Before The Storm - Part 3: Love Is Strange Ch. 3 [By BFM101]

Chapter 17: I Just Feel You

Travis woke the next morning slightly confused, so use to the silence of the forest he was momentarily shocked by the loud ambience of the city, and by the Fluffy he had cradled around him.

Once he remembered where he was and who he was with, he felt himself calm down. Angel was still sleeping but she could feel him moving and subconsciously cuddled in closer to him. Travis looked down at her and smiled, he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found her, she was smart, beautiful and most of all kind, she had saved him from collapsing in on himself just by being there.

If he wasn’t already in love with her, that would’ve confirmed it.

A small part of him felt shame over last night, where he couldn’t even do the one thing he knew all stallions could do, but a larger part of him told him to ignore that, that Angel saw him at his lowest point and she was still there, she still loved him regardless, whatever problems Travis had, they would work through it together.

Just then he felt Angle shifting again, he looked down to see her slowly waking up, like him she looked momentarily confused over not being alone before she looked up at him and smiled.

“Hewwo speciaw-fwiend.”

It made Travis’ heart soar to hear those words and hear them from her mouth, he nuzzled against her cheek and cooed slightly.

“Hmm, hewwo speciaw-fwiend. Twavis am sowwy bout wast dawk-time, Twavis nu knyo…”

“Nu matta, Twavis hab finkie-pwace huwties, Angew see wha bad huggies du tu udda Fwuffies befowe, nu Twavis fauwt. Twavis am stiww Angew speciaw-fwiend, stiww wub Twavis.”

Travis instantly went in to hug her, feeling the tears well up in his eyes. “Wub yu tuu.”

The couple spent a moment just hugging each other before their collective stomach growls told them to focus on feeding first. Angel pulled out some old pieces of fruit with minimal rot from her stash and gave some to Travis, a momentary flash of worry crossed Travis’ mind. Angel had enough nummies to keep her steady if she ever had trouble finding more, maybe enough for Travis as well if they were careful. But if Angel became a soon-mummah, then she wouldn’t be able to find more and Travis being unfamiliar with the city wouldn’t be as effective as her at finding more. That stash would run out fast, leaving them starving and with tummeh-babbehs to think about.

Angel picked up that Travis was iffy on something. “Wha wong speciaw-fwiend?”

“Twavis finkin, Angew shouwd show Twavis how tu find nummies in sit-ee. If Angew become soon-mummah then Twavis hav tu find nummies, bu Twavis neba been in sit-ee befowem nu knyo whewe wook. Nu wan Angew ow tummeh-babbehs hab tummeh-huwties.”

Angel smiled, touched that Travis was that concerned. “Dat sound wike gud-pwan, Angew show Twavis bout twicking hoomins, bu dewe udda ways of finding nummies tuu. Need knyo dem su famiwy nu gu hungwy.”

The pair finished their breakfast and made good poopies away from the nest before leaving the alleyway, Travis was nervous having never seen much of the city beforehand but Angel was more familiar with the place and took the lead. Being careful to avoid the gaze of humans as they made their way to morning work, Angel led Travis through the quiet side-streets into similar looking alleyways like her own.

One of them, Travis did recognise.

“Dis am whewe Twavis see meanie Weon an famiwy, be cawefuw speciaw-fwiend.”

“It ok, Angew nu scawed of dummehs. Bu wiww be qwy-et fow speciaw-fwiend, Angew knyo how be qwy-et, sumtimes steaw nummies fwom udda Fwuffies.”

“Angew steaw nummies?”

“Onwy fwom Fwuffies wiv nu babbehs, it am bad fing tu du bu Angew nu wan foweba sweepies. If udda Fwuffies shawe den Angew nu hab tu steaw, bu dummehs jus wan gib bad huggies ow sowwy-hoofies coz Angew am ‘munstah’.”

Angel looked over at the sad face Travis was wearing. “Dis am sit-ee wife Twavis, it am ugwy an hawd, bu Angew am awive, hab been fow many bwite-times since wun away fwom owd daddeh. Undastan if Twavis nu am comfowtabew yet…”

“Nu, nu. Twavis undastan, neba hab hawd wife tiww nyo. Big Mummah awways make suwe Fwuffies nu hab tummeh-huwties, an eben wiv Cwowwey hewd bein big meanies, dey stiww wots of nummies. Onwy hab tummeh-huwties wen Twavis was babbeh an meanie Fwan-sis nu gib enuff nummies, nu wike dat, neba wan dat gain.”

Travis felt Angel place a hoof on his shoulder and gently stroked him. “It ok Twavis, da past is da past, nu Fwuffy can change dat. Wha mattas is wha Fwuffies du nyo.”

Travis nodded, understanding what Angel was saying, he couldn’t change what Crow did to him, just as much as he couldn’t change leaving his family or Angel change the food she had stolen from other Fluffies to survive. All they could do was what they did for each other, they had a future together and neither of them was going to let a silly thing like past mistakes get in the way.

Sharing another quick hug, the pair slowly and silently made their way into Leon’s alleyway, only to find it completely deserted.

“Nu meanies?” Travis wondered aloud. “Fink dey hidies, gib Twavis an Angew suh-pwise?”

Angel shook her head and pointed towards the nesting area where Leon’s mate and foals had slept. “Nu, wook dewe. Am boo-boo juice.”

Sure enough, there was a small but noticeable splash of blood leading away from the nest, not enough for the whole family, but maybe one or two of the foals, depending of how badly they were hurt.

“Fink it bawkie munstah?” Twavis asked.

“Nu, dis tuu wittew boo-boo juice, bawkie-munstahs wike tu gibs wots of huwties, spiww wots of boo-boo juice. Angew fink it hoomins.”

“Hoomins?” Travis was shocked, even with all the horror stories he’s heard from Crassus about mean humans he still found it hard to believe that there was such as thing as bad humans.

Angel nodded. “Dewe awe wots of bad hoomins who want huwt Fwuffies, sumtimes jus coz am Fwuffies. Hoomins wike owd daddeh, wike meanie Nu-Nice Mistahs who gib fwiends foweba sweepies.”

“Twavis hope neba meet bad hoomin wike dat.”

Angel nodded in agreement and looked over at the pile of food Leon had gathered, it was bigger than her own and had enough long-lasting foods to keep her and Travis fed for a while. But she wasn’t sure where the family was, the blood did indicate something bad had happened, but she had no proof and as mean as they were, babbehs didn’t deserve to starve to death.

“Speciaw-fwiend, Angew wan oh-pin-yun.”


“Weon hab wots of nummies, enuff fow Twavis an Angew to nu hab tummeh-huwties fow wong time. Bu Angew nu suwe if Weon famiwy come bak, nu wan take nummies fwom babbehs, nu am babbehs fauwt dey hab bad mummah an daddeh.”

Travis saw the pained look in her eyes, trying to decide between her drive for survival and her own moral code. She wasn’t just looking to Travis for support, she was looking for guidance, to have him help show her the right choice to make so that she could sleep easy that night.

Luckily for Travis, the choice was far easier to make.

“Weon an famiwy nu am hewe, dis am gud homesie wiv wots of nummies, Weon nu jus weave dat wiv nu pwotect-shun. Wha-eba happen am bad fing, bu nu am Twavis ow Angew pwobwem, nu need feew bad bout taking nummies.”

Angel let out a sigh of relief. “Fank yu speciaw-fwiend, Angew wan take nummies fow own babbehs wen Fwuffies hab dem bu nu wan huwt udda babbehs fow it. Twavis am wight, Weon nu weave dis pwace aww awone, he nu come bak.”

Working together, the two Fluffies started taking Leon’s stash back to their home, claiming the right of ‘Finder Keepers’. Travis did briefly wonder where Leon and his family had gone, Angel might have scared them yesterday but not enough to abandon their home.

He shook his head and got back to work, figuring it wasn’t worth keeping work up over.

Carrying the food back took up most of the day so by the time Travis and Angel had filled their little hole-home with everything they could fit, the sun was starting to set. The two Fluffies decided to reward their hard work with some good nummies, picking up some pizza crust with a good amount of cheese left on them.

As they ate, Angel filled Travis in on some of the feral lifestyle tips she’d picked up on.

“Sit-ee hoomins nu wike Fwuffies, tuu biz-ee. Nu gu neaw big shy-nee hoomin pwaces whewe dey aww hab fan-cee cwothes an wook wike dey tawkies tu dem-sewves. Dey awways gib Fwuffies wowstesh huwties wen ask tu be nyu mummah ow daddeh.”

Travis nodded, he’d seen a few fancy humans when he first came to the city but didn’t think anything of them, clearly the right move if Angel was to be believed.

Angel continued her lesson. “Sumtimes gut u pawk if need nummies bu be cawefuw, if see Fwuffy wiv shy-nee fing on nek tawkies tu dem fiwst. Dey hab hoomin who wub dem enuff tu gib ‘cowwa’ and hab namesie on ‘cowwa’. If Fwuffy am nice den dey take yu see mummah ow daddeh, an dis am im-pow-tant bit, neba ask hoomin tu be mummah ow daddeh, even if hoomin wike Fwuffies dey nu awways wike ousside Fwuffies. Onwy ask fow sum nummies fow tummeh-huwties, if hoomin nu hab anee, say day ok an weave, nu twoubew fow hoomin meen nu twoubew fow Fwuffy.”

Travis had no idea how sheltered he was living with Big Mummah, were humans really that cruel? It was a hard pill to swallow but he trusted Angel enough to listen to her.

“How Angew git wawa?” Travis asked, noticing a distinct lack of drinking water in the alleyway.

“Wiv dis.” Angel said, pointing to a small, cracked plastic bowl she had hidden behind some cardboard. It was likely used for a dog before it got broken, it was still useable, just unsightly.

“Dwinkie fing catch sky wawa, gib Angew gud wawa. Nu awways taste gud, bu is stiww wawa.”

“Twavis fink Angew am su smawt, smawta den anee Fwuffy Twavis see befowe.”

Angel blushed and moved in closer to give Travis a hug, the pair sat in their own privacy, enjoying the comfortable evening heat and their own shared warmth. Travis was the first to reluctantly stop hugging his mate but he had something on his mind that he wanted to talk to her about.

“Speciaw-fwiend, yu wan twy hab speciaw-huggies gain?”

“Weawwy? Twavis nu need tu if nu wan tu, Angew happy wait tiww Twavis am weady.”

“Twavis knyo bu… wan stiww twy, nu wan be scawed of enfies. If nu twy nyo den awways be scawed tu twy gain.”

Angel smiled and gently licked Travis’ cheek. “Yu jus wet Angew knyo if finkie-pwace huwties stawt.”

Travis nodded and licked her back, the couple spent a moment cooing and nuzzling each other before Angel turned around and presented herself to Travis, swishing her tail to allow her scent to permeate into his nostris. Travis’ instincts took over and he stood up, placing his front legs onto Angel’s back…

Only to jump back again once he saw his green legs turn black again.

“Am sowwy speciaw-fwiend.” Travis whispered, trying not to burst into tears and failing. “Finkie-huwties stiww dewe, nu can gib yu babbehs yet.”

“It ok speciaw-fwiend, Angew nu cawe bout dat. Jus wan make suwe Twavis am ok.”

Angel wrapped herself around Travis and held him while he cried, softly cooing to him and humming a song she heard back when she lived with her old daddeh, she didn’t know the words but she found the melody comforting.

After a moment, Travis sniffed away his last tear. “Fank yu speciaw-fwiend, Twavis hab heawt happies yu wiv him.”

“It ok speciaw-fwiend, Angew wub Twavis.”

“Twavis wub Angew tuu, jus wan gib Angew babbehs, hab gud famiwy.”

Angel got a look on her face, a slight sly smile was growing in the corner of her mouth. “Angew hab finkie-pwace pwan, maybe wowk, maybe nu, bu can twy if Twavis wan.”

“Wha am pwan?”

Angel stepped back a little bit and positioned herself so that she was laying on her back but still able to present herself to Travis.

“Angew see sum nu-weggie fwiends hab enfies dis way, maybe wowk fow Twavis tuu.”

Travis was still hesitant due to it being so soon to his last attempt, but he was willing to try it for Angel and so slowly and carefully he started to climb on top of her. Since Fluffies naturally go for the ‘Fluffy-Style’ position, the reverse angle took Travis by surprise as he tried to work out where everything was now. That momentary distraction was all he needed to accidently press his nu-nu stick against Angel’s special-place.

That sudden wet, hot jolt brought reality crashing back down on Travis, he was so close now and that was what frightened him, as Angel’s body rubbed against his with her breathing he could see and feel his Fluff turning black again, turning him into Crow, into a monster.

Until Angel pushed his head towards her, their eyes locking with each other.

“Nu fink bout anee ewse, jus wook at Angew, dewe am nuffin ewse need finkies bout. Jus Angew an Twavis.”

It took a few seconds, but staring into Angel’s bright, beautiful eyes, Travis felt his frantic heartbeat calm down, his breathing slowly returning to normal and his nu-nu stick returning to form. Angel smirked and nodded her approval, Travis took the opportunity and pushed forward.

The look of surprise on Angel’s face that melted away into pleasure made Travis flutter in his special-lumps a lot more than he expected, he allowed the sensation of his first gud enfies to wash over him before he slowly started to rotate his hips. Almost by accident he let a word slip out of his mouth.


Angel nuzzled into his neck and mewled. “Dat it speciaw-fwiend, keep guin.”

“Enf, enf, enf.” Travis’ hips started moving faster, he wasn’t scared anymore, all he could see was Angel’s ecstatic face, all he could feel was her body wrapped around his, all he wanted was to share with her pleasure.

“Enf, enf, enf, enf.”

“Twavis gib gud-enfies, make Angew mummah.”


“Angew wub speciaw-fwiend, wub bestesh enfies.”


Travis felt his body tense as he fired his first ever ejaculate into his mate’s womb, the sensation shocked him before the tingles took over and all he was left with was a warm glow of joy. He collapsed down beside Angel, trying to find his breath, the two of them lay there for a minute before Angel gently licked Travis on the nose.

“Speciaw-fwiend, yu knyo wha dis mean? Yu gib Angew tummeh-babbehs, Twavis am gun be daddeh nyo.”

Travis wanted to say so much, how much he loved Angel, how thankful he was for her help, how proud he was to be a daddy. But the words failed him, he couldn’t think of the right way to express how happy he was, how this was the best day of his life.

But as he cuddled up to Angel and held her while she sung ‘Mummah wubs babbehs’, he felt like that was enough.

A few blocks away, in a quiet little Fluffy store, a door opens and the owner looks up from his counter, seeing a familiar face enter his domain.

“Ah, guten morgen Herr Doctor.”

“Ease it Vinny.” Josef Mongola snapped back. “I’m actually here with something for you. Found these little fuckers hiding out in alley not to far from here.”

Josef held up his carrier cage for his friend Vincent Harkness to peer inside, in the cramped cage were three Fluffies, a massive grey stallion, a fat red mare and a small orange colt, the mare and the colt looked utterly heartbroken whilst the stallion puffed his cheeks and snorted.

“Wet Weon an famiwy gu, need sabe bestesh babbeh fwom munstahs.”

Josef smirked. “Yeah there was three foals, a fat pink filly and a slightly silver colt, Crimson killed the colt when the mother there tried to threaten him, made sure she shut the fuck up right quick.”

“I see, I take it you brought to me for more than just storytime, right?”

“Oh yeah, see that fat pink filly I told you about, she had sparkles in her coat, genuine glitter-Fluff. Figured you’d could use the parents, maybe try and breed a few more shiny foals out of them.”

Vincent was suddenly very interested. “Glitter-Fluff eh, you still got the filly?”

“Afraid not, Crimson claimed her.”

“Yeesh, I almost pity her.”

“Don’t, she was a stuck up little cunt.”

“Fair enough. Ah fuck it, we’ve done enough business together, I trust you Joe. You say these two can give me Glitter-Fluff, then I believe you.”

Josef handed the cage over to Vincent, both of them ignoring the screaming and crying from the broken family inside,

“That all or can I interest you in purchasing some of our top of the line abuse range?”

Josef chuckled. “Save the sales pitch Vinny, I’ve built better stuff then this in my basement.”

“Oh don’t I know that to be true.” Vincent laughed, remembering some of the abusive fun he and Josef had had in the past.

“There is one more thing before I go, when I found the fuckers they were crying about a ‘munstah’ and they hadn’t even met Crimson yet. I think there might be an Alicorn close by, couldn’t tell you where, but if they saw it, it can’t be too far away.”

“Really? Thanks for the heads up Joe, I’ll keep an eye out for it.”

“No problem, I’ll call you if I see anything. Catch you later.”

“See ya.”

The two friends waved each other off as Vincent turned to his new possessions.

“Now then, whatever shall we do with you lot?”

The cruel smile on his face caused even the mighty Leon to piss himself in fear.

Chapter 4


When it comes to Josef the closest thing you get to “hugbox” is “box that slowly crushes fluffies to death.”
I can’t wait to see what inventive torture he’s come up with this time.


Sadly this is about all we’ll see of Josef, this is just a walk-on cameo for fun. Vincent will be returning and this as a set-up for a future arc involving him.

Being friends with Josef, you can guess what he’ll be like.


Wait…aw fuck! So this is Travis the survived fluffy from Josef?? Aw man :frowning: :cold_sweat:

Wow Angel managed to have Travis in an interesting position here :grin: nice.

With Vincent os basically he is as worst as Josef


Hopefully Vincent will be as fun as Josef.

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Vincent does have a business to run so he’s a little more serious than Josef, but if he sees the chance for stress relief he’ll happily take it.


You write the best fluffy porn


Ah good that something happened for a moment I thought this will get hugbox.
I’m happy for every Josef cameo

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Well we gotta have the rise so that the fall is all the more gratifying

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