Babies Ch. 5 (end) (by fluffysomething)

You are FV-0446, and you, your special-friend, your daddy, and your babies are meeting some very nice people! They’re looking at your babies! Wait, they’re picking up your babies, too?

“Bay-bees…? Bay-bees, nu weave! Nu wan bay-bees tu weave!” You whine, as your special-friend hugs you and pats your not-head.

“Bay-bees be fine. They nu wittwe anymowe…! They am gwown-up housie-fwiends an’ sickie-fwiends nyo!” Your special-friend reassures you, hugging you tightly as you smile softly at your babies.

One of the nice people picked up Coco! They’re talking to your daddy now, and he’s waving at them as they leave!

“Gon’ miss bay-bees…” Your special-friend sighs, waving at Coco as she waves back with her not-hand.

“Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks gon’ miss bay-bees, tuu…” You sniffle, as another one of your babies gets picked up and taken away after the person talks with your daddy.

“Hewwo! Eff-vee-fouw-fouw-tuu-thwee am su eck-cy-ted fo’… What happen? Wai pawentaw viwuses maek saddies?” One of your babies walk over to you, looking excited, then concerned as you hug them and sob.

“Miss bay-bees! Wan bay-bees tu be wittwe 'gain!” You mewl, sobbing into your baby’s stubby arms as another nice person walks up to you both.

“I’m sorry, but your babies are big now! Look, you can visit this baby as much as you want. Okay?” One of the nice ladies say, comforting and distracting you with a soft toy she brought as she scoops up your baby.

“Bye-bye, bay-bee…” You sniffle, as your special-friend starts to cry as well.

You are F.A.07, and you can’t believe this! All your babies are being taken away from you! You’re very not-happy!

“Speshew-fwiend, stay hewe. Eff-ay-zewo-seven be wight bac’.” You walk away as your special-friend stops crying for now, as you walk towards someone holding one of your babies.

“Put down bay-bee, NYO!” You demand, stomping your stubby leg on the floor repeatedly, as the person looks at you.

“No. I’m adopting your baby, I’m sorry! Maybe you can vis-” One of the nice misters offer, as you cut them off and cross your stubby arms.

“Nu! Wan bay-bee bac’, NYO! If meanie mistew nu giv’ bay-bee bac’, Eff-ay-zewo-seven gon’ maek 'ou vewy sickies!” You threaten, as they look down at you and put down your baby.

Your baby’s back! Your special-friend will be so happy that you saved one baby! Wait, is that your daddy?

“F.A.07, did you tell this nice man that you would get him sick if he didn’t give you back your baby?” Your daddy asks, as you mumble a bit and then frown.

“Nu, fwuffy en-fek-ting viwus nu du that! Wouwd nevew du that! Am gewd sickie-fwiend!” You lie, looking around nervously as your daddy picks you up and sighs.

“They’re usually so good, but I guess with babies being a factor, they resorted to that… As for you, you’re getting the ‘Bad Sickie-Friend Stick™️’.” Your daddy warns, as you get scared. What’s that!?

“Wha’ am ‘Bad Sickie-Fwiend Stik’?” You question, as your daddy opens a long box and takes a white stick out.

He turns it on, and it starts talking!

“The Behavior Adjustment Device for Bestest Sickie Friends is a multifaceted device to use on or around your Bestest Sickie Friend. It has five modes. These include: Classic, Disinfectant, Small Electric Shock, Talkie, and Random Small Owwies.” The stick appears to talk, as your daddy nods, turns a dial on the stick and lays it down on you.

“Owwies! Owwies!” You scream, flailing your stubby arms around as he takes it off of you.

“That was Random Small Owwies. Now, stay over here. You’ve been bad, and I can’t let you stay around the babies.” Your daddy explains, as you sniffle and nod.

You are FV-0446, and almost all your babies are gone! You love your babies! But, you miss them so much…