-BATTLE FLUFFIES- Rosco VS Bulldozer. (Mexi)

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  • Rosco
  • Bulldozer
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God my kids would love bulldozer. Lol.


I kinda want Rocsoe to clinch it. His look is pretty awesome. By the way @mexi, you are killing it with the artwork! My fave is the Beyfluff party trick.


holy SHIT DUDE this is fucking AWESOME
your fluffy models look so fucking cool decked out in battle gear oms

your attention to detail is fucking bananas dude
the nicks in Bulldozer’s shovel, you even took out the lips and front teeth on Rosco’s model and included the stupid little ribbon on his rat tail and the tiny rivets on his terminator eye (wow i made a real asshole of a design huh xD)
you even matched his scars 1 to 1 i Am Floored

i wanna like 3d print this shit out as a minifigure & i dont even have a way to do that lol

when i saw who Rosco was matched up with, i just imagined Rosco fully inflated & Bulldozer trying to throw him & he just bounces like a fuckig beachball aljsjsjsjhsjsjjd


Don’t tempt me.
I already drew Mr Hugs, i might give in to temptation again.


I love how everyone who draws bulldozer, give him 4 legs, when i drew him his front legs were replaced with wheels that bulldozer front end. But i guess its now cannon considering thw last couple works of art.


I thought they were just behind the wheels.

I probably should’ve paid attention sooner but I guess we have a winner.

I’ll get to it
I’m still sick, and stil halfway feeling bloody awfully and like a reheated fluffy.