Bestest Babbehs Ch. 2 (by fluffysomething)

You are FV-3207, and you feel bad! You gave a fluffy hurties on purpose! You did it for your new friend, who seems to be a big meanie. But, you’re both bestest babies, and you have that and only that in common.

“Fwiend… Feew bad fo’ gib fwuffy huwties… Am saddies.” You sigh as Butterscotch hugs you tight.

“Wai feew bad fo’ poopie babbeh? Poopie fwuffies am bad! Buttascotch mummah say su! Buttascotch and Eff-vee-somefing nu be fwends wit poopies!” Butterscotch says proudly, holding her head up as she kicks her sister to get to her mommy’s teats.

“Pawents, wha wa’ching on teebee?” You ask, going over to the foldable couch and sitting down.

“We wa’ching ‘Dancie Sickie Bay-bees’! Wan wa’ch wit’ pawents?” FV-7410 explains, periodically getting up to dance along with the babies on the TV screen.

“Oh-tay! Am dancie bay-bee!” You squeal, getting up to dance with your parents.

“We aww dancie gud!” FV-0446 giggles, spinning you around as you dance.

You love your parents–why can’t Butterscotch’s mommy be like that and not a meanie?

You are Butterscotch, and you don’t understand this… thing you feel now! You’re watching Babies with your mummah, and you feel funny all of a sudden! You want babies, too!

“Hoomin mummah?” You question, hugging the nice lady’s leg as you look up at her with your big eyes.

“Yes?” She responds, picking you up gently so you both make eye contact.

“Wan babbehs.” You say slowly, getting a disapproving face from the nice lady.

“We just got a new house, and I don’t have enough money for babies. We have the space now, but not the time or money. Plus, you’re much too young. So sorry, Butterscotch.” Your mummah explains, making you upset. Why can’t you have babies!? You’re the bestest baby, and babies make everything better!

“Bestest babbeh wan babbehs NYOW! Dummeh mummah…” You shout, kicking her in the face with your hooves.

“That’s it! You’re getting the sorry box!” Your mummah, throwing you in a dark box and slamming the door of it.

“If mummah nu wan gib babbehs, bestest babbeh git dem aneeways.” You huff, trying to lay down in the box.

You are FV-3207, and you feel funny. After watching Dancie Sickie Babies, a new show came on. It’s called… Oh, that’s right! It’s called Give Replication-Huggies, and it’s the most feel-funny show you’ve ever watched.

“Feew weiwd. Wike, weiwdesh eba fewt befowe.” You complain, moving around on the carpet awkwardly.

“Whaa? Buh, sickie-fwiends nu can git sickies.” FV-7410 says, visibly very shocked and confused.

“Nu sickie weiwd, buh feew diffewent. Weawwy wan huggies wike in shu.” You point at the TV, showing both your parents what you’re talking about.

“Oh, that meen 'ou stawting gwow up tiem. Gwow up tiem am when ‘ou gwowing upsies and becumin’ big sickie-fwiend. 'Ou big bay-bee nyow!” FV-0446 explains, clapping for you loudly and scaring you quite a bit.

“Buh, when git… Wha they caww it in shu? Oh, when am Eff-vee-twee-tuu-zewo-seven git wepwication-huggies?” You ask, again starting at the TV screen.

“When ‘ou cwose tu aww gwown upsies, we git ‘ou a housie-fwiend. Buh, enn-joi bein’ bay-bee fo’ wittwe bit.” FV-7410 says, hugging you and again making you feel funny. Why is your little outer layer so sensitive now?

You are Butterscotch, and you just got out the sorry-box. Now, you need to tell your friend your plan to get babies!

“Fwend, come cwosew. Nee’ teww 'ou somethin.” You whisper, grabbing FV-3207 and bringing it closer to you.

“Wha happenin?” FV-3207 asks, also whispering with a tone of confusion.

“Hoomin mummah say nu babbehs, buh Buttascotch git pwan.”