Bad Mummah Ch. 2 (FluffyChimera)

Another idea is, give her a nice and rough manicure on her hooves with sandpaper until raw or bleeding. Then put her in a tub/basin filled with hot water (not boiling but hot enough to hurt a fluffy) and mix in salt and lemon juice to make it a bath from hell.


As long as most of the foals are okay (preferably all, but that blue-green one looks pretty bad off), I’m happy. Do whatever you gotta do with the hell-mummah, just don’t let her hurt the little ones any more than she already has, plz.

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R.I.P to that one baby she crushed


I’m definitely waiting for part 3 when is it scheduled???

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Rest in pieces, you mean.

What a nasty mother she is, good job, from the most nasty and manipulative “bitch mares”, in my opinion it would be direct sterilization, but I trust you can get more out of her.

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