The NobodyAtAll Literary Universe

Note: “Wait, it’s ALL smarties?” is the recommended starting point, and I suggest reading “Wun Wub, Wun Heawt” up to a certain point before you start on the ChaotiX stories. If you have to read a story from one series before a story from another series, there will probably be a note at the start of the story too.

DISCLAIMER: my headcanon is extremely continuity-heavy, and I highly recommend reading everything. Yes, really, you’ll be missing out on mountains of context if you don’t. But feel free to take it at your own pace. That said, now that you’ve read this disclaimer, if you jump in at the latest story and have no idea what’s going on, it’s entirely your own fault, because I warned you.

Supplementary Material
Exactly what it says on the tin. There’s a few interesting tidbits that aren’t mentioned in the stories proper.
Character Bios [SPOILER WARNING]
Spells of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Timelines of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Events of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Races of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Places of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Notable Objects of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Media of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Terminology of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Transformations of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Techniques of the NobodyAtAll Literary Universe
Things Slayer Has Enfed
Calvin Korkea’s Bucket List
NobodyAtAll Literary Universe :skull: Death Count :skull: (SPOILER WARNING!)
Jimmy Hopkins Literary Canon Hub

NobodyAtAll Literary Universe 101
A crash course on certain aspects of the NLU for new readers.
Phenomenon X
Fluffy Subspecies

Artwork generously drawn by various artists. Note: the names I put in the links are the names of characters featured in said artwork, not the names of the artwork itself.
Death of Fluffies (by FallenAngel007)
Carmilla (by Fluffy_Angst)
Karma (by Tyndalo8825)
Carmilla (by AMDk7)
Carmilla and Mortis (by KerosineCannibal)
Chaos, Loki and Eris (by Virga)
Lavender (by ButtonBack)
Chaos, Ugly Sweater Guy and Electra (by Julie)
Death of Fluffies (by BloodyBoots)

The Actual Stories
Writer’s advice: as stated in the note up top, “Wait, it’s ALL smarties?” is the recommended starting point, but I’ve been told that the Ugly Sweater Guy series isn’t a bad starting point either!

Calvin and the ChaotiX
The meat and potatoes of the NLU! Leave your sanity at the door!
Click here, if you dare!

“Wait, it’s ALL smarties?” [concluded]
Where it all began. An all-smarty herd wanders into Chris Oldman’s garden, and it’s all downhill from there.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 (FINALE)

Lavender and the Oldmans
The continuation of Lavender’s story, after Chris and Lavender get kicked out of their house.
“The Scent of Lavender”
“Chris and Lavender: Moving Day!” Part 1
“Chris and Lavender: Moving Day!” Part 2 (FINALE)
“Lavender: Settling In”
“Chris and Lavender: Daddeh’s Home”
“Chris and Lavender: Demon in a Bottle”
“Chris and Lavender: Separation Anxiety”
“Lavender: Hope Springs Eternal”
“Lavender: Wotta Revolting Development This Is!”
“Lavender: Inferno”
“Lavender: One Year Later”
“Breather Episode: Lavender”
“Lavender: Red Skies”
“Lavender: New Bloom”
“Lavender: A Lesson In Agriculture”
“Chris and Lavender: What If…?”
“Lavender: A Lot To Think About”
“Lavender: Past and Future”
“Lavender: This Great Power”
“Lavender: Using Your Head”
“Lavender: Worlds Apart”
“Lavender: Vengeance”
“Lavender: I Can’t Be The Same Thing To You Now”
“Lavender: Mind Over Matter”
“Lavender: Fowl Play”
“Lavender: Death Metal”
“Lavender: Welcome To Warp Zone”
“Lavender: Vacation’s Where I Wanna Be”
“Calvin Korkea Day: Lavender”
“Lavender: Home Improvement”
“Christmas with the ChaotiX: Lavender”
“Lavender: A Nice Chat”
“Lavender: Minimum Carnage”
“Lavender: Powers and Flowers”

“James the Turd” [concluded]
James Oldman, Chris’ nephew, finds a stray fluffy who wandered onto the Oldman Farm, and abuses the shit out of him.
Part 1
Part 2 (FINALE)

“Wun Wub, Wun Heawt” [concluded]
Calvin Korkea, deadbeat stoner, decides to get a fluffy on a whim, setting a truly bizarre chain of events in motion. A story of drugs, love and superpowers.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15 (FINALE)

The Death of Fluffies and Blueberry’s Forest
Blueberry, one of the Smarty Herd’s members, finds himself reincarnated in a feral herd, and a chance encounter with the Death of Fluffies sets another bizarre chain of events in motion. Meanwhile, the Death of Fluffies and his colleagues carry out their duties: ushering souls into the next world.
“No Justice”
“The Bone Fluff” Part 1
“The Bone Fluff” Part 2 (FINALE)
“Busy, Busy, Busy”
“The Fun-ewaw”
“Paint It Black”
“Break Out The Cigars” Part 1
“Break Out The Cigars” Part 2 (FINALE)
“Blueberry Express”
“Bath Time For Blueberry’s Herd”
“You Got The Goods?”
“Another Bath”
“The Cabin in the Woods”
“Life Finds A Way”
“High Times”
“Breather Episode: Blueberry’s Herd”
“Blueberry: Red Skies”
“Monster Mash”
“The Second Death of Blueberry”
“The Bear Necessities”
“Deaths At Work”
“Going The Way Of The Dodo”
“The Fluffy Book Club”
“Duty Calls”
“Three Old Men”
“Getting High”
“We’ll Be Able To Fly”
“The Graveyard Shift”
“A Bee In His Bonnet”
“What Can The Harvest Hope For”
“Calvin Korkea Day: Blueberry”
“C’est La Mort”
“A Busy Night For Blueberry”
“La Petite Mort”
“Christmas with the ChaotiX: Blueberry”
“Business As Usual In Blueberry’s Forest”
“Getting Baked with Blueberry”
“Cold Stoner Creamery”
“From The Moment We Are Born, We Begin To Die”

FauCorp and the Fluffy Cabal
The Faucheuse Corporation, Pierre’s business empire, works to create a better world for humans and fluffies alike.
“The Fluff Network”
“P53: Experiment Log”
“P53: Bad News”
“P53: Search and Destroy”
“P53: Soul Brothers”
“Fluffywood Swinging”
“In The Company Of Myself”
“Facility B-34”
“Facility X-88”
“Expanding Borders”
“One Chance”
“Under New Management”
“Breather Episode: The Fluffy Cabal”
“No Way Out”
“Facility A-40”
“Not Always Right”
“Fluffycide: Sorry, We’re Closed!”
“Happy Fluffy Daycare”
“Fluffy World: Work In Progress”
“Return to Facility X-88”
“Like A Boss”
“Re-Return to Facility X-88”
“Not Always Working”
“Return to Facility B-34”

ChaotiX introductory stories
Exactly what it sounds like. These stories introduce characters who become prominent in the ChaotiX stories.
“Meet Dave”
“What A Horrible Night”
“Undercover Fluffy”
“A B-Story”
“The World Sure Seems Different From Down Here”
“Werewolf, Baby!”
“Reggae Mortis”
“We’ll Set The Night Aflame”
“The Warriors Four”
“Avenging Spirit”
“Keeping Up With The Joneses”
“You Have Great Rage In Your Heart”

Other ChaotiX/Cabal-related stories
Also exactly what it sounds like. A lot of these stories take place between Sagas.
“New Life and Old Death”
“An Ending”
“Child Soldiers”
“Doomguy Dave”
“Unlife’s a Beach”
“What Do You Need?”
“Where Everybody Knows Your Name”
“Sea and Sky”
“A Story For Ants”
“Andre: The Next Episode”
“A Small Story”
“All That Glitters”
“The Super Hoskins Brothers Super Show”
“Parks and Recreation”
“The Supermarket”
“I’m Lovin’ It”
“Slices of Life”
“Things In The Light Are Not The Same In The Dark”
“Cannabis and An Abyss”
“Step Into The Grand Tour”
“Ill Met By Moonlight”
“We Need To Talk”
“Jam with the Band”
“The Good Doctor”
“More Slices of Life”
“A Night On The Town”
“The Abuse Syndicate: Loose Ends”
“Beam Me Up Right Away!”
“The History of Quinton”
“Slices of Unlife”
“Even More Slices of Life”
“Fluffy Auschwitz”
“All Aboard The Gain Train”
“Saturday Morning ChaotiX”
“Weet Je Wat Ik Wil?”
“Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads”
“The Door”
“The Strongest Fluffy Alive”
“What Is Grief, If Not Love Persevering?”
“Do You Even Lift?”
“Yet More Slices of Life”
“Get Ready To Be Schooled”
“You’ve Been Trolled”
“I Can’t Believe It’s More Slices of Life”
“When You Think You’re Gonna Sink”
“Return to Fluffy Auschwitz”
“The Hunter Association”
“Getting Medieval”

ChaotiX villains
Stories about the villains. Do you really need me to explain this? Several of these stories are backstory related.
“The Darkest One”
“Subject G-00”
“Wining and Dining”
“No Wonder They Call Her A Mother”
“Dinner Date”
“Going Green”
“What Happens If We Fail”
“Evolve or Die”
“Far Out”
“Survival of the Fittest”
“The Fiendlord”
“Strength in Numbers”
“Ad Laun Dyz”
“The Inhuman Alliance”
“The Inhuman Alliance: Food For Thought”
“A Nice Family Dinner”
“The Black Band”
“The Dream of Zeal”
“No Reason, No Conscience, Just Hunger”
“What The Night Brings”
“Our Chum Argyrum”
“The Dragon’s Anus”
“We Are Many, You Are But One”

Umbra Behind Bars
After yet another resurrection, Umbra is brought in alive by the ChaotiX, and becomes an unwilling guest at the School.
“The Silence of the Fluffies”
“Umbra’s Christmas Carol”
“Arguing With Myself”
“A Prisoner of Yourself”
“How Umbra Stole Christmas!”

“Cleo and Julius” [concluded]
Introduces the Faucheuse Foundation, a safe haven for fluffies in need.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7 (FINALE)

Dr. Erwin Stahlberg, Fluffy M.D.
Erwin’s ongoing mission to diagnose and treat sick and injured fluffies.
“Thanks, Doc!”
“I Can’t Do This All On My Own”
“Two Point Hospital”
“No Pill’s Gonna Cure My Ill”
“Wherever The Art Of Medicine Is Loved”
“Cure Sometimes, Treat Often And Comfort Always”
“Doctor, Doctor, Gimme The News”
“Primum Non Nocere”
“The Only Joint For Medical Relief”
“Laughter Is The Best Medicine”
“He’s The One That Makes Ya Feel Alright”
“Now Inject This Fluffy With Some Science! Delicious, Magical Science!”
“Dr. Stahlberg’s Mean Bean Machine”
“Are You Satisfied With Your Care?”
“I’m The King Of The Clinic”
“Fists Full of Medicine”
“A Profession Where Knowledge, Power And Heart Come Together”
“A Science Of Uncertainty And An Art Of Probability”
“I’ve Got A Bad Case Of Lovin’ You”
“A Merry Heart Does Good, Like Medicine”

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?
“CHAOTIX OPEN UP!!!” As fluffy abuse is banned in more and more places, the ChaotiX and their allies work against those who don’t give two tugs about the abuse ban.
“Ultimate Fluffy Championship”
“A Playa In a Management Profession”
“The Organ Farm”
“Going Through The Mill”

Glenn’s Tale [concluded]
Glenn, the fluffy-headed swordsman, embarks on a quest to repair his broken sword and avenge his master’s murder.
“The Inn Between Worlds”
“My Name Is Glenn”
“Singing Mountain”
“Metal’s Sage”
“The Hero’s Grave”
“Return to Singing Mountain”

Alpha and New Quezon City
After being reprogrammed by the ChaotiX, Alpha, formerly known as the Caldroid, sets out to rebuild Quezon City, which he destroyed, and becomes New Quezon City’s official protector.
“Another Day On The Job”
“Hopes and Dreams”
“An Actually Nice Day At The Park”
“A Savior Built By Human Hands”
“Born In The Shadow, With Blade Of The Light”
“A Madman’s Design, With A Genius’ Spark”
“Alpha and Omega”
“There Is More To This Machine Than We Could Ever Know”

Wisdom, Power and Courage [concluded]
Calvin and Jack work to recover a set of gemstones with incredible power.
“Up Up, Down Down, Left Right Left Right”
“Test Your Strength”
“Your Worst Nightmare”

The Inn Between Worlds
At the Inn Between Worlds, people from every world can meet, and interact. So it’s basically a crossover series.
“Another Drink”
“Happy Hour”
“Well Drinks”
“Stiff Drinks and Sharp Wits”
“Oak And Brass, A Touch Of Class”
“There’s No Last Call Here”
“Getting Sauced”
“Spirited Conversations”
“More Spirited Conversations”
“In Vino Veritas”
“The Cause Of, And Solution To, All Of Life’s Problems”
“On The Rocks”
“Because Alcohol Tastes Better Than Tears”
“Drink Is The Curse Of The Land”
“A Tall Glass of Punch”
“Hair of the Dog”
“The Angel’s Share”
“Good People Drink Good Beer”
“The Mouth Of A Perfectly Happy Man Is Filled With Beer”
“A Round Of Big Shots”
“According To Chemistry, Alcohol Is A Solution”
“Eat, Drink and Be Merry”
“Everybody Who’s Anybody Drinks”

Yoshi and Primal Earth [concluded]
A man and his fluffy venture to Primal Earth. Only one of them returns.
“Primal Earth”
“Dinosaur Land”
“Improbable, Unlikely, But Never Impossible”

The Power of the Dinosaur [concluded]
Zhala Jr., new Emperor of the dinotites, seeks the power of his noble ancestors to secure a future for his kind, his trusty cohort Rhez and his fluffy Taka by his side. Yes, a dinotite adopted a fluffy.
“Welcome to the Jungle”
“A Dinosaur’s Story”
“Tower of the Ancients”
“Monk-y Business”
“The Hunt Is On”
“You Can’t Hope To Face My Power!”
“For This Is My Finest Hour!”
“Don’t Let Me Down”

We Am Venom!
He’s an abandoned fluffy! It’s a symbiotic entity from space! Together, they fight crime!
“I Got A Darkness Inside”
“Lethal Protector”
“If You’re Going To San Francisco”
“Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair”
“Let There Be Carnage” Part 1
“Let There Be Carnage” Part 2 (FINALE)
“Reunited, And It Feels So Good”
“When You Love Someone, You Accept The Whole Person”
“Venom’s What We Are Meant To Be”
“Let Me In! I Wanna Crawl Under Your Skin!”
“Soon Come Chaos, Chaos Soon Come”
“A Dollhouse for the Devil”
“You Know My Name, Now Scream It!”
“I’m Buckled Up For The Ride, With A Hunger To Feed”
“So Many Snacks, So Little Time”

“Dragon Quest”
Edward von Drachen, Eddy to his friends, discovers his nature as a half-dragon, and sets out to find his long-lost mother, his fluffy Erdrick by his side.
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX
Part X
Part XI
Part XII
Part XIV
Part XV
Part XVI
Part XIX
Part XX
Part XXI

The Eternal Gentlemen’s Club [concluded]
A year before Pierre and Calvin meet, Victor and Scarface are invited to a mysterious gentlemen’s club.
“You Have Been Cordially Invited”
“Where Everybody Knows Your Age”
“Enjoy Your Stay”
“You’re Too Late”
“You’re No Gentleman”
“Your Biggest Mistake”
“Glad You Could Make It”
“I Told You”
“We Know What You Are”
“You Had A Chance”
“Do You Know What I Am?”
“Your Alchemy, It Falls Apart”
“Everything Special About You Came Out Of A Bottle”
“Can You Believe It?”

Wizards Do Parlor Tricks, I Throttle The Heavens!
Follow Chaos, the anthropomorphic personification of chaos itself, as he does things!
“The Chaos Heartbeat Booming”
“Taste the Rainbow”
“Man’s Greatest Fear Is Chaos”
“The Fifth of Four”
“Chaos Is A Friend Of Mine”
“I Can Do Anything!”
“Jester 'nother Day”

Ugly Sweater Guy
Stranded in the city so many of the ChaotiX call home, an abuser from Detroit finds himself playing a game with Chaos, and wearing an ugly, itchy sweater he can’t take off! Only by changing his ways can he save himself from a lifetime of itchiness or worse…
“Harder, Sweater, Faster, Stronger”
“Two Heads Are Sweater Than One”
“Sweater Off Dead”
“For Sweater Or Worse”
“Sweater The Devil You Know”
“Couldn’t Have Said It Sweater”
“The Foundation for a Sweater Life”
“It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Sweater”
“Should’ve Known Sweater”
“Sweater Get Going”
“Things Can Only Get Sweater”
“Sweater Late Than Never”
“It Is Far Sweater To Be Alone Than To Be In Bad Company”
“Sweater Safe Than Sorry”
“It’s Sweater To Give Than To Receive”
“Every Day, In Every Way, I’m Getting Sweater and Sweater”
“Going To A Sweater Place”
“Sometimes You’re Sweater Off Not Knowing”
“It’s Time To Introduce You To Your Sweater Half”
“Sweater To Be A Live Dog Than A Dead Lion”

I Got The Power
Gaspode, a filthy street fluffy, is gifted with the ability to think and speak like a human after a magical mishap… and quickly learns how to exploit it.
“Gaspode the Wonder Fluffy”
“Milking It For All It’s Worth”

Star-Lord Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me!
Michael Thomas, a Star-Lord wannabe, blasts off into space with his fluffy Rocket, with big dreams of becoming a cool space outlaw.
“I Come From Earth, A Planet Of Outlaws”
“Come And Get Your Love”
“What A Bunch Of A-Holes!”
“Another Brick in the Wall”

Abuse Stories
Stories about abusers that aren’t ChaotiX villains.
“Is This What You Want?”
“Miss Carrey”
“Fluff Hunt”

Magical Tales
Stories that are primarily about magic. Stories about magical villains can be be found up in the ChaotiX Villains section.
“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
“The Witch’s House”
“The Magical Quarter”
“The Two Of Us Make Three”
“Fairy Hollow”
“The Mystery of the Druids”
“The Sanctum”
“The Natural Way”
“Business as Unusual”
“The Radish Cure”
“Out for Blood”
“Oh To Be Forever Young”
“Books, Brains, Bananas and Beef”
“The Morning Sun Has Vanquished The Horrible Night”
“Man, I Feel Like A Woman!”
“Limp Biscuit”

Multiversal Stories
Various stories taking place in timelines other than Timeline-1989. Stories about villains from alternate timelines can be found up in the ChaotiX Villains section.
“Vlad The Implier”
“One Man Army”
“Yhprum’s Law”
“Bread and Butter”
“Something Went Wrong”

Public Enemy Number 9891
Heeeeeeeey, dear readers! Yeah, it’s me, Anti-Calvin. I’ve got the guy who usually writes these descriptions bound and gagged in a broom closet. Don’t worry, I’ll let him out when I’m done here. These are awesome stories about Yours Truly doing awesome things across the multiverse. You’d better read 'em, or I’ll get extra-painful with you when I finally come to Timeline-0! That’s your timeline, dear readers.
“The Citadel”
“Streets of Rage”
“Nu Wub, Nu Heawt”
“Calvins At Work”
“The Mad Doctor”
“Sower of Evil”
“Do You Get It Yet?”
“You’re A Mean One, Mister Cal”
“Killing Time”
“A Story For Antis”
“Destroyer of Narratives”
“Back to Zero”

This Is Big Brain Time
The Marley of Timeline-62, far smarter and sinister than the Marley we know, embarks on a journey across time, space and alternate realities, assembling a crew of unlikely allies.
“The Purple Stallion”
“Where Everything Ends”
“Green and Purple”
“That Which Is Far Off, And Exceeding Deep, Who Can Find It Out?”
“To Break The Chains Of Death”
“And Deep Within The Wastes, Your Way You’ll Find”
“The Emperor’s New Clothes”

In an alternate timeline, a zombie apocalypse lays waste to the Earth, and the few surviving ChaotiX members struggle to stay alive in this new world of the unliving dead.
“Jah, Damn This Disease”
“We Are The Dead”
“Dead Days”
“[INSERT NOUN HERE] of the Dead”
“What Is Dead Can Never Die”

“Woven into Reality: Rewoven” [concluded]
A collaboration between me and jimmyhopkins, taking Woven into Reality and giving it the NobodyAtAll treatment.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 (FINALE)

Holiday Stories
Stories about various holidays. Duh.
“This Is Halloween”
“Chill Xmas”
“I’ll Have A Blue Christmas Without You”
“Christmas with the ChaotiX”
“All-New, All-Different ChaotiX”
“Christmas in H̶o̶l̶l̶i̶s̶ Korkeaopolis”

Various stories that don’t really fit into any other section.
“Shit Happens”
“One of Us”
“His Only Weapon”
“Star Road”
“System Shock”
“A Second Chance”
“El Padrino”
“Old Stoneface”
“Little Hydrox”
“Getting Stoned”
“Wario Land”
“Rip and Tear”
“A Heart-To-Heart”
“The Last Day Of The World”
“A Need, Not A Desire”
“I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For…”
“The End?”
“We’re Back”
“Say My Name”
“The Heralds of Change”
“The Light in the Darkness”
“The Bestest Hoomin”
“Da Twiwight Pwace: A Nice Place To Visit”
“I Don’t Get Nice, I Get Norse”
“Big and Chunky”
“Inner Nature”
“The Skeleton Crew”
“The Forgotten One”


Do the stories have to be read in the same order as they are here?


It’s kind of like Discworld, which, as I’ve pointed out before, is one of the biggest influences on my writing. Each series focuses on a different group of characters, but there’s references to the other series, and characters from other series making cameos. If you only read one series, you’ll be missing out on a lot of context, and you won’t get some of the jokes. I might end up numbering them all at some point, to make it easier to read them in upload order.


Saw the mountain. I’m definitely going to need a sherpa to know where to start tackling this.


Haha, yeah, you’re not the first person to comment on that.

I’m currently trying to slow my tempo down, so everyone can catch up with me. I might take a break from writing altogether, but if I do, I’ll still be around, catching up on other people’s work, and commenting.

I’m not saying anything concrete, because I’d like to leave myself some wiggle room. It pays to be flexible.


finally figured out what your series reminds me of: Ben 10. thats a good thing btw ben 10 is great

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I’ve honestly never seen it.

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its fuckin wild.

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I know of it, I know the general details. Kid gets a bracelet that lets him turn into aliens, and he has a cousin who he is three drinks away from going full Alabama with. And then there’s nineteen billion reboots.


funny enough, all the reboots take place in the same universe and have a canonical reason for existing

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Yeah, and I know she was originally going to be his girlfriend, but the makers were like “Wait, what kind of parents would let their daughter drive around with an old man and a teenage boy?”, so they made her his cousin to patch that plot hole.

Unfortunately, they forgot to remove all the subtext, so every time they’re together, you can almost hear banjos playing.

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Well at least they got rid of that later on.

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But the fans will never let them live it down.

Have you seen that one pic of the bootleg stickers that used fanart of Gwen being pregnant? Not that hard to find.

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oh trust me, ive seen it before. its hard not to have seen it on the internet and i hate it

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jesus christ that’s a lot of reading

Jesus Jimmy, you’re not even good at making alts to evade a ban.

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No worries.
It reminded me that the flagged post hadn’t been deleted so some good did come from it.


These barely have anything to do with fluffies.

dead ass when i saw your new pfp i screamed