Bad Mummah, Page 2 (DarrolLayman)

Here it is, Page 2. It took a lot longer than it needed to due to procrastination and IRL drama, so I appreciate your patience and your feedback once you see this. As always, I look forward to your input and please don’t be that guy.



It’s taking me a whole day to finish a really small comic page, I know the struggle bru


Thanks, man. This page was especially a step outside of my comfort zone as I tried to implement more of the story into more panels without sacrificing detail.


Well, that’s surprisingly sweet.

@OtaX How so?

It’s just really sweet

Aww I like them all!

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ohhh i love found family! such a good pillow mama

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Yeah, I like to think everybody wins in this deal. Glacia gets a new baby, the alicorn gets fed and loved, the daycare owner gets peace of mind. Everybody wins.


I love this!!

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Aww, this is some nice hugbox :slight_smile: my only suggestion is I always like it when works in a series link to each other so it’s easy to read them in order. Story wise I like what you’ve got cooking, will the human owner be receptive and punish the mare, or will they be dicks and more injustice will ensue? Who knows! That’s why I want to read part 3.

I remember seeing pages like that. I just need to figure out how to rig that up. There’s plenty of excitement to go around, don’t you worry.

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Awwe, love this happy ending for the baby! I love stories where the babies are rescued from bad mummas and get to live with mummas who deserve them and will actually love them. I love the mutual healing

I’m glad you like this outcome, although it is temporary. Like I said earlier, though, I like to think everybody wins in this arrangement. Glacia gets a surrogate foal to care for, the alicorn gets fed and loved, and the owner of the joint gets peace of mind. Everybody wins.

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Is it bad that I didn’t realize this was a daycare until now? I honestly thought it was a hugbox style breeding operation.

I don’t blame you. It’s a 3 in 1: Daycare/Shelter, Breeder, and FluffMart in one facility.

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