Babies!: Behind the Scenes (by fluffysomething)

The camera cuts to the Fluff-TV logo.

Hewwo, ebewywun! Dis am Fwuff-Teebee, an’ 'ou am 'bout tu wa’ch Babbehs! En-joi!

The camera cuts to fluffy mothers feeding, playing with, and cleaning their babies. After about 10 seconds, the camera cuts to a room full of Bestest Sickie Friends doing the same things.

“Namesie am Dai-see! Am soon-mummah! Wub tummeh-babbehs su much!” A fluffy squeals, waddling over to show her very bloated stomach.

“Namesie am Bewwa! Hab siks wittwe babbehs! Wub babbehs!” Another fluffy cheers, turning around to show the foals on her back.

“Namesie am Diamond! Hab twee babbehs! Wun eben hab pointy an’ wingies! Wub aww babbehs!” Yet another fluffy smiles, again showing off her babies to the camera.

“We have lot of fluffy mummahs in here! Let’s go over to the Sickie-Friend Room, okay?” Someone speaks into the camera, waving before the camera turns off.

The camera cuts to the aforementioned Sickie-Friend Room, filled with Bestest Sickie Friends carrying and playing with babies.

“Namesie am Eff-vee-siks-twee-tuu-zewo! Haab wots of bay-bees!” A Bestest Sickie Friend smiles, bringing a basket full of babies over to the camera.

“Namesie am Eff-vee-zewo-twee-wun-five! Wuv bay-bees su much! Wub bay-bees su much, that nu can stop gettin’ bay-bees!” Another Bestest Sickie Friend waves at the camera, showing a larger basket of babies.

“Namesie am Eff-vee-twee-seven-zewo-wun! Wub bay-bees an’ wepwication-huggies! Wub su much!” One more Bestest Sickie Friend squeals happily, holding about four babies in its stubby arms.

“That’s great! Let’s go back to the fluffies now.” Someone says into the camera, the camera turning off soon after.

The camera switches back to the Fluffy Room, showing someone and Daisy sitting down.

“Now, Daisy. I’m afriad your babies aren’t very good.” Someone says, patting Daisy’s head as she gasps.

“Buh, babbehs am onwy wittwe chiwpie babbehs. Dey am nu bad!” Daisy retorts, covering her foals as she speaks.

“No, they’re bad colors. We can’t have that on Fluff-TV. I’m so sorry, but this is the sixth time you’ve had bad babies. You know what that means.” They say, snatching Daisy and her foals up before putting the foals in a pink plastic bag and tying it up.

“Nuu! Babbehs nu can make bweathies gud in dewe!” Daisy shouts, wiggling around in their arms as they bring her into another room.

“Hello, sickie-friends! Who’s ready for more babies!?” They ask, placing Daisy down as they both hear the babbling chorus of ‘pwease pick Eff-vee-something’ and ‘wan wepwicate’ being said by about 10 Bestest Sickie Friends.

“Well, Daisy. The council has spoken! Here you guys go!” They say, locking the door as they hear muffled screaming and a quiet ‘Eff-vee-siks-fouw-tuu-zewo gu nekt’.

The camera cuts to the Fluffy Room, showing Diamond and Bella.

“Nuuuu! 'Ou hab munsta babbeh! Nu wan munsta babbehs in safe-woom!” Bella screeches, kicking Diamond with her hooves.

“Babbeh nu am munsta! Aww babbehs am gud!” Diamond replies, standing in front of her babies protectively.

“Nu! Babbeh am munsta! Gu foweba-sweepies!” Bella yells, going around Diamond and crushing all of her babies.

“Nuuu! Nu gib foweba-sweepies tu wittwe chiwpie babbehs! 'Ou gu foweba-sweepies!” Diamond shouts, hitting Bella in the eye with her hoof until it started bleeding.

“SCREEEEEEEE! SEE-PWACE NU WOW-” Bella screeches, falling on the floor before Diamond stomped on her neck, crushing her bones instantly.

The camera cuts back to the Sickie-Friend Room, showcasing a crying FV-6320 getting their babies stolen.

“Nu! Nu tay-ke bay-bees fwom pawentaw viwus! That nu am wight!” FV-6320 cries, grabbing at the basket full of babies.

“Nu cawe! Wuv bay-bees mowe than aneewun! Desewve aww bay-bees!” FV-0315 yells, snatching the basket away and cooing at the babies.

“Wait, nyow hab tuu many bay-bees! Nu wan be pawentaw viwus aneemowe! Nu wan!” FV-0315 gasps, proceeding to stomp on the babies and cause Sickie-Friend genetic material to fly out some of the babies.

“Nuuu! Nu gib fowevew-night-nights tu bay-bees! Am su wittwe and ti-nee!” FV-6320 sobs, pleading with FV-0315 to spare at least one baby.

“Nu! Nu wan be pawentaw viwus aneemowe! Nu wan bay-bees at aww! Hay-te bay-bees!” FV-0315 screams, crushing the last baby and starting to eat the remains of all of them.

The camera quickly cuts to the Fluff-TV logo.

Sowwy, fwends! We am habin’ tek-nik-caw difficuwt-ees! Fank ‘ou fo’ wa’ching Babbehs! We gu tu nyu shu nao…! 'Ou am wa’ching Fwuff-Teebee, ow 'ouw spin-off net-wowk, Sickie-Fwend Teebee. Gudbai!


Whoever runs Fluff-Tv must’ve spent all the Fluffy coaching money on fucking coke or something


Of course, the Sickie-Friend coaching money went towards weed


How else would they deal with that shit? Lol

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This is either the very early days before they got their shit together, or else the very late days after everything went to Hell in a foal-can.


In this setting, there is an epidemic of sentient giant vira going on. Which people insist on viewing as pets.
Oh, & it is Behind the Scenes!

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I know the setting, that doesn’t explain why no one has a handle on the other crap. The viruses I can write off, the rest should have had human intervention. Somebody dropped the ball.

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I would view it as the early days


Was trying to say that standards in that society tend towards the self-destructive.
Keep in mind: this was filmed. They only cut away after the sickie-friend cannibalism starts.