Burger Fluff Restaurant, idea by FoalOut4, art by Princess Purrpaws



Glad you liked it dude


This seems exceptionally unhygienic. Even if they don’t poop. I think I’ll stick to Wendy’s.


Cool making fluffies do the burger assembly. Im sure they taken the best clean fluffies on serving the burger :smiling_face:

Is that a fluffy hiding in a burger wrap?

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Adorable. Would not eat. Might give to an alley family.

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they eat burguer there

You’d trust those nasty little things with making your food???

Fuck that! I’d rather take my chances at Subway…

Never trust the brown sauce.

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Their programming might actually make drive-thru orders more accurate.

Though fullbody bunny suits like Intel assembly workers are a must. Presumably the cooking is fully automated, or one human worker is retained.

Plus it would need to be contactless or a Karen might deplete your entire trained workforce, and depending on the universe may actually get praised for it instead of arrested or fined.


This is a super cute idea! My headcanon is that fluffies would indeed be safe for food production - although I’d still prefer them to wear full-body hairnets while doing it. :laughing:


“Wewcum tu fwff-buwgew, home ob da fwuff-buwgew, can fwuffy taek 'ou owdah?”

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Not all fluffies have to be “nasty”. Personally, I like the idea of cute well-behaved fluffies making food.


it would be an interesting idea first if it wasn’t the fact that fluffies (specialy foal) are known to shit at any time and any where, so it won’t be a surprise then one day we might end up with a burger filled with shit and piss.