Babbehs Ch. 1 (by fluffysomething)

AN: This chapter will be short. Enjoy!

You are Angel, a fluffy! You want babies! You keep on asking the meanie lady who won’t let you call her mummah, but she said no! And, you can’t run away to get babies, either!

“Wan’ babbehs.” You say for the sixth time that day, pleading your mummah to let you have just one baby.

“No. Only bad fluffies keep on asking for babies after their mommy says no. You’re getting the sorry-box.” Your mummah stands firm, putting you in a very dark box.

“Huu-huu…” You cry, still trying to save your desire for babies.

You are Dr. Harriet Roseman, and you are tired. Tired of Angel’s ‘wan babbehs’ shit, tired of everything she does since you adopted her. If she wants babies, you’ll give her babies.

AN: What happens next? Comment!


Sell her to a breeder?
Or tie her to a weather balloon and send her up into the sky.

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Let her have the babies for abusive purposes later to teach her a lesson

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Let her have the babies of a bestest sickie friend. :smiling_imp:

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Let her have the babies…and more babies…and more babies until she begs to no longer have any babies…and then keep forcing her to have babies, one litter right after the other.

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Two options.

1: Give her a group of foals, can be from the same litter or just a collection of random babbehs, just so long as they’re young, days old if not younger. Tell Angel she’s their mummah now and if she can look after them without help, she can have her own foals. Angel is naturally delighted until she realises something.

She has milk dependent foals, and no way to give them milk.

2: Give her one foal, but a real hard-case, pillowed, blind, deaf, maybe even derped for the extra challenge, something that will push Angel to breaking point but she has to keep alive because (insert bullshit reason here). Tell her that she has to love ALL of her babbhes, and if she has a broken babbeh like this one, she has to learn to love it just as much.

Either she softens on the babbeh idea after seeing the ugly side of parenting, or she matures and proves to be a good mummah


Sell her to a mill!

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Time for some random stud stallion to mount her, without much introduction.

“I thought you wanted babies?”

Every step of the way should be the farthest thing from the normal fluffy mating and babies process.

“babies in name only”


Cut off her legs and force her to be bred. Again, and again, and again.

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Voting for option 2 here, give her at least a derped and deaf/blind foal, maybe add alicorn/poopie varient on top of the other issues, Her requirements would be (personally if she were my mare) to figure out how to communicate with the foal and teach it as best she can, keep it safe from itself and potential dangers around the saferoom, if she can manage to help that foal thrive, grow and learn the very limited amount it can

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Fluffalo stallion. Those bastards are huge and rough, perfect for this route


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