The Herd Ch. 6 (end) (by fluffysomething)

You are Princess, and you hope you get a mommy or a daddy! You’re making sure to smile at everyone when they look at you, and you’re being really nice to everyone, but no one’s taking you!

“Waaaaah! Wan mom-mee ow dad-dee… Wai nu wun tay-ke Pwincess? Am gud sickie-fwiend…” You whine, huddled in the corner of your glass box as someone opens it.

“Okay, Princess. I’m one of the ‘nice ladies’ who work here, and I’ve been told that Bestest Sickie Friends need to eat shi- I mean, num ‘fluffy taste-pretties’. Here you go.” A nice lady says, shoving a small bowl of fluffy waste over to you.

“Wait! Pwease be nyu mom-mee?” You ask, staring up at her and holding her hand as tears start to form in your eyes.

“No. I’m sorry, but I can’t afford a literate, fluffy-killing, fetus-eating virus in my house right now. You understand, right?” The nice lady walks away, not even giving you the chance to respond.

“Waaah! Waaah! Wai nu wun wike Pwincess? Am bad?” You cry out, getting someone to slam their hand on your glass box.

“Shut up, sickie-shit. Maybe, if you’re really lucky, you’ll go to the Forever-Sleepies Room.” A not-so-nice mister flicks your glass box, causing you to pull on his finger through the holes and not let go.

“Am meanie! Buh, wha’ am Fowevew-Night-Nights Woom?” You question, letting go of his finger when he gives you a scary look.

“That’s where all the unadopted Fluffies and Bestest Sickie Friends go. The workers make them go forever-sleepies. I’ll speed up the process for you if you don’t stop looking at me like that.” The meanie mister threatens you, picking you up and getting out a small bottle labeled ‘Hand Sanitizer’.

“Wet gu nyo ow… Ow Pwincess gon’ gib 'ou wepwication-huggies!” You shout, wiggling in his hand as he puts you down and yells at one of the nice misters who work at your housie.

“Sir, what’s wrong?” The nice mister asks him, running up to you.

“This… thing threatened to get me sick and use me as a replication factory! Kill it!” The meanie mister shouts, pointing at you accusingly.

“They do that when they feel threatened, but they only do that when they feel they’re about to die to a talking animal, since they’re smart enough to know that non-talking animals won’t listen. Sir, what did you do?” The nice mister questions him, picking you up and placing you in the playroom.

“Don’t worry, Princess. The meanie mister got kicked out for attempted destruction of property. Now, do you wanna keep playing?” The nice mister asks, picking you up gently and carrying you.

“Nu, wan sweep. Am tiwed. Bai-bai, fwiends! See 'ou neks bwight-time!” You wave, getting waved at from the other Bestest Sickie Friends in the room as the nice mister places you in your glass box.

“Awwwwwhhh, who’s this?” You hear a voice ask as you wake up, then you hear the sound yof someone tapping on the glass.

“That’s Princess. She got named by a feral herd of fluffies, and we never changed it.” The nice mister explains, talking to the nice lady who’s in front of your box.

“I’m looking for a ‘special-friend’ for my Bestest Sickie Friend, FV-0446. You think she could help me with that?” The nice lady asks, smiling at you brightly as you press your face up against the glass.

“Of course! Come to the back room with me, please.” The nice mister motions to another room, walking away from you.

“Nyu mom-mee?” You ask, prodding her hands as you walk out your old housie.

“Your name’s Princess, right?” You new mommy asks, tapping your not-head back.

“Yeh, namesie am Pwincess.” You confirm as she stops to do something.

“That’s not a very good name for a Bestest Sickie Friend, now is it?” Your new mommy asks, standing there to think about something.

“Nu, if mom-mee say it not. Wha’ am gud namesie?” You question, again wiggling around playfully in your new mommy’s hands.

“Hmmm… FV-7410. That’ll be your new name.”

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Well, when she puts it like that.


There was an epidemic going on, I do believe.

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