Bad Mummah Ch. 2 (FluffyChimera)

Lady Bell had continued to screech fluffy obscenities at Jitters, ignoring the peeping cries of her newborn foals. Her bloodlust and desire to murder the alicorn in his hand had him shakily dialing a number. After hitting the wrong numbers twice, he finally managed to call the only person he knew that could handle this.

Ring… ring… Ring-

“Hello?” A woman’s voice picked up.

“H-Hey, Loretta…? Yeah, I uh… I’ve got a bit of a situation…”

“Jitters? What the hell is that noise, did you piss off a Karen at the store? I can barely hear you!” Loretta’s voice asks, barely audible over the sounds of the screeching fluffy.

Jitters raises his voice, partially turning away from the enraged fluffy demanding to commit murder and calling Jitters and the alicorn every horrible thing that popped into her little, raggedy head. “Y-Yeah, hey, you know how you’re looking for a cure to BMS?”


“I think I found you a subject, i-if you’re still looking for one… that is…” He stutters, trying to ignore the throbbing headache and tightness in his chest from the stress he was beginning to feel.

“Jesus, is that what I’m hearing?! Yeah, bring her to me. I’ll see what you’ve got when you get here.” Loretta responds before promptly hanging up.

Jitters groans in disdain, partially wishing that Loretta would have come pick the mare up herself. He really didn’t want to handle this horrible mother any more than he already had, but if it meant he could help Loretta in her research, he’d do what he’d have to.

The fluffy mother’s screeching insults barely made any verbal sense to him at this point. It was more of a droning, animalistic bleat. He pocketed his phone and deliberated his anxious thoughts on how to proceed.

He couldn’t put the alicorn down, otherwise the mother might rush in to hurt it. He couldn’t pick the mother up without setting the baby down either. Even if he did pick the mother up, he’d have Hell trying to bring her anywhere, and no remaining arm space to carry the babies. He couldn’t put them in the plastic grocery bag he had, he didn’t want his snacks getting pooped on nor did he want the babies to accidentally suffocate against the plastic. Then his eyes drifted to the cardboard box.

It was soggy on two of the walls, coated in feces, blood, and who knows what other fluids, but it seemed like his best chance. Maybe if he was careful, he could carry it in one arm while still holding the alicorn in his hand?

He carefully, yet firmly used his foot to forcefully scoot the mother and her offspring into the box. Her little hooves fiercely tapping at his leg in the form of ‘sorry hoofies’, making about as much impact as one would get from being punched by a toddler.

He’s only grateful that she didn’t bite him.

With a bit of maneuvering, he managed to tip her and the box over, making the racket of distressed peeps and screes louder. The mare seemed to take incredible offense at this new position.


Her foals chirp and cry beside her, all jumbled up and disoriented. Their little limbs squirm in desperation to find their mother’s comfort or each other. A yellow one is once again trapped under the fluff of her rump and screeching out in pain the best that it’s tiny lungs can. A couple more are trapped under her tail, the one that had been tangled up in the matted mess was barely breathing anymore.

Before the mare can even begin to move in an attempt to right herself or break the fragile box, Jitters blurts out something in hopes she’ll stop struggling.

“I’m taking you home!”

The mare immediately goes quiet, processing the words. The only sounds now were the peeps and chirps of her foals.

After an unnerving moment of peace after that onslaught of raging noise, Jitters takes the chance to reach for the box in a careful attempt to lift it.

“WEALLY?!” The mare shouts excitedly, causing Jitters to flinch from the volume of her voice. Her eyes sparkled with utter delight and her expression changed to an adorable smile and sweet demeanor that better fit her cherubic face. She couldn’t believe it. All it took for her to get a new home was to throw the biggest tantrum she ever threw! Ha! She was so smart! What a dummy human!

“‘Ou gon’ be nyu daddeh fo’ Wady Beww an’ gud babbehs?”

The near instant switch in the mare’s behaviour was fucking terrifying to him. It was like seeing something out of a horror story about narcissistic parents. Vile, malicious, and downright abhorrent one moment, then suddenly playing nice and cuddly the next the moment she got something she wanted.

In a way it was bone chilling. How the fuck were these things supposed to be for kids?

Jitters huffed as he managed to raise the box, balancing the bulk of the weight on his hip while being mindful of the foal hidden in his hand. The wall of cardboard that had served as the ‘floor’ of her nest was luckily only halfway soaked through, giving it enough strength that would last the trip to Loretta’s house. He’d have to hurry.

“W-what? Oh, no, I’m taking you to my friend’s home, she’ll be uh, your new… ‘Mummah’?” He wasn’t sure if he butchered the word right, but he supposed it didn’t matter much. So long as the mare was behaving enough to make this trip easier.

“Oh…” The mare snorted, a snarky grin growing on her face. “Goodie! Nu wan stupi, dummeh mistew anyway heehee!”

Jitters grit his teeth in annoyance. “Why don’t you clean your babies? You want them to look presentable to your new mummah, don’t you?”

Something in his words clicked in Lady Bell’s head, and she quickly turned her head to glance at her offspring. “Ooo! wight! Mummah gon’ WUV Lady Beww mowe with babbehs! Nee’ to wook pwesen-pwe-sent- Nee’ wook pwetty wike mummah!

She squirmed, causing Jitters to struggle in holding the box as she shifted around. He turned his head the best he could to avoid her ass sticking up near his face to let out a small, wet fart.

Oopsie~ 'scuse Wady Beww heeheehee!” She giggled.

He’s 100% certain that she did that on purpose. It takes all he can to not chuck the damn box into the nearest dumpster.

She finally settled down, picking up each of her babies and latching them to her teats while licking them clean.

He felt the alicorn foal in his hand squirm, it’s tiny mouth gumming at his fingers hungrily. Hunger was a good sign. He carefully ran a thumb down it’s head and neck. It desperately needed to be cleaned and fed as soon as it could. The palm of his hand could only offer so much warmth.

“Mummah gib babbehs wicky-cweanies!”
“Smeww su pwetty wike mummah!”
“Gonna hab bestest nyu homesies, gon’ get bestest sketties!”
“Make bestest miwkies fo’ babbehs!”
“Mummah wuv aww pwetty babbehs!”
“Nu wuv ugwy, yicky munstah!”

The song was almost melodic, if it had an actual tune and didn’t have such a sour note at the end. Jitters ignored her singing the best he could as he carried the brood around ten minutes until he finally reached the driveway of a familiar house. Trekking up the stairs to the front door, he struggled to reach the doorbell with any of his fingers. So he resorted to kicking the door lightly in lieu of a proper knock.

Footsteps could be heard before the door swung open. A shorter woman with dark skin and thick, curly hair dyed in purple ombré hues stood looking at him with stern judgement. “Took you long enough-Jeez, you look like Hell.”

Jitters gave the woman a look of resentment. “Gee. Thanks, Loretta.”

“Guessing this is her? Judging by the smell alone she just gave birth.” Loretta doesn’t even look in the box before moving from the door to allow Jitters entry. “Well come on then, I don’t got all day. Set her down in the preparation room and tell me everything.”

Loretta belongs to @UndercoverPallasCat

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My God I cannot wait to write the breaking of Lady Belle. She is going to have a very, very, very horrible time.

I love how you draw Loretta so much <3


You’re doing amazing and Lady Bell freaks me out…its either the attitude paired with the color combo idk…but yikes she definitely has BMS if ever i saw it. I kinda hope she gets shaved bald…an ugly appearance to match her ugly personality.


Lets gooo he kicked the dumb bitch


Plz tell me Loretta shaves her bald plz :pray: she cares about presentation and prettiness so this gets my karmic schadenfreude craving going lol :laughing:
Sorry btw for sounding nerdy btw :sweat_smile:


I really hope the bad mummah gets to experience some good ol’ shaving and pillowing so she can wallow in ugliness while her babbehs have all the good milkies~


Well, she’s gonna be a failed attempt at curing BMS! I can 100% shave this bitch.

The current idea is she’s gonna be a milkbag/breeder because she IS a pageant fluffy… Her babies will make good money for Loretta.



I wonder if she’d derp herself attacking a mirror.


True, its like my folks used to say, you can take a bitter citron and breed it with an orange to make lemons and your own lemonade.
Would failed BMS curing involve Derping/needle prod in the forehead lobotomy? Idk if Loretta would do that as an experiment to see if it cures BMS or just to stop the noise.
Btw would it be okay if i have an OC colleague of Loretta and Jitters in the same institution? They are a bit of an oddball and studies the “weird sciences” in regards to fluffies which includes the paranormal, jellyheimers, ghosts, occultism etc. Kinda like a Hex Maniac from pokemon vaguely.

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I know i reply to alot of comments here but what if you dye her skin or stain it with iodine after its shaved off? It turns the skin into a brownish rusty orange color and it can be a pain to clean off even when its a tiny spill…i learned that the hard way in college lol
Its kinda of a burn the crops and salt the earth by not ony removing her pretty fluff but making her look like a poopy monster on top of it

So, on Chimera’s request, Miss Lady Belle from Hell here will keep her eyesight (maybe not all of it, but the majority), and she isn’t to be totally paralyzed. They would like her to suffer SUPER bad.

For this, I have another OC I have made named Lindsay, who would be doing the more aggressive torture/abuse treatments and giving Loretta updates.

She will likely end up with most of her faculties about her simply because this stupid bitch does NOT deserve the escape that derping/death/total blindness would provide her.


Also yes! Feel free to throw in an OC to join us ^^ The more the merrier


YESSSS. Oh, man, that’s brilliant. I really want to see it done now.

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Now I want some etrogs so I can candy the rind.

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Fair point so bleach blindness to blur vision, probably tooth removal to prevent her from hypothetically attacking “huineapig” brown or alicorn chirpie foals to test and see if she might love them or at very least test to see if she has her BMS cured. Also i know she might get pillowed but im wondering if fully or somewhat partially. Such as instead of classic amputation, Lindsey could get zipties or rope or string and restrict bloodflow until the limb dies or rendering her immobile or dropping off which is probably the more slow and agonizing method. Thos thats if the restriction is in a joint, if its in the upper bone it will still have the bone intact but can easily be snapped off.


I’m enjoying Discount David Bowie and his plight. 10/10 the anxiety he’s feeling is contagious.


Funny enough, Loretta does have a pair of poopy-coloured Alicorns that she uses for BMS training. Once the mare can love and care for them, they’re deemed cured, but so far out of the three cases she’s had a hand in (Coat Hanger, Chlamydia/Trixie, and now Lady Belle), only one has managed to be a success.

Lindsay will very likely start with the surviving babies first. Loretta would prefer less harm come to the mares, and plenty of time between each torture treatment for them to think about their heinous actions and reflect. The zip ties and teeth removal are great. I will probably do a single tooth at a time to try and drive the point home.

Basically… Lady Belle is going to go through a long, long, long, continuous torture session before being deemed unfixable and left to a life of never getting to properly see/care for her babies as she churns out litter after litter.

She will die a slow, agonizing death.




That is possibly the best description for Jitters I have ever read. Truly I feel blessed!

Thank you so much for the laugh lmao