Worstest Sickies Ch. 3 (by fluffysomething)

Your name is FV-0945. You just came out of your housie-friend with some babies, but aren’t they supposed to move when they’re born? Plus, why is your housie-friend crying?

“Hab come-tuu-soon babbehs! Am bad mummah!” Your housie-friend sobbed.

“No, you’re not! Here, I’ll ask mommy to make food when she comes back and we can eat together! I’ll get her to make spagetti!” You hear a voice say reassuringly.

“Sketties? Wan sketties!” Your housie friend squeals excitedly.

They walk up to the stove to cook the spagetti, which scares you. It reminds you of the place you were in before, with the big burnie-box.


Nu! Nu put Numba onety-fouw in burnie-bocks! Am gud viwus! Can hewp wit ‘fwuffy pop-oo-wation pwoblem’! Wait, we nu go in burnie-bocks? Ya- SCREEEEEEEEEE! HUWTIES! WAI GIB NUMBA ONETY-FOUW BURNIES? HUWTI-" You hear a desperate plea, a scream, then silence. You still kind of miss Number 14. They only went in there because the answers they gave to the questions they asked them weren’t very promising.

End of Flashback

“Nu put Eff-vee-oh-nine-fouw-five in burnie-bocks! Nu wan gu wit fwend!” You beg, no one hearing you.

“Mommy, can you pretty please make spagetti for Bella? She’s being good!” You hear a small voice ask, giggling and picking up your housie-friend.

“Fine, I’ll start the stove.” Another voice says.

“Bewwa feew sickies… Feew wike gonna make sickie-wawa.” You hear your housie-friend moan, proceeding to vomit all over the floor, forcing you outside.

“Wai Eff-vee-oh-nine-fouw-five weave housie-fwend? At weast fwends stiww in housie-fwend.” You sigh, moving out of the puddle of vomit and towards your hou- Why’s she talking to you? Fluffies do that to you, but you’ve never had a fluffy ask to be your friend before.

You are Bella, a fluffy. You have sickies! You just made sickie-wawa all over the floor. Then, you hear a voice coming towards you.

“Fiwst tummeh-babbehs weave, now Bewwa sickies! Dis suuu bad daysies eba! Wait, nyew fwend?” You cry out, turning around to look at your friend.

“Es, am nyew fwend. My name is- Namesie am Eff-vee-oh-nine-fouw-five. Am a viwu- Fwuffy. Am a fwuffy wike 'ou, but am bewy smaww fwuffy.” They introduce themselves, stuttering slightly as they speak.

“Bewwa am sickies. Feew ba- Kaff! Kaff! Bewwa feew bad. Feew weally bad.” You complain.

“Bewwa feew su sickies… Feel wike gonna go foweba swee-” You say, slowly going forever sleepies mid-conversation.

You are Kristen, and your first fluffy is sick! You’re so sad!

“Mommy! Bella won’t get up! She’s sick!” You cry, holding up the fluffy.