Mummah's Little Babbeh Ch. 7 (end) (by fluffysomething)

You are Sunflower, and you are thinking. You had to made a big choice, and you didn’t like any of the options. But, you chose one, anyways.

“So, Sunflower. What do you choose?” Your mummah asks, smirking at you.

“Wan-wan be housie-fwend. Eff-vee-somefing am bad, buh odda choicesies am wowse.” You decide, as your mummah opens a door and throws you in the room.

“Wook, Sunfwowew am meen an’ bad bay-bee, buh awweady hab housie-fwiend toysie. Nu wan anothew! Su, Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks ask mom-mee if 'ou can be wet gu su we can be fwiends! Deaw?” FV-0446 asks, holding its arms out.

“Deaw! Gu ask mummah! We be fwends!” You squeal. Maybe mummah will be nice this time? You hope so, as you listen to them talk from outside the room.

“Mom-mee, can Sunfwowew be wet gu nyow? Pwease? We be fwiends!” You hear it question, bouncing up and down as it asks.

“No, Sunflower is a bad baby. We don’t like bad babies, remember?” Your mummah says, patting it on its not-head.

“Buh, she be nice nyow. She say she wan be fwiends, and Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks neba hab fwiend befowe.” It explains, looking at you through the cracked door.

“Again, no. Now, you have to listen to mommy. Go have “replication-huggies” with Sunflower, FV-0446.” Your mommy orders, pointing at you through the door.

“Nu! Pwease wisten! Nu wan!” It cries, getting gently hit by your mummah.

“Alright, I’ll listen. But first, mommy has to spray you with something.” Your mommy smiles at it, taking out a small spray bottle.

“Nu sowwy-spway! Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks nu wike!” It cries more, again getting gently hit.

“No, it’s not disinfectant. It’s… happy spray!” Your mummah stutters, nodding at her own words as she sprays it down.

“Oh-tay! Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks gu pway wit’ Sunfwowew nyow.” It says, walking back into the room.

You are Dr. Harriet Roseman, and your plan just worked. You heard them talking to each other in secret these past couple days as friends, so your co-worker made a spray that acts as a viral aphrodisiac. Thank god FV-0446 didn’t read the bottle!

“What does this do again?” You say, calling the aforementioned co-worker.

“Oh, it’ll give FV-0446 a little infectivity boost while ‘turning off’ its logical thinking and making it feel uncomfortable with being outside anything or anyone. I recommend not being in the room about 3 minutes after you spray it down with it, though.” They explain, as you hang up.

That’s when you hear it behind you.

“Mom-mee? Feew weiwd. Weawwy wan housie-fwiend! Pwease, be housie-fwiend?” It begs, coming closer to you.

“Oh, god no. Sunflower would be happy to be your housie-friend, though!” You deflect, leading it upstairs. You were not about to let yourself get fucked over by a fluffy-infecting virus that day.

You are FV-0446, and you feel weird. Like, bad weird. Not “replication-huggies” weird, that’s good weird. You feel so weird, that Sunflower looks like more of a housie-friend than a normal-friend.

“Huu-huu… Eff-vee-somefing, pwease nu gib bad-huggies… See wha’ happen to wittle babbeh…” Sunflower begs, backing into a corner.

“Pwease… Wan su baaaaaad… Wan!” You shout, forcing Sunflower down and shoving half of yourself into her mouth.

“Mmmm! Hmmm-mmm!” Sunflower cries, tears running down her face.

“Shuddup! Nee’… Nee’ make gud feews tu feew nu-weiwd… Pwease nu stop nyow…” You whimper, eyes rolled back in your head as you slip into Sunflower’s mouth.

That went on for about fifty minutes, which were the worst fifty minutes of Sunflower’s life. Even worse, if she noticed that her mummah was recording the whole thing.

“GUD FEEWS! Am su tiwed… Gu tu sweep nyow.” You say, falling asleep in Sunflower’s mouth, curled up on yourself.

You are Sunflower, and you want to die again! You have the worstest saddies! Why would your friend do that?

“Huu-huu… Wan die…” You sob, as your mummah walks in the room.

“Again, you can’t die yet! You need to fulfill your purpose! Now, I’ll show you what the camera recorded during that.” Your mummah smirks, putting you in the sorry-box and showing you being attacked by your friend over and over again.

“Wan die. Wan die. Wan die. Wan die. Wan die.” You repeat, trying to spit out your still sleeping “friend” when you start to feel… something.

Are those tummy-babies?

“Tummie-babbehs? Sunfwowa nu hab speshew-huggies, but wub tummie-babbehs!” You exclaim, hugging your stomach. You’ve finally found some happiness!

Which your mummah had to ruin, of course.

“Oh, FV-0446’s done this before. It injects itself into you and you feel “tummy-babies”. Those aren’t tummy-babies, those are little baby FV-0446 particles hellbent on reaching adulthood and performing the same process. Weird, isn’t it?” Your mummah explains, laughing and pointing at you.

“Wha am funnie?! Nu wike wittwe babbeh ‘viwus-esses’ in Sunfwowa tummie! Get dem out, nyow!” You shout, hitting the walls of the sorry-box as the video repeats again and again.

“Housie-fwiend? Housie-fwiend, nu huwt bay-bees! They am nu weady fo’ come out!” You hear your “friend” plead, just waking up.

“Nu! Get babbehs out, nyow!” You scream, getting taken out of the box along with your friend.

“You’re going to wait, Sunflower. You’re going to wait until those babies are ready. Got it?” Your mummah growls, hitting you hard on the nose until you bled.

“Huuu-huuuu… 'Es, Fwuffy wisten.” You sob, holding your nose gently

“Good. Now, go sit down and think. You’re going to be a mother soon.” Your mummah directs, turning away as you slam FV-0446 into your stomach and cause yourself to start voimting the babies up.

“B-bay-bees? Am tuu eawwy! Stop!” FV-0446 cries, picking up the light-blue and blueish moving blobs.

“Sunflower! Didn’t I tell you to wait until those babies were ready?” Your mummah turns around, gagging and gasping at the sight.

“Nu wan babbehs! Jus wan die!” You shout, trying to crush the blobs with your stumps.

“That’s it! I’m taking you upstairs, now!” Your mummah yells, throwing you in your safe-room.

You are FV-0446, and you are sad! All the babies came too early! But, mommy put them in a special box that helps them keep growing.

“Wan bay-bees!” You reach out for the box, trying to get the babies out.

“FV-0446, remember? They have to stay in here until they’re big!” Your mommy reminds you, gently patting the top of you.

“Oh-tay! What we du wit’ Sunfwowew?” You ask, pointing at her safe-room.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll find something.”