Bestest Babbeh's Fate (Craftyskunk)

After his dummeh Mummah said there were no more milkies, Bestest Babbeh gave her the worstest sorry hoofsies ever before he ran away! If his old dummeh mummah wouldn’t give him the bestest milkies, he would find another better mummah who would!

Time went on, and Bestest had to bully his way to milkies, and soon, nummies as well. It didn’t get him very far, and he often had the worstest tummy hurties ever. Until one day, a nice man asked to take him home. Finally, he would get all the nummies and enfies he could ever want!

It wouldn’t be long before the cold truth stabbed him in the back.

Titless Mare

Author's Note

I want to thank everyone for voting on Titless Mare! I didn’t expect approximately 300 voters! I didn’t even know the community had that many people in it.

With that being said, MANY people wanted to see this little red shit suffer, like an 80% majority, so I hope I delivered something satisfactory.

Personal Update

I am currently in my last semester of online classes, so I might be slower with posts until mid-December. I’ll still be around though!


I hope that the abuser knows what he’s doing, it would be a shame if the shitrat died to quickly.


That’s some fancy art! I like it!

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Serves the fucker right!


It’s so cathartic seeing shitheads like him suffer.

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