Bad Meets Worse Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

1 Year Earlier

Cherry watched as this brute decimated her herd.

She watched as Pebble the toughy, who had broken her leg when she asked for food, had his entire jaw ripped from his skull.

She watched as April the soon-mummah, who had shit in her face when Cherry was pregnant herself and forced Cherry to lick her clean, literally pop like a balloon, sending blood and dead tummeh-babbehs in all directions.

And she watched as Master, her Smarty, her father, the stallion who’s twisted lust had forced her very first litter into her then taken them away from her by the same violation, had both of his back legs crushed into oblivion but this creature.

Master tried to crawl away while the brute was busy tearing the head off of Bark the nummie-finder. How could a Fluffy be that large, he seemed more barkie-munstah than Fluffy. He turned towards his daughter, his sweet Cherry, she would save him.

“Chewwy! Chewwy yu need sabe daddeh, munstah gun gib aww hewd foweba sweepies. Yu wub daddeh wight, nu wet daddeh gu foweba sweepies, pwease Chewwy, sabe daddeh fwom…”


Master froze and shat himself in fear when he felt the ground tremble from the thunderous stomp. He knew the monster was behind him, even as he turned his head, wishing that he was wrong.

This close up, the monster looked even more horrific, his Fluff was a dark, brownish-green colour, and still damp despite having been slaughtering Master’s herd for what felt like hours now, it looked like he was covered in more waterlogged moss than actual Fluff. Small twigs and tufts of grass poked out of his Fluff, like the earth itself was growing from his body, which given that he was at least twice the size of even the biggest Fluffy Master had ever seen, was a very real possibility. Master couldn’t see the monster’s wings from this angle but he knew there were there, but now being this close he saw that where regular monsters had one horn, this one had two, both pointed at different angles on his head. But what really stood out from being this close to the creature was his teeth, Master had already smelt the blood on the monster’s breath but now, he could see the unnatural, jagged nature of the creature’s mouth, the red specks of blood staining the yellow of his teeth, the flakes of pink flesh still trapped between the crevices.

Master looked up into the creature’s eyes, his left eye was completely black, no iris or pupil to be seen, whether the monster could see out of it or not, he couldn’t say. His right eye burned with a bright red iris, scorching a hole straight into Master’s soul as the creature raised his colossal hoof, ready to end the pathetic life of this pitiful Smarty who dared to invade his home.


The creature stopped, his hoof still raised he looked over at Cherry, her voice still ringing in his ears. Master let out a long sigh, his daughter was going to save him after-all.

She was going to save him, right?

Cherry looked down at her father and sneered. “Take his udda weggies tuu, make him hab wowstesh huwties.”

The creature locked eyes with Cherry and grinned, he was going to like having her around.


Jason couldn’t remember how he got his name, he sometimes wondered if it even was his name anymore, so long had it been since he last heard it. Cherry had never learnt his name in the time they spent together, she called him ‘special-friend’ or ‘daddeh’ when referring to him whilst talking to their children.

Now she was gone, as were their children. They were lucky to have Rocky and Tree, out of a litter of four, one was stillborn and the other succumbed to an illness before they could open their eyes. Jason never admitted it, but he felt that his immense size might have been too hard on Cherry’s body, which is why he was pleasantly surprised when their next litter of five all came out healthy and happy.

They never even got the chance to see the world, he didn’t find their bodies among the corpses of Cherry, Rocky and Tree, but he heard what the big blue one had done, crushed them all beneath his heavy hoofs, and he laughed about it. Jason was bigger than the blue one, he’d show him what it felt like, in time, all of them would learn.

Using his natural camouflage, Jason slinked back into the darkness, waiting for the right time to strike.

The morning sun rose and with it a new day in the factory, Primrose giggled as she felt her tummeh-babbehs happily dancing in her belly. Then she let out a small fart and they went back to sleep.

“Gud tummeh-babbehs, gu sweepies nyo, mummah wub yu.”

Primrose carefully rolled onto her feet and waddled over to join Slash, Carver and Pierce as they dug into the food supply of the den’s previous owners. Most of it was stale bread with some grass and berries, Slash pushed over some of the fresher looking berries to Primrose as she made her way over to join them.

“Hewe speciaw-fwiend, hab bestesh nummies fow tummeh-babbehs.”

“Fank yu speciaw-smawty-fwiend.”

The couple nuzzled for a moment before Slash turned to Carver. “Yu find udda Fwuffy?”

Carver shook his head, swallowing the mouthful of hard bread before he answered. “Nu bwudda, bu dawk-times make hawd see fings, Fwuffies wook gain nyo hab bwite-time.”

“Peeh-suh heaw fings.”

Slash looked over at Pierce, the brown stallion had been chewing on pieces of old shit and have stains around his mouth, but still he had that fucked-up smile on his face.

“Wha poopie Peeh-suh heaw?”

“Heaw cwyin in dawk-woom, dewe wewe hoomin steppies, gu down, tuu dawk tu see, bu Peeh-suh heaw Fwuffy cwy, sound wike stawwion.”

“Wook dewe fiwst.” Slash ordered the pair. “Need make suwe dummeh Fwuffy nu twy aneefing. If he am smawt he wun way fwom hewe, bu dummeh Fwuffies am dummeh, fink dey can gib bestesh Smawty wowstesh huwties.”

Carver and Pierce nodded and charged off, Pierce leading the way towards where he had heard the crying coming from. Slash turned back to Primerose.

“Sowwy speciaw-fwiend, Smawty wan make suwe nyu homesies am safe fow nyu hewd.”

“Dat ok speciaw-fwiend, Pwimwose undastan. Nu wike finkies bout meanie stawwion, bu Pwimwose knyp speciaw-fwiend pwotek soon-mummah an tummeh-babbehs. Bu Pwimwose du wan wun fing.”

“Wha dat?”

“Pwimwose wan speciaw-fwiend find dummeh stawwion su Pwimwose an speciaw-fwiend can gib him foweba sweepies togetha.”

“It down hewe, Peeh-suh am suwe.”

Carver peered down into the factory basement, even with the sunlight now peeking in through the tiny windows the basement still looking damn near impossible to navigate, too many awkward shadows of rusty machinery to get lost in.

“Dis nu am gud finkie-pwace pwan, if dummeh stawwion am down dewe, den he nu can find way ousside. Am tuu dawkie tu see aneefing.”

“Bu wha if he can?” Pierced countered. “Wha if dummeh knyos dawkie woom an can weave wen he wan?”

Carver weighed the decision between getting lost in the dark, and suffering his brother’s wrath for not doing his job.

“Poopies, wet’s gu.”

Carver pushed forward and led the pair down into the basement. As soon as his hoof hit the bottom of the stairs, he knew this was a bad idea, it was pitch-fucking-black, even with the minute amount of sunlight, Carver could still barely see anything, he could just about see a pathway through the long abandoned machinery but even then he consistently caught himself on jagged shards of metal poking out of the piles of forgotten equipment.

Carver was lucky Pierce was with him, because the brown stallion’s cries and loud farting of fear were covering Carver’s own frightened yelps.

They followed the narrowing pathway around another corner when they heard it.


It was definitely a Fluffy and it was definitely crying, Carver turned to Pierce who was already cowering behind him.

“Stay cwose, nu knyo wha dummeh du?”

Together the two stallions pushed closer, inching ever forward as the weeping got louder. As they neared the sound of the crying, Carver caught something odd in how they sounded, they were weak, hoarse, like whatever was making these noises hadn’t been in good shape for a long time.

As they turned the final corner to face their foe, he understood why.

Illuminated by a thin ray of weak sunlight, the stallion in front of them was a mess, all four of his legs were missing, he had only one eye and one ear, and patches of his skin had been ripped off. Judging by how the stallions wounds had healed, Carver guessed this wasn’t the monster they had been warned about.

The stallion caught sight of them and looked up in a frightened frenzy, his face was stained brown and his breath, even from a distance, stunk of shit, clearly the poor bastard had been forced to live on the stuff for a long time.

“Whu yu? Gu way!”

“Whu yu?” Carver retorted. “Dis am bwudda Smawty wand nyo, wai yu hewe?”

“Smawty?” The stallion’s eyes grew wide with horror. “Nu, nu wha yu du, am dey awive?”

“Am whu awive?”

“Chewwy!? Chewwy an hew babbehs, am dey awive?”

“Da wed mawe?” Carver turned to Pierced and chuckled. “Nu anee mowe she nu.”

The legless stallion started hyperventilating. “Nu, nu, nu, nu. Yu nu knyo wha yu dun, yu aww am in biggesh twoubews nyo.”

“An wha yu gun du bout it, nu weggie dummeh?” Pierce spat at the stallion.

“Nu Mastah, nu.” The stallion, Master his name seemed to be, shook his head so violently it was likely to pop off at any moment. “Mastah nu can huwt yu, bu he can.”

“Whu he? Da wed mawe’s speciaw-fwiend?” Carver asked.

“HEW MUNSTAH! He nyu am wike anee Fwuffy Mastah eba see, he nu fwom dis pwace, he fwom sowwy-wand, huwt yu in da wowstesh ways an waugh bout it. Yu nu can stay hewe, yu aww need gu.”

Carver’s face soured at being ordered about. “Nu wisten hewe…”

“GU NYO!” Master screamed out as he pushed himself forward through sheer will and smashed his face into the closest pile of rusted metal. Pieces of Fluff and skin caught onto the jagged pieces and tore off as he pulled his head back.


With every scream Master slammed his head back onto the rust pile, each time tearing off more and more of his flesh, at one point his cheer got caught of a peg and tore off a huge chunk of his face, but the traumatised stallion didn’t even notice.


Carver and Pierce both shit themselves in absolute terror and what they were witnessing, silently they agreed to turn bbck and run…

Only for both of them to run into a brick wall with jagged yellow teeth.

Carver recovered first, he turned to see what he had hit and whimpered at the sight of Jason, his mind unable to fully comprehend what kind of beast he was looking at, the immense size was frightening enough but it was his aura, the unnatural appearance of him that truly scared him. Jason looked like he had climbed out of the darkest, dankest pits of a hellish plane, and wasn’t afraid of going back.

Carver tried to run but Jason got there first, kicking him so hard in the spine that Carver went flyin across the room, a horrendous shot of agony fired throughout his body, and then he couldn’t feel anything. More importantly, he couldn’t move anything either.

Jason turned his attention to Pierce, the brown stallion was on his back and still dazed. By the time he came to, Jason was already standing over him, his one red eye boring down onto Pierce’s still erect genitals.

Jason let out a small, growling chuckle before leaning forward and tearing into Pierce’s nutsack with his teeth and ripping it off.


As Pierce cried out for his lost appendage, Jason used the distraction to slam his two horns into Pierce’s throat. The brown Pegasus gurgled and choked on the two thick, sharp horns of his attacker. But instead of pulling them out, Jason placed both of his front hoofs on Pierce’s shoulders and pushed downwards while pulling his horns upwards.

Pierce felt every piece of him wail in utter, bloodcurdling pain. Every muscle fibre, every sinew of skin, every nerve ending, all of it was set ablaze as Jason pulled them far beyond their breaking point. He felt the front of his body being drenched with the blood gushing out of his neck as his visions grew dimmer and dimmer and dimmer.

Then there was a sharp crack as his neck broke, and Pierce felt nothing every again.

Jason kept pulling until he had completely severed Pierce’s head from his body, pulling off the skull and part of his spinal cord before tossing it over towards Carver, still unable to make his body run the way he wanted it to.

He turned away from the bloodied, horrific face of his dead friend, and wished for his leggies to work again.

“Pwease weggies, pwease move, need wun way fwom munstah.”

His legs ignored him. Carver opened his eyes enough to see Jason, his entire face reddened from Pierce’s blood, stroll over toward the surprisingly still alive Master and place a hoof onto the back of the amputee’s head.

“Pwease, Mastah nu wan huwties, hab enuff huwties, Mastah nu am bad Fwuffy nyo, jus wan di…”

Jason silently slammed Master’s head into the closest pile of cold turds he could reach, Carver watched in terror as this colossal monster suffocated the legless stallion in literal shit, his face unchanging and unmoving by the brutality of his actions.

Eventually Master’s body stopped shaking and his head hung limply, and Jason’s attention turned back to Carver.



As wordlessly as ever, Jason stomped down on Carver’s back left leg, the force crushed the limb into immediate dust, flattened into complete nothingness.

With his back broken, Carver didn’t get a full rush of pain, but the shock hit him just as bad.

“AAAHHH! Wai munstah take weggie, need weggie tu wun…


Jason silently crushed Carver’s other back leg, once again pummelling it into the dirt.

Carver couldn’t hold back his tears. “Pwe…eee…aase, stop gibben weggie huwties, am gus Fwuffy, wha Cah-vah du tu dese…”


Jason took Carver’s final two legs, rendering him into another no-leg dummeh. Carver lay down and wept over his new life, all the playing he would never do again, all the mares he would never enf, all the chirpies he would never stomp into paste again.

He spent so long in his own pity party that he didn’t notice Jason pushing him onto his back until he was already rolling over.

“Wha munstah duin, nu wike dis.”

Carver was right to feel unnerved, since on his back he was exposed and vulnerable and now without legs to defend him. He looked around until he finally found Jason, the monstrous Fluffy stood in front of Carver’s bottom half, he smirked as he lifted a hoof and placed it onto Carver’s special-lumps, pressing so enough so that Carver gasped at the pressure.

Carver caught onto Jason’s thought process just a second too late, even with his spinal injury, Carver could still feel his special-lumps, which meant he could feel anything done to them.

“Nu, nu pwease, yu nu hab tu du dis, yu awweady gib Cah-vah wowstesh huwties, nu need tu…”





Carver’s howls of pain echoed throughout the entire factory, a banshee cry of suffering that bore a broken stallion.

From across the way, The Old Fluff picked up the faint sound of screaming coming from the factory. He chuckled as he realised what was going on.

“Did wawn dem nu tu gu in dewe.”

The Old Fluff chuckled again before resting his head back and enjoying the afternoon sun.

Chapter 3 [END]


Every time I hear
“Am gud fwuffy”
It just makes me wanna pillow the fucker and sodomize it with its own putrid weggies.
Anyways love the story.


Agreed, “am gud fluffy!” Is definitely said much more by bad fluffs than good ones.

This is :sparkles: exquisite :sparkles:


When master start banging his head man thats true terror telling those morons they aren’t dealing with some feral weaklings like them.

Love Jason’s presence huge and his frightening aura.

Primrose should have stayed home.


This needs to be animated, kek
Awesome. Will there be a third part?

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The third and final part will be dropping soon.

How soon is soon is another question entirely

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What the hell is Jason even? I missed the part about him having wings so I thought he was a fluffalo. But is he just a horribly mutated alicorn?

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I’m still not sure if I want to commit to Jason’s backstory yet so I’ll keep my cards close to the chest for now.

All I’ll say is that there is Fluffalo DNA in him.