Trials and Tribulations Ch. 4 (by fluffysomething)

You are Orange, and your babies are so close to coming! You’re so happy! You can’t wait to love them even more and give them the bestest milkies!

“Huwties! Tummeh hab huwties!” You complain, touching your stomach with your hoof and sniffling.

Then, you feel like you have to make poopies.

Big poopies.

In fact, the biggest poopies.

“BIGGESH POOPIES!” You yell, suddenly attracting your mummah’s attention.

“Oh, God. FV-0446 and FV-7410, come in here for the babies!” Your mummah shouts, getting the two sickie-monsters your mummah is somehow friends with to run downstairs.

“Nuuu! Wai dey hewe? Nu wike dummeh sickie-munstas!” You whine, your mummah waiting for… something.

Your tummy has the worstest hurties! You’re starting to get bigger, too! You have the worstest hurties all over now!

“HEWP! SU MANY HUWTIES! HEWP!” You scream, kicking your legs around wildly.

Then, you get so big and you hear a loud-


“Here’s your babies, you two! Now, mommy has to clean this up and take some notes.” Your mummah inaudibly says, picking up a notebook. Not that you could see or hear any of this with your imploded ears and eyes, anyways.

You are Dr. Harriet Roseman, and you are taking notes on FV-0446 and FV-7410’s new babies.

Day 4

Orange, due to Bestest Sickie Friend-induced psuedo-pregnancy complications, has expired. There are now 6 Bestest Sickie Friend progeny taking Orange’s place in this study. Offspring appear normal, except for the fact they liquified and consumed Orange’s remains before I was able to dispose of them.

“Alright, go feed your babies. Mommy has some… very important questions to answer.” You sigh, sending FV-0446 and FV-7410 off to feed their babies and writing a bit more.

You are Greenie, and you saw the whole thing. What if that happens to you!? You’re so scared, and mummah is just sitting there!

“Dummeh mummah, hewp sissie NAO! She nee hewp!” You shout, sorry-hoofing your mummah’s leg as hard as you could.

“I’m sorry, what? Your sister is ‘forever-sleepies’. She’s gone, Greenie.” Your mummah more-or-less rudely explains, patting your head.

“Nuuu! Hay-te dummeh mummah! Hay-te 'ou!” You shout, sorry-hoofing your mummah’s leg more until she picks you up.

“You wanna be next?” Your mummah asks, smiling at you.

“Nuuu! Nu wan be nekt!” You plead, your mummah shrugging and smiling.

Orange nummed other fluffies, and now she’s forever-sleepies.

Your mummah’s now a big meanie.

You need to get out of here!


RIP Orange. At least Green seems to share some of her moxy.

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