Betsys ranch life pt 27 (XNIGHTX)

While playing in New territory azazel and belial find a bloody ball and are debating whether to play with it when Betsy buts in and is very defensive about it
Betsys ranch life pt 26(XNIGHTX)


The same ball that started the trouble? :thinking:

Hope betsy dont get pushy.


I’d secretly hope they’d get into a fight, which would then lead to the doctor getting mega punched. He’s just a punchable guy.

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True but I would advise against it if samael don’t get you first he will be more then happy to he did teach samael everything he knows plus he would enjoy it plus azazel and belial arnt as hostile as their daddehs are and only attack when pushed there despite their child demeanor they are not as deadly as their dads are but they can hold their own

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Deadly in melee is always worse than deadly with a gun, remember that.

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Oh I know and they know as well

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