"Behowd! A Tumbwy fwuff becomes a wawky fwuff!" - by EmotionalSupportFluffy (Tribute to Squeakyfriend) (Also a gift art for Muffin, I think)

crazystein tribute


Doctor Crazystein is planning to help Tumbly walk! And he’s going to do it, the MAD SCIENTIST way!

A piece I commissioned from @emotionalsupportfluffy as a tribute to the artist @SqueakyFriend . This was supposed to be uploaded to the booru at some point, but I kept forgetting to do so. After the booru died, I first uploaded it to the reddit last year, and its now here for posterity. The fluffy on the left may or may not be @Muffin 's Tumbly - from what I remember, ESF intended the picture to go either way.

Squeakyfriend had many unique ideas and contributions to the fluffy fandom. Even though he is no longer around, he is an artist I wish I had gotten to meet. He definitely is an inspiration.


I have a cloned Tumbly with legs, and some special magical powers. I can see everyone having a Tumbly in there own head cannon.