Sunshine Runs Away (by fluffysomething)

You are a fluffy! Your name is Sunshine, and you have a big problem. Your daddy won’t let your have babies! You’ve asked him again and again, but he just won’t!

“Pweeeeeeeeaaaaaseeee? Sunshine wan babbehs!” You plead, as he sighs and places you in your safe-room.

“No, no babies. If you ask one more time, you’re getting the sorry stick.” Your daddy threatens, as you scowl at him when he turns around.

“Sunshine gon’ hab babbehs, buh how…? Sunshine knyo! Sunshine jus’ wun 'way!” You decide, waiting for the dark-times to arrive so you can enact your plan.

The bright-white-ball is up now! This is your chance!

You sneak out of your safe-room, as you look around and run around to the garden door.

“Sunshine nee gu! Nee hab babbehs!” You nods your head, sneaking out of the small door and looking at your new surroundings.

Your daddy doesn’t have something called a ‘fence’, so you can sneak away from the house easily! You’re going to be a great mommy!

The next morning, you wake up to see another fluffy. You blink surprisedly, as the fluffy smiles at you.

“Ou wakies nao? Gud! Fwuffy wan be fwends?” The fluffy asks, as you smile softly and look at them.

“Nu, unwess 'ou wan gib babbehs tu Sunshine… 'Ou wan?” You ask, as they look flustered, then nod apprehensively.

“Oh-tay…” They say, as they slowly get onto you and insert their no-no stick into you.

A few minutes later, you both have finished. You’re a soon-mommy now! You’re so happy!

“Sunshine am soon-mummah! 'Ou be speshew-fwend nao?” You question the fluffy, as they shake their head.

“Nu… Am su sowwy, buh nu weawwy wan speshew-fwend…” They sigh, as you gasp. How dare they! They gave you babies!

“Nu faiw! Be speshew-fwend, NAO! SUNSHINE WAN SPESHEW-FWEND FO’ BABBEHS!” You shout, as they flinch and back away.

“Am su sowwy… Am su sowwy…” They cry, running away as you puff your cheeks.

You deserve a special-friend! They’re supposed to help you!

A few forevers pass, and you can barely walk. You live in a cardboard box house, and you barely have any nummies to eat for yourself, let alone your babies! What will you do?

“Sunshine hab tummeh-huwties… Big tummeh-huwties… Nee mak’ poopies… BIGGESH POOPIES!” You cry out, as you start straining and wailing for your poopies to come out.

You check behind you after, and those aren’t poopies. Those are babies! You’re a mommy now!

“Babbehs? Mummah wub babbehs! Mummah wub babbehs, babbehs wub mummah…” You sing, as you hear footsteps and you then see a small group of spherical objects with stubby appendages and pointy things jutting out of them.

“Hoo 'ou?” You ask, positioning yourself in front of your babies just in case they want to hurt them.

“That no mattew. We wan be youw fwiends since ouw box nex’ to youws! This am bay-bees, and this am speciaw-fwiend.” One of the things say, as you nod. You don’t trust something about them, but you just can’t put your hoof on it…

You and the objects are friends now! They get you nummies to make milk for your babies, and you give them huggies and love! Your babies can talk, and so can theirs!

“Su, when 'ou be soon-mummah 'gain? 'Ou wan mowe babbehs?” You ask one of the objects, as they look confused.

“Buh, me no can be soon-pawentaw-vi… Me meen, yesh! Yoo be soon-pawentaw-fwuffy soon?” It asks, as you pause to think.

“Nu, nu hab speshew-fwend yet…” You sigh, as they pat your back with their not-hoof.

“No wowwy, yoo hav’ mowe bay-bees soon. Me maek suwe of it.” They grin, going back to watching their babies play as you watch yours.

You don’t know why, but your new friends are getting weirder and weirder…

Even more forevers pass, and their and your babies are almost big! You’re so happy, but there’s some new words your friends are using that confuse you. What’s ‘viral maturity’? You wonder what a ‘housie-friend’ is, and you have no idea what ‘replication-huggies’ are.

“Hewwo, fwiend! Yoo wan’ say hewwo to big bay-bees? They am… vewy excited to see yoo!” One of your friends ask, as they motion their babies to come closer to you.

“Bay-bees, pawentaw viwus am vewy pwoud of yoo aww! Yoo maek it to this moment, and that am exciting! That am why bay-bees gon’ giv nicest fwiend hewe wepwication-huggies!” They continue, as you get even more confused.

“Wha’ dat meen?” You ask, just before the not-babies-anymore latch onto you and some crawl up to your face, trying to open your mouth.

“Nu wike dis game! Pwease git of-” You try to back away as some of the not-babies climb into your open mouth as you gag.

You feel the babies scale down your throat as you try to get them out, then you stop gagging as you feel multiple sharp pinches in your stomach.

“Huwties! Huw-” You whine, before the babies crawl out and sit around you.

“Sunshine… Sunshine hab tummeh-babbehs?” You whisper to yourself, touching your stomach with your hoof.

A/N: What happens to Sunshine? You choose in the replies!


She gets picked up by Doctor Fauci, who then takes her home and has sex with her while crying out “Ooh yeah, bayee!!! I’m da soiyens!!!”

Question: In a herd of coof fluffies, would the smarty talk and act like Fauci?

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Kill them all. Thanks in advance.


Give Sunshine the Xenomorph treatment. No survivors.


She pukes up the sickie-friends, stomps them all then continues to live a horrible life on the street.


I like this option.