"Busy, Busy, Busy" by NobodyAtAll

The Death of Fluffies stalks through the garden. It’s a very strange garden, with very strange plants, but the Death of Fluffies is no stranger to strangeness.

One’s level of tolerance for strangeness is high when one is the fluffomorphic personification of the death of fluffies, after all.

The ghostly forms of fluffies wander through the garden, silvery threads linking them to their earthly remains, or in some cases, what’s left of them. Some of the ghost fluffies are very small.

The Death of Fluffies sighs. Another big job.

Holding a scythe between his teeth, the Death of Fluffies gets to work, severing the bonds that tie the fluffies to this mortal coil.

As he works, the Bone Fluff spots a plantlike creature, also at work, disposing of the bodies, transporting them to a manure pile to decompose. She looks like she’s been crying recently. She notices the Death of Fluffies too.

The Death of Fluffies nods courteously, as one professional to another, and both continue with their work.

Leafy, or Emma, technically works for the Other Side, that is, Life. But the Death of Fluffies bears no ill will towards those who work to nurture living things. After all, no life, no death, and what happens to the Death of Fluffies then?

When the job is done, and the last ghostly fluffy has moved on (the Death of Fluffies knows that the smarty is still alive, and he won’t be back for him for a long time yet), the Bone Fluff senses that he is needed elsewhere.

With a salute to Leafy, the Death of Fluffies disappears.

Another time. Another place.

The Death of Fluffies appears in an alleyway. Between an old sofa and a dresser, the quarry awaits.

It’s just one fluffy this time. A yellow and orange one. The poor thing has been pillowed, and is sobbing relentlessly. The Death of Fluffies sighs again. Humans. They create living things that just want to run and play and give and get hugs, and then they amputate their legs so they can’t do any of that. The Death of Fluffies doesn’t think he will ever understand why.

The Death of Fluffies takes out a lifetimer. Lined with yellow fluff, engraved with the name Fireball, the Death of Fluffies examines it and does a double take.

It’s a false alarm! This fluffy still has plenty of life left!

The Bone Fluff hears a human approach. Ah, good. They’ll take good care of this fluffy. The Death of Fluffies knows this, remembering the future, and not exactly feeling, but thinking strong embarrassment about his mistake.

The Death of Fluffies departs.

Yet another time. Yet another place.

It’s the middle of the night, and a nameless, reddish and purple mare sobs her eyes out. This mare is part of a junior high school science project, and is supposed to be kept isolated and deprived of all social activity, but a little accident at the shelter nearly ruined that.


The Bone Fluff isn’t coming for her. Not just yet, at any rate. He’s here for the two small, silvery shapes floating aimlessly above her cage, connected by shiny threads to the two tiny misshapen blobs the fluffy is crying over, killed by an injection intended to induce a miscarriage.

Another example of humanity’s pointless cruelty, the Death of Fluffies muses. Creating a creature designed to love, and then depriving it of all affection. And for what, exactly?

The Bone Fluff cuts the threads, and the ghost foals fade away. There’s special circumstances for them. They’ll be reincarnated. They’ll get a second chance to live. Well, a first chance, really.

The Death of Fluffies is reminded of Blueberry. He doesn’t hope, but knows that Blueberry is making the best of his second life. And he thinks of the stupid, fat, puke green fluffy who Blueberry replaced as smarty of their herd. The Death of Fluffies smiles, knowing that the fat smarty has been reborn too. As a poopie fluffy, in another herd, to a smarty that’s just as bad as he was. And he’s going to spend a few more lives eating shit until he’s finally allowed to move on.

That sensation again. DUTY calls. Other fluffies close to the edge, who need someone to show them the way. There’s always something. But THE DUTY must be done.

Busy, busy, busy.


Oh nice, thanks for leafy cameo :heart_eyes::+1:


This takes place between Acorn being taken away to be healed, and Acorn waking up. Just so you know. :slightly_smiling_face:


I saw art of the Fluffy reaper it had a knife instead of a scythe.

I know the recognized Leafy, but what about the other, are they too references to other works? If so can I have a link?


The second segment is a reference to jimmyhopkins’ Subverted Expectations, which has been one of the biggest influences on my writing style, so I thought I’d pay him back with a cameo. And the third segment is a nod to ginger_fig’s story Unwanted, which I’m pretty sure isn’t on here but it’s easy to find on Google, because his works were what introduced me to the wonderful and terrible world of fluffies in the first place. And I decided to go with a tiny little scythe because, well, scythes just fit better.


holy fuck this caught me off guard, and it didnt register with me until i read it again.


Yup, did you get the other two references? @FallenAngel007 was another influence on my works, and ginger_fig is pretty much the reason I’m here in the first place. Someone on 4chan was derailing a thread with his pics, and I just couldn’t not fall down the rabbit hole.


im not familiar with the stories, got any links?


Well, FallenAngel’s stuff is on here, “Invited” was the story being referenced in this one. There’s another reference to it in a much later story.

ginger_fig’s stuff isn’t on here, but you can find it real quick on Google. The story being referenced in this one is called Unwanted.

Huh, I just noticed. Invited, Unwanted. That’s a weird fucking coincidence, isn’t it?


honestly unwanted has pissed me off. hope fluffycide research got bought out and dissolved lmao


Yeah, me too. I honestly don’t like those headcanons where fluffies are only treated as vermin to be exterminated. Shit, lots of animals kept as pets can be considered vermin under the right circumstances, that doesn’t mean they all are!

But still, it was ginger_fig’s stuff that brought me here, and I like his artstyle.