Trials and Tribulations Ch. 6 (by fluffysomething)

You are FV-0446, and you are very sad. Your special-friend went forever-night-nights! Your day now consists of crying, eating taste-pretties, and crying again before you take night-nights.

“Eff-vee-sumfing? Hewwo?” You hear a voice say behind you, tapping you as you turn around.

“It 'ou… Wha, 'ou wanna gib Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks fowevew-night-nights, tuu?” You ask, about to turn back towards the wall when Greenie starts crying.

“Am su sowwy! Am su sowwy fo’ gib foweba-sweepies tu 'ou speshew-fwend! Pwease nu hay-te Gweenie…” Greenie blurts, hugging you tightly as he sobs.

“It am oh-tay… Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks knyo ‘ou onwy hav scawdies bee-cos speshew-fwiend yeww. Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks am stiww maddies and weawwy saddies, buh fowgiv’ 'ou.” You sigh, turning back around as Greenie stops hugging you and walks out of the room.

You don’t really forgive him that much, but you don’t hate him, either. You’re scared for your babies now. What if Greenie hurts them because they might make a loud noise?

“Bay-bees… It am oh-tay… Pawentaw viwus am jus’ weawwy saddies. Wan gu fowevew-night-nights wifout speshew-fwiend, buh stay hewe fo’ bay-bees.” You mutter, trying to calm the rapidly peeping and squeaking babies down.

“FV-0446, are you okay? I made Greenie apologize.” Your mommy says, sitting next to you as you place the babies on your pointy-thingies. You can’t believe that Greenie didn’t want to say sorry by himself, but your mommy had to force him to say it!

“Am gewd… Jus giv’ing bay-bees sickie-juicesies… Am fiy-ne…” You sigh, looking at your mommy as she nods and smiles sadly.

“Well, do you need anything?” Your mommy asks, tapping you gently as you face the wall.

“W-wan see speshew-fwiend wun wast tiem… Pwease?” You question as your mommy goes in a big red, plastic bag and brings out a blanket.

“Now, I don’t think this is a very good idea. FV-7410 got so badly hurt that you might get scared if you see them now. But, here you go anyways.” Your mommy sighs, unwrapping the blanket and showing you your departed special-friend. You jump back slightly, but then you wave to them as your mommy puts them back in the bag.

After this day, you promise to be the best parent in the whole… everything! Even if that means not taking night-nights and staying up to watch your babies.

You are Greenie, and you’re kind of sorry. Your mummah made you say sorry to one of the sickie-monsters she’s friends with, but it was actually the other sickie-monster’s fault! They shouldn’t have screamed that you were trying to run away!

“Mummah? Am sowwy, pwomise! Nu tay-ke fwont weggies!” You whimper, scooting away from your mummah as she frowns.

“My blade broke, and I don’t have a partial pillowing kit. But, I’ll make sure you can’t hurt another… thing’s special-friend again. Trust me.” Your mummah ensures, patting your head before walking away.

What does she mean by that?


Broke - Harriet rips Greenies legs off

Woke - Harriet uses her mad science skills to turn Greenie into a Futurama head in a jar. Still feels hungry, sore, tired, horny, etc, but has no way to combat those feelings without a body

Also I know it was my idea to make 0446 forgiving, but damn does it make me like them more with how you wrote it. Shine on you parental diamond


Well, she is working on sickie-friends spawned from a cannibalfluff. The Dr. could replace Greenies weggies with sickie-friend pseudopod implants. That are also cannibalistic.
Towards other sickie-friends, logically.