hab anee, and tee-ch them be gud. Aww ‘ou poopie babbehs be enfie-babbehs fo’ Tuffies.” Mummah said, laughing and walking away.

“Huuu-huuu… Nu huwt babbehs… Nee’ pwotec babbehs! Day-see hab pwan.” You say, determined. You were gonna save your babies!

You are Lavender, and you have a great plan. You just need to tell your bestest baby.

“Pwincess! Mummah hab bestest finkie-pwace pwan! Day-see hab tummie-babbehs, so we jus’ gib Day-see bad-tummie nummies, an’ she nu hab babbehs anee-mowe!” You squeal, giggling.

“Pwincess knyo whewe bad-tummie nummies awe. Git some by mummah den!”
Princess says, also giggling.

You are Daisy, and you just got nummies at your hidey-hole! You don’t know who gave them to you, but they should be good!


Oww por Daysi, she has such a shitty mom :c


You know parsely and cilantro look a stupid amount alike. An akward mixup could happen leaving bestest to think that parsly is great for her next litter.


Yeah cant believe she would take any “pwetti babbehs” from its mother for herself like shes a perfect something but its not.


Oh god this would be so good of a plotline, hope they take your suggestion