"Cleo and Julius" Part 3 by NobodyAtAll

Part 2


Dr. Valerie Valentine appears in her lab, along with Julius.

She carefully picks him up.

“Where’s the regen vat?”

She looks around.

“Ah, yes.”

She walks over to one of the several desks and tables. On this table, there is a transparent, round vat, large enough to comfortably fit an adult fluffy inside.

Valerie places Julius just as carefully on the table, next to the vat.

By now, the fluffy has passed out from the pain. Valerie resuscitates him.

“Julius. Please listen to me. You’ve lost a leg, and the other one can’t be fixed. I’m going to have to remove it too.”

Julius’ eyes widen. He’s too weak to talk.

“I will remove the leg, and I will make sure it doesn’t hurt you. Then, I’m going to put you in here.

Valerie gestures to the vat.

“Once I put you inside, you’ll fall asleep. When you wake up, you’ll be all better. You’ll have your legs back. And then I’ll return you to your family. They’re all safe.”

“W… w’wwy?”

“Yes, really.”

“F’nk 'u.”

“You’re welcome, Julius.”

So Valerie injects an anesthetic, and quickly and neatly removes the leg. Then she removes the other leg, the one the three stooges inserted up Julius’ anus.


She places Julius into the vat, making sure that the breathing mask is securely fastened. Fluffies do, of course, tend to drown easily.

Another dose of anaesthetic puts Julius to sleep, and the vat starts filling up with a glowing, greenish-blue liquid.

While this happens, Valerie thoroughly disinfects her hands, and then disinfects everything that Julius had touched.

When he gets out of there, he’s really gonna need a bath.

And the regeneration vat is going to need cleaning.

When Valerie is done, she walks into the saferoom, the exact same one Nikola and Audrey used to live in.

It has two new occupants, now.


G-03, an all yellow alicorn mare with black eyes, is playing Ms. Pac-Man, using a prototype of the fluffy-safe controller, and G-04, her brother, a white alicorn stallion with blue eyes, and a red mane and tail, is watching her.

They’re good at taking turns.

“Level 11? Well done, G-03. I think I’ve got new names for you two.”


Calvin, Cleo, and Cleo’s foals appear in the lobby of the Faucheuse Foundation.

As Calvin said, it’s a place for fluffies who have had a lot of bad luck. A place for fluffies who have nobody else to help them.

There is no justice. But damn it all, the Cabal and the ChaotiX will make some.

The lobby is painted in soft, relaxing colors.

Calvin walks up to the counter, Cleo following him. After gently placing the foals on the counter, Cal lifts Cleo up and puts her on the counter too, and she immediately starts hugging her foals.

“Yo, Mark.”

Yeah, Mark got a new job. With a better salary.

“Hey Cal. Let me guess: another family of alley fluffs?”

Ding ding ding ding ding. We really need to do something about the feral fluffy problem. But hey, that’s what the Foundation is all about. They need a check-up. Is Dr. Stahlberg free?”

No, not that Dr. Stahlberg. Old Hans is Down There. Both halves of his soul were left inside Chris and James Oldman. Hey, it’s not that much worse than what Hans would be getting if the two demons hadn’t eaten his soul.

The Dr. Stahlberg Calvin is referring to is Dr. Erwin Stahlberg, who is deeply ashamed about the stain his great-uncle has left on the Stahlberg family’s honor.

The fluffy pimp Victor told about his immortality before killing, who James also ate, is still inside him. Victor insisted on it. He said there was no way he was ever making that mistake again.

“I think so, Cal.”

“Get him to look at them. If there’s anything wrong with them, either he or Valerie can probably fix it. Then, give them all a bath.”

“You got it, Cal.”

You’re Cleo, and you’re not so scared anymore.

Mistah Caw handed you and your babbehs over to mistah Mawk, who then took you to see the dok-tow.

Guten tag, Cleo. My name is Dr. Stahlberg.”

“Wut goo-tun-tawg meen, dok-tow?”

“It means hello, Cleo. Do you mind if I take a look at you and your foals? I just want to make sure you’re all healthy.”

Well, if it’s to make sure your babbehs are fine…

“Otay, dok-tow.”

"Wunderbar. I’ll be placing each of you on here, and it will scan your bodies. "

“Wut voon-da-baw meen, dok-tow? An wut skan meen?”

Wunderbar means wonderful, Cleo. And scan means, well, that I’m going to look at them, with this machine. If there’s anything wrong with them, the machine will tell me.”

Erwin places Cleo on the medical scanner first.


A light on the machine glows green.

“Hmm… Looks like you’re healthy, Cleo. No parasites, but of course, fluffy blood is notoriously unpalatable to parasites, fleas get one taste and go auf wiedersehen, flauschige! All you need is a bath and a good meal. Alright. Now your foals.”

Erwin puts Cleo back in the basket, in which Mark carried the family to Erwin’s examination room.

One by one, each foal is placed on the scanner.

Each time, the scanner goes ping, and the light glows green.

“Well, look at that. Each one is healthy. Impressive, for a family of alley fluffs. I think a diet of Bestest Babbehs kibble will improve that. I’ll make a note.”

Cleo is elated.

“Su babbehs am aww otay?”

Ja, Cleo. And so are you. Ja means yes, before you ask.”

With that, Erwin calls Mark back in, who takes the family out of the examination room.

Erwin thoroughly disinfects his hands, and then starts disinfecting everything Cleo and her foals had touched.

They really need the bath they’re about to get.

Part 4


dang, the foundation really DOES have everything, even a Machine That Goes ‘Ping’!


Yup. The medical scanner Erwin uses? He designed and built it himself. Pierre and Valerie can’t do everything. Though they did give it some upgrades.