The No Babies Support Group Ch. 1 (by fluffysomething)

You are FV-0446, and you woke up to see your mommy’s special-friend tapping you repeatedly and smiling. What does he want?

“H-huh? Wha’ happen? Am oh-tay?” You ask tiredly, rubbing your eyes with your stubby hands as you yawn.

“Today’s the day! Remember when I told you about this special group for fluffies and Bestest Sickie Friends who can’t have babies? They’re here!” You hear him cheer as he picks you up, bringing you downstairs to see a circle of fluffies and sickie-friends.

“Hewwo, nyu fwiend! Nyu fwiend am pawt of Nu Bay-bees Suppowt Gwoup, tuu?” One of the Bestest Sickie Friends ask, making room for a spot near them.

“Yeh… Wan bay-bees…” You say, visibly dejected even as they hug you.

“It am oh-tay! Nyu fwend am gon’ be oh-tay!” A fluffy smiles at you as you smile back, your mommy’s special-friend interuptting to say something.

“Now, we should go over the rules. First, no talking about anything baby-related, since it might hurt someone’s feelings. For the Bestest Sickie Friends, no replication-huggies. It’ll still make fluffies sick, but you won’t get babies out of it. Third, be nice. Now, I’ll be going upstairs to let you all talk about what brings you here.” Your mommy’s special-friend waves, walking upstairs.

It was quiet as you all decided who would talk first.

“Uhm… Eff-vee-fouw-tuu-seven-twee was wittwe bay-bee when this happen. Gitted wowstest owwies when meanie owd dad-dee git diss-en-fek-tint an’ spway on Eff-vee-fouw-tuu-seven-twee.” One of the Bestest Sickie Friends on the other side of the circle sigh, pointing at visible chemical burn marks.

Some of the stories were sad.

“Huuu… Was enfie-babbeh an’ meanie fwuffies gab su many enfies dat… dat nu can hab babbehs aneemowe!” One of the fluffies cry as you get up to hug them along with most of the others.

But, one of them rubbed you the wrong way.

“Mummah say that Citwus hab finkie-pwace sickies, buh Citwus knyo dat am wie. Mummah gib med-ee-sun tu Citwus su can nu hab babbehs… Citwus am wight!” Another one of the fluffies mutter, tapping their disheveled fluff as you come closer to them.

“Hewwo? Namesie am Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks! Wook, Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks feew wike this befowe, tuu! Pwease wisten tu 'ouw mom-mee. She am wight!” You whisper gently to Citrus, hoping she doesn’t get offended in any way.

“NU! Citwus nu hab finkie-pwace sickies! Bee-sides, Citwus knyo how hab tummeh-babbehs. 'Ou nee num babbehs.” Citrus babbles, getting a loud collective gasp out of everyone in the circle.

“Nu! Num bay-bees am nu wight! Am bad!” One of the Bestest Sickie Friends whisper-shout, covering their mouth with their stubby arms.

“Oh, weww. Gues’ nu wun hab babbehs foweba! Unwess, we git babbehs an’ num dem.” Citrus taps her hoof on the floor, nodding as everyone stares at her.

You mean, maybe it could happen? Maybe you can have babies again if you just eat one baby?


“How’s your No Baby Support Group idea coming along?”

“Well we had one meeting, and immediately they turned to cannibalism. But it was a full house so about 50/50 on the success rating there.”

Harriet is gonna have some strong words if 0446 starts eating kids.


The more babies you eat the better your babies are!

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