Bad Mummah Ch. 4 (FluffyChimera)

Lady Bell had been calling out for attention and banging her hooves against the damp wall of the cardboard box the entire time she’d been ignored. How dare these humans not pay attention to her! That stupid dummy mister better not ruin her chances with her new mummah!

After continuously pushing against the wall of soiled cardboard, she finally managed to tear it by the corners and push the wall down, freeing herself and her pile of foals from their rancid prison. She stumbled of course, falling over with the filthy cardboard before quickly standing up and pretending that she had planned to gracefully free herself all along.

She stood on shaky legs, still weak from giving birth not even half an hour ago. Her engorged teats dragged onto the cold, metal table, adding to her discomfort, but she had to persevere. She wasn’t allowed to show weakness when on stage, and first impressions were MOST important! As her Old Nu-Daddeh said ‘The Show Must Go On!’

Spreading her wings and striking a pose, she proudly held her head, puffed out her chest fluff, and loudly pronounced. “Nyu Mummah! Wady Beww am hewe!”

Loretta and Jitters stared and watched the whole scene play out with raised eyebrows. Jitters was surprised that the mare was showing so much resilience so soon after birth. It wasn’t until Loretta groaned with an utterly dismayed expression that he turned his gaze away from the pompous creature.

“Ohhhh god fucking dammit, Jitters, you didn’t tell me she was a Pageant Pony!”

“A what?” He asked, confused as ever by this new term.

“A pageant pony. Show Fluffy. Like designer fluffies, bred specifically to go on competitions that are notorious for turning into total shit shows full of drama! Think dog shows, mixed with Toddlers in Tiaras and Jersey Shore or Milf Manor! It’s peak trash tv content.” Loretta explains as she sets to filling the bucket with water and soap. “Usually prizes involve cash for the owners, high end fluffy products, or stock designer breeding opportunities to ensure pedigree quality offspring. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so disgustingly messed up.”

“Nyu Mummah! Wady Beww wan skettis! Gib skettis fo’ pwettiest Wady Beww nao, pwease!” The pegasus ordered with a clap of her hooves, as if ordering a servant to heed her every beck and call.

Loretta stopped and glowered down at Lady Bell, wholly unamused. “And why the Hell should I do that?”

“A-Ah… Oh… W-weww…”

This wasn’t what Lady Bell was expecting. Usually everyone would fawn over her because she was a ‘valuable’ and ‘high quality’ champion. She’d won lots of prizes! She was famous! How could her New Mummah not recognize that?! Maybe it was a test? That had to be it! In some competitions she had to be pretty AND smarty!

“B-Because Wady Beww am mummah! Hab pwettiest babbehs! Nee’ be bestest mummah and gib bestest sketti miwkies!” She answered, nodding her head proudly to her own rationalizing thoughts. She hoped this answer would appease Loretta, but Loretta was anything other than pleased.

“Oh really? Well, why don’t you show me these ‘pretty babies’ of yours? I wanna see how healthy they are and see how ‘good’ of a mother you really are.” Loretta grinned, playing along with Lady Bell’s trained behaviour. This would give her the perfect chance to inspect and process the foals and Lady Bell herself without having to deal with too much of a fight. “Jitters, get those towels and wash cloths ready, and take notes on my clip board.”

Jitters followed instructions without a word, ready to assist Loretta without hesitation. Lady Bell scrambled to pick up her foals from their cozy pile, disturbing them from their sleep in order to display them for Loretta’s approval.

“Dis am pwetty bwue wingie babbeh!” She exclaims, holding up the peeping foal. “Am biggest babbeh wike speshul fwen, dwink wots o’ mummah’s miwkies! Gon’ be su stwong!”

“Mmhmm…” Loretta hummed, taking the foal in a gloved hand to look it over. Using the fingers of her ungloved hand she checks to see if the foal will teethe or suckle before she feels over the baby’s genitals to determine it’s sex. “Healthy appetite. Blue Pegasus, Male. I see you cleaned it, did you make sure it could make good peepees and poopies?” She asked taking a wash cloth to dip into the bucket of warm water and gently wipe down the foal, attempting to prompt it into voiding itself like one would do to ensure a kitten or puppy wasn’t constipated.

“Yus! Babbeh hab gud wicky-cweanies! Nu taste pwetty, bu’ Wady Beww make suwe babbeh smeww pwetty fo’ nyu mummah!” Lady Bell assured, proud of herself for the bare minimum parenting she did.

Sure enough, the foal stained the cloth with urine and a small smear of milky poop. After that, Loretta put the baby pegasus on a scale to get a weight measurement. “4.5 ounces. Very healthy.” Loretta commented before putting the foal on a soft towel. Jitters quietly took notes as told.

This processing of the foals continued the same way for the next three foals.

“Healthy appetite. Orange earthy, female. Healthy bowel release. 3.5 ounces.”
“Healthy appetite. Purple unicorn, male. Healthy bowel release. 3.6 ounces.”
“Healthy appetite. Lime green earthy, female. Healthy bowel release. 3.5 ounces.”

It wasn’t until the pink pegasus that Loretta noticed some issues. The infant was spitting up milk. Frowning, Loretta tapped it’s back to coax it to belch. Milky bubbles oozes from it’s mouth.

“Gastrointestinal issues. Not sure if defective, or simply eating too much too quickly. Need to keep an eye on this one. Pink pegasus, male… Possibly constipated… 3.7 ounces.”

She sets the pegasus away from the others, bundling it in it’s own hand towel to keep it warm.

“Wai nyu mummah put pink wingie babbeh ovew dewe? Nee’ tu be with sissies an’ bwuddas!” Lady Bell whines.

“Because that one is sick. He needs to be quarantined so I can make him better.” Loretta curtly explained. Lady Beww huffs and pouts, shooting a frustrated look towards the pink pegasus. How dare her babies be anything but flawless! No matter, she still had two more babies to make up for the sickie babbeh.

She picks up the yellow foal for Loretta, inciting the little earthy infant to hoarsely screech in agony. “What the hell?!” Loretta balks, taking the wounded foal in her palm. A large array of bruises decorate the foal’s sides and chest. It cries, each breath rattling with fluids in it’s lungs. Dollops of blood ooze from it’s mouth as it cough violently, cringing in pain with every breath.

“This thing is practically dead, what the hell did you do to it?!”

“Babbeh nu am fowebah sweepies! Am jus’ sensitib babbeh! Nu mowe saddies siwwy babbeh! Mummah am hewe!” Lady Bell tries to deflect, ignoring the foal’s agonized cries of injury and excusing it to just being sensitive. Jitters grimaces as he continues to jot down information. “Pretty sure she sat on it…”

Loretta groans in disdain, debating on snapping the foal’s neck it end it’s suffering right then and there. However if she did that, then she’d risk Lady Bell going berserk before the fun even began. It didn’t have much longer anyway, it was a miracle it even lasted this long. It’s shattered ribs no doubt punctured it’s tiny lungs and various other organs. There was no way in hell it could be saved. Wouldn’t be worth the attempt either. The finance requirements and health issues down the line would be too costly and Loretta didn’t care enough to deal with the effort. Without a word she tossed the dying foal in the trash.

“Yellow earthy, female. 2.8 ounces, deceased.”

“NUU! Wai thwow babbeh in twashies?!” Lady Bell shouted in disbelief. “Am gud babbeh!”

“It was choking on it’s own blood. You smooshed it!” Loretta sternly answered. Lady Bell was struggling to believe her, her credibility was at stake! Good mummahs didn’t smoosh their babies! Stupid sensitive baby, how dare it make her look like a bad mummah! She couldn’t get skettis if she was a bad mummah!

Jitters moved the healthy foals into one of the cozy kennels to give Loretta some more room to work. As he did, Lady Bell grabbed her dead, cyan baby and held it up in desperation. “W-Wook! Am wastest babbeh!”

Loretta barely spared the cyan foal a glance. “It’s dead.”

“N-Nu am not! Am just dummeh squishie babbeh! Wook! Babbeh do dancies fo’ nyu mummah!” She exclaimed, forcing the floppy, desecrated body in her hooves to bounce and ‘dance’ along the table. “Heeheehee! See? Siwwy, nu smeww pwetty babbeh am dancie!”

Loretta and Jitters stared in disgust and horror, watching the foals intestines swing loosely from it’s mouth as it’s limbs dangled and upper body flop back and forth from the forced movement it’s mother used. The glazed, underdeveloped eye that had been bulging out it’s skull glistened in the light. fecal matter and blood trickled down it’s legs and trailed across the metal table. Jitters couldn’t keep from gagging in disgust clamped his hand over his mouth to keep himself from throwing up.

Tadaaa! Babbeh du gud dancies? Can hab sketties nao?” Lady Bell asks, beaming up at Loretta.

“No. That’s disgusting.” Loretta grimly replies, completely unamused with the display.

“Wha?! Stupi, squishy babbeh! Nu dancies gud!! Make mummah wook bad! Hatechu!” Lady Bell huffed, her mask slipping even further to show how vile she really was. She shook the foal’s carcass in frustration before slamming it into the surface of the table, not caring about the meaty thunk it made upon contact.

How dare three of her babies be so stupid and bad! They didn’t care that they were making her look bad! Sure, they didn’t look as horrible as that godawful monster baby, but that didn’t give them an excuse to act so stupid! If they had just acted like her other good babies, she’d get her skettis!

Loretta, now out of patience, had picked up the discarded body and chucked it into the trash with it’s other dying sibling. With both hands washed and regloved, she reaches over and grabs the mare by her filthy mane. “Jitters, put on your gloves and help clean the table. It’s time for Lady Bell’s bath.”

Lady Bell screeched at having her hair pulled, crying about bad upsies so much that she didn’t register the word ‘bath’ until she was forced down into the bucket of now cold, soapy water. She gurgled, coughed, and flailed in distress. “WAWA BAD-GHAGHGHGHBBLGL-”

Loretta held her down for a few moments before lifting her up, allowing the bitch mare to cough and attempt to breathe before dunking her back under water.

“P-Pwease… huu huu huu… N-nu mowe… W-wawa B-b-bad…” Lady Bell choked out, sputtering in between shivers.

After a few more rounds of borderline drowning Lady Bell and roughly scrubbing her down with soap, Loretta proceeded to rinse her off. Any complaints or sobs from the mare went completely ignored. Once her fluff was deemed clean enough, Jitters helped scrub the excess water off with a towel.

“W-Wai m-mummah an’ meanie m-m-mistew gib Lady Beww bad wawas? Am g-g-gud f-fwuffy!”

“Did you wanna stay covered in shit?” Loretta asked in reply.

Lady Bell shook her head quickly. “N-Nu… W-wan’ smeww p-pwetty…”

“Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. Your fluff is a mess, I can’t have you covered in shit and spreading disease in my house with that rat’s nest you call a tail.” Loretta explains, gesturing for Jitters to hand her a brush. “No doubt you’ve had visits to a groomer before, so you’d better behave or else…

“W-Wady Beww wike gwoomew, make fwuff an’ haiw s-su pwetty!” The pegasus responds, through chattering teeth. It’s been so many forevers since she had smelled pretty or had her hair styled. Despite how awful that bath was, she was desperate to return to her once glorious appearance.

Her hopeful attitude towards being groomed was incredibly short lived. Loretta was not gentle or kind with her combing, and the mare had an ungodly number of tangles, especially around her sensitive backside. It was sheer luck that Lady Bell didn’t have any extra shit stored in her bowels otherwise there would’ve been a need for another bath. Lady Bell screeched and sobbed, held down by Jitters as Loretta tugged, brushed, and worked through each individual matting of hair.


Despite all her crying and kicking, the two were able to work through the majority of Lady Bell’s knots and tangles, saving the most dreaded part for last. It wasn’t until Loretta was working on her underside that Lady bell decided to bite down on Jitters’ wrist as hard as she could.

“OW! Fuck!” Jitters shouts, yanking back his hand as Loretta grabs Lady bell by the neck fluff and roughly smacks her swollen teat with the comb. “What did I say about behaving!?”


“You okay?” Loretta asks, looking up at Jitters. He sucks air in through his teeth, shaking his wrist. “Yeah, I’m good. Just surprised me, is all…”

It wasn’t exactly hurt, but it was a little sore. Like having been roughly pinched. Had the kitchen glove not buffered the mare’s teeth, she might’ve left a small bruise. Loretta glared at Lady Bell. Had this bitch not been a subject for her own research in curing BMS, she would’ve crushed her head with a brick.

“We’re almost done brushing. All that’s left is the tail…”


Lady Bell shrieked as fat tears rolled down her cheeks, desperately tapping her hooves on the table, trying to tug her body away from Loretta. Yet with how firmly Loretta was holding onto her tail, she wasn’t moving anywhere. So she resigned to screeching and crying as obnoxiously as she could. Her foals peeped and cried in distress at hearing their mother’s screams.

“Damn, there’s no getting through this. I gotta cut it off.” Loretta groaned in frustration. It wasn’t a total loss, and she wasn’t gonna bother with making it pretty. The bitch clearly didn’t deserve it. Taking the shears Jitters slid across the table, she began snipping the matted hair from Lady Bell’s tail.


“Jeez, I wish we thought of using ear plugs…” Jitters grumbled, grimacing from the throbbing headache the mare’s shrill screeches were causing him. Loretta didn’t reply, remaining focused on cutting around the thick, matted hair before she noticed something.

“OH GODDAMMIT!” She cursed. “What? What is it?” Jitters asked.

“Look what I found in your tail!”

A pink unicorn foal the same colour as the pink in Lady Bell’s accenting streaks is plonked down right in front of Lady Bell. It’s little face was discolored, having a tinge of a purplish hue from being strangled to death in the mess of hair long before Lady Bell had been given her bath.

“Must’ve gotten tangle up when she forced it out…” Jitters guesstimated a disheartened frown on his face. He felt a little bad that he hadn’t noticed it earlier. Though it wasn’t like he was really given a chance to.

“B-Babbeh?” Lady Bell sniffled, reaching to nudge the dead unicorn. “Wittwe babbeh make chiwpies fo’ mummah? Pwease?”

It made no chirpies, of course, and for a moment Lady Bell’s lip quivered as she blinked away her tears. She huffed a sigh as she flicked her newly butchered tail.

“Ugh… Take stoopi dummeh babbeh 'way. Wady Beww nu wan.” She ordered with a wave of her hoof, sparing no ounce of sadness nor grief over another bad baby that didn’t benefit her needs or do what she wanted.

Jitters stood in disbelief at what he was witnessing before slamming his fist down on the table in anger. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

Lady Bell jumped, startled and offended by Jitters’ outburst. “Wai meanie dummeh shouty?”

“THAT’S YOUR FUCKING BABY!! IT’S DEAD! AND IT’S YOUR FAULT! HOW ARE YOU NOT UPSET?!” He screams, yanking his gloves off to run his hand through his hair. Lady Bell simply scoffs. “Nu am not. Am dummeh sweepin’ babbeh. Tu stoopi’ fo’ waksies. Tu stoopi’ an’ nu wisten tu mummah! Am bad babbeh!”

Jitters leans against the counter, his anxiety spiking from stress. His head was starting to feel like it was swimming as he laughed uncomfortably. “What the fuck am I doing? I’m arguing with a toy horse. A toy horse based on a cartoon made for children that fucks, bleeds, and murders it’s offspring without remorse. I must be going crazy. This isn’t real…” What the fuck kind of Bizzaro world was he in for him to be dealing with this cruel shit? He couldn’t tell if she was more stupid or malicious. Did it even matter at this point? He could barely register the insanity that Lady Bell continued to spew.

“Jus’ wike othew smewwy bad babbehs! Nu gud enuff fo’ gib mummah skettis! Nao onwy gud fo’ twashies! Aww munstah babbeh’s fauwt! Nasty munstah babbeh bwoke mummah’s gud babbehs, nao dey nu get sketti miwkies o’ huggies o’ wuv! Dummeh stoopi munstah! Should’a wet Wady Beww gib fowevah sweepies! Den twashie babbehs may hab been gud babbehs! Am dummeh mistew fauwt fo’ nu gib munstah babbeh wostest huwties!”

“You know what I think that’s enough for now.” Loretta interrupts, picking Lady Bell up by her tail.


“Shut the fuck up.” She huffs, throwing Lady Bell into a kennel separate from her foals.

“WHEWE BABBEHS?! GIB BACK BABBEHS! BABBEHS NEE’ MUMMAH!” Lady Bell cries, acting as pitiful as she can. Loretta scoffs, her mind drifting to various methods of torture she wanted to inflict on the mare. Now wasn’t the time though, there were bigger issues to handle. “You just wait, you little shit stain. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”

Discarding the dead unicorn, Loretta pulls off her gloves and moves over to Jitters, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, you still with me? Come on, lets get some tea.”

Trixie and Loretta belong too @UndercoverPallasCat

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I think what Loretta is envisioning is too good for Lady Bell. As stated she seems to be used to humans fawning over her high quality mane and fluff. Thats why i hope as a form of karma she’s shaved or given a “Fluff-B-Gone” product to make her more bald than her babbehs, completely bare skin and folds with no flowing mane and only a hairless nub for a tail. It may be a start of her torment but imo its more satisfying to torment BMS mares by targeting their vanity and ego first before attempting to do the more physical stuff.
I think Loretta is attempting to cure her so knocking Lady Bell down a couple pegs by assaulting her ego and vanity may be a nive start…at least imo


A dead foal getting trapped in a mangy tail is a unique angle that I quite enjoyed, even more so when Lady Bell saw what could’ve been her prettiest ‘bestesh’ babbeh and immediately turned her nose up because it didn’t act like she wanted it to and was thus, useless to her image.

Fluffies are already pretty ego-centric, but Lady Bell is somehow even more vain.


I blame her owners. They’re just like that one guy from fallen Angels comic. You know the guy who was obsessed with pageants to appoint that he would ruin good fluffy and essentially make them have BMS.

Pageants are pretty stupid and I feel bad for both the dogs and kids who have to participate in that crap



Looking forward to the continuation ~
(Knowing Mr. Burny-Stick is rebar made me clench up a bit… YEET~)


What a useless waste of flesh Lady Bell is. She makes good foals if she bothers to keep them alive, though. I say:

  • rip out her fluff a clump at a time
  • pry away her hoof capsules, then do it again when they start regrowing
  • clip her eyes open and make her stare at the sun until blind
  • tie off her tail so it falls off
  • destroy her mouth and nostrils with cherry red rebar, so she has to eat with a gastroscopy tube and breathes through a hole in her throat
  • fill her ears with hot glue
  • install a poop pipe in her butt, and burn her urethra so she can only piss with a catheter, then empty her bladder no more than twice a day
  • breed her back to back to back until she’s worn out
  • use her husk as a dog toy, preferably for a number of poorly trained chihuahuas

Leave her long, luscious mane, though. Leave it loose. Listen to her gurgle every single time she inhales it through the hole in her neck. Never pull it out of the way.

This is the only treatment for her kind of bitch mare.

Image of a degloved hoof, btw. Yes, it’s as painful and catastrophic as it looks:

I have a picture of a healing hoof if you guys are REALLY strong of stomach.



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I’ll just say this Loretta is not obligated to do any of that work, she can concentrate on working on real animals and other things, but she wants to get involved with some biotoys that it is 100% proven are not clever and cute at all, so if it’s for your health and mental stability, you should ignore all of those shitrats and not show them any empathy


I feel sorry for Jitter, he had to see that bitch mare’s attitude and her disregard to her foals.

Makes me wonder what causes her to be a runaway or been toss out by the owner.

Hope the foals can be saved especially the one with tummy problem.

And make a hell out of Lady Bell crushing all her demands and her delusional view of herself of some fuck-up diva.

@7svendye oh you mean James? Yeah that fucker mess up most mares in pageant ego.


yeah that bit with that bitch making her dead kid dance was the worse

plus if James kept doing this crap we have more mares like Lady Bell roaming around


Well that idiot will keep doing that cause thats all he thinks and how his ego runs and always have his face smack on the floor always :joy:


It’s just seeing Lady Bell’s pageant ego and then reminding me of James’s point of thinking can lead to some really bad situations like say the heat of competition where a mare kills one of her competitors and the leading to disqualification

Because when it comes to pageants it makes a lot of people go crazy Let It Be kids or crazy pageant parents and or owners of pets


I remember that comic!! That guy is actually one of the inspirations for the creation of Lady Bell!

Also, I agree. Pageants draw out some of the worst human beings and it’s so sad to see what the contestants are put through to win


omfg that looks painful af :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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I confirm, this image would be extremely painful, at least the horse in the image was already dead, but I tell you it would be even more painful than castration.

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It so painful and so hard to heal, a lot of horses have to be put down for it. Really, it’s a tragic situation, except when it occurs in fluffies.

Yup. That poor horse. I can only imagine euthanasia was a relief.

Hair removal, not all at once and leave just her mane that way she can suffer from anxiety over that being the only thing that is still beautiful about her. Kinda like a woman getting plastic surgery to look beautiful to keep her beauty.

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Poor jitters, I’m a hug boxer for sure but I hold no love for pampered fluffs


I hope Loretta just snip off that blasted tail of hers, its frustrating and hard to manage added shit stick to it so much :nauseated_face: