Camo mummah. (artist-kun)

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Well, what if the babbehs can’t find her either?


Fluffies have a better sense of scent than humans.


Will that be enough to locate her in the sea of green though? Especially if they are not right in front of her. They may have a better sense of smell than humans, but they are not as good as actually natural animals. Besides, they are fluffy foals. They are more likely to blindly walk all over the place and cry that mummah isn’t wherever they need her to be and that she “nu wub anymowe”.


I think they’re still blind Chirpies given how low their posture is and how earthtone is facing her leg rather than her face.


Now I get it. I meant when they are already walkie-talkies.


Until the landscapers come to the park and run over them with the lawnmower.


Good green camo why ferals in the woods last better than city ones.


…until winter comes.

this is what i was thinking. lawnmower time

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plus plenty of food, Fluffies are omnivores, so plenty of greens to eat in woods and forest.


Yup and have better chance to survive longer.

And the mare is sooo fluffy :heart:

Rather clever. They might live a little longer… so long as they don’t lose their mom.

When they remember it.
Hopefully, the more unpleasant fluffs will not.

Well that can be a bad thing to.

Let’s say they gonna cut the grass and don’t see the green mare, they also gonna die.

I would imagine the fluffies that survive would pass on more camouflage colors. There’s so damn many of them that natural selection would favor those who blend in.

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fluffys are a genetic salad although she is not an ugly color she could continue giving offspring of similar colors but sadly there is an internal genetic battle, on the one hand there is the code written by those from hasbio that seeks bright and exotic colored fluffys to be born in animals. on the other is the new code that little by little the fluffys are developing in order to at least have the evolutionary advantage of camouflage. (in my headcanon popoh fluffys will never cease to exist since they are the genetic evolution of fluffys)

Aww! This is a very pretty mare. Green is one of my favorites.

That’s actually pretty smart, if she knew to keep quiet and hide her babies.