The Problem Ch. 10 (end) (by fluffysomething)

You are Dr. Harriet Roseman, and you finally feel well enough to leave the hospital you’re currently driving away from. You went to go check on your Bestest Sickie Friends, but one of them is-

“FV-7410, stop hitting your baby repeatedly with that small hammer! What did it ever do to you!?” You shriek, trying to take the hammer from FV-7410 as it keeps on hitting the baby.

“Guh… Buh…” The baby slurs, clapping its hands at the sight of you despite it leaking heavily from its membrane.

“Dum-mee bay-bee can nu eben tawk wight! Hay-te 'ou, hay-te 'ou, hay-te 'ou!” FV-7410 yells, steeping on the baby over and over because you took the hammer away from it.

“Speshew-fwiend, nu huwt dum-mee bay-bee! It might be dum-mee, buh nu desewbe owwies!” FV-0446 shouts, standing in front of the baby defensively and shaking its head.

“Nu cawe! Tiwed of pwetendin’ tu wub dum-mee bay-bee!” FV-7410 screams back, stepping on the baby until it goes limp and falls over.

“FV-7410, that’s horrible! That baby was derped, not a dummy! I’ll see what to do about you at home. Speaking of sickie-friends, where’s the little shit who got me sick?” You ask, scanning the room until you see Dr. Clarke Fields come downstairs, aforementioned little shit in-hand.

“Duh… Guh… Buh…” It mutters, staying completely still with an unblinking gaze.

“It’s catatonic. It went pretty much insane for a few days, then became derped. I’m throwing it in the bio-waste bin right now.” Dr. Clarke Fields explains, patting the top of its round body.

“Oh. Well, mommy has to ask the ‘nice mister’ a very important question. FV-7410, go wait outside.” You order, pointing at the door and going upstairs, Clarke closely following.

You are FV-0446, and you found something out! The nice mister is going to be your new daddy! You’re so happy!

“That’s right, Clarke is going to be your new daddy. Are you excited?” Your mommy asks, smiling down at you and picking you up.

“Yeh, wub Mistah Cwawke! Wan gu housie su can shu awound!” You squeal, bouncing up and down happily.

“At this point, just call me ‘dad’. You deserve it.” The nice mister smiles at you, patting you on your not-head.

“Wha’ 'bout speshew-fwiend?” You ask, worried for the fate of your special-friend as they stand outside.

“They can come too, but they gave forever-night-nights to your baby. That means they’ll have to get punished first.” Your daddy explains, again patting you as you start to tense uo in your mommy’s arms. What are they going to do with your special-friend?

You are FV-7410, and you just came home with your mommy and new daddy, but what are they doing?

“We’re going to the park, everyone! But, FV-7410, you have to wear this little shirt while we’re there.” Your mommy smiles, showing you a shirt with the words ‘Baby Killer’ enboldened onto it.

“Bay-bee kiwwew? Buh, that was dum-mee bay-bee. Du wha’ was wight!” You argue as your mommy picks you up and slips the shirt on you.

“Bay-bee kiwwew? That am bad! ‘Ou am bad sickie-fwiend fo’ gib fowevew-night-nights tu bay-bee!” A Bestest Sickie Friend reads your shirt and pushes you down, walking away only after hitting you.

“Git wowstest owwies, bay-bee kiwwew!” Another Bestest Sickie Friend shouts, proceeding to stomp on you over and over until you cry.

“Nu wan pway wit’ bay-bee kiwwew! Git 'way!” Yet another Bestest Sickie Friend yells, running away from the area you were playing at.

“Mom-mee, dad-dee! Nu wan pway pawk aneemowe! They am meanies!” You sob, pointing at one of the Bestest Sickie Friends who ostracized you.

“Sorry, but you were a meanie for killing a baby. We’ll leave in about an hour until your special-friend is done playing.” Your mommy smirks, waving you away.

“Nuu! Wai?” You cry, running away from the bench your mommy and daddy were sitting at to mewl by a tree.

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Eh, had my hopes up for a moment there.


Go Romeo and Juliet, 0446 falls in love with a Bestesh An-Tee-Bod-Ee Fwiend, but the two can’t be together without hurting the other.

Maybe Harriet helps them find a neutral zone to coexist, maybe she puts them together to experiment with the abomination they create, in the end at least of them dies


Fluffies-as-food content is always enjoyable! Maybe Dr Harriet and Clarke go on date at one

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But instead of torture-eating fluffies, they dismemberdine on giant talking pathogens?

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Currently putting both stories on my to-do list


Fugu fish it is, then.

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