BF R2 SEWAGE TANK (carniviousduck)

Its the brown ones who have it the worst, no love, huggies and are forced to eat shit and lick the assholes of others. SEWAGE TANK has other plans, all terrain tank treads, mouth protection, an armored body flanked by twin mounted cannons that will splatter the enemy with toxic shit infused with corn. He will take the browns to the super bowl, the cosby kids to the swimming pool, the first serving at the poo palace, and lay the first turd on the enemys chest for that perfect cleveland steamer…


I hope his battle cry is poopie powah.


That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day lmao

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How FOUL! Great design

Surpsied he doesn’t have a vacume front with a cow catcher over it for armor so he can hoover up poop mid battle, pressurize it into the tank and reuse it.

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That be V3.

Let the shit spray.

If we manage to have enough flying and wheeled (i know there is another word but my vocabulary isn’t that good) battle fluffies maybe we can make a wacky races spin-off /j

/j unless…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And sick desing tho!


septic tank boutta give the competition a severe case of pink eye, hell yeah!

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