Carpdime's first pencil uploads to Fluffybooru (FB IDs: 18225, 18229, 18232, 18234, 18355, 18358, 18889 to 18893 & 18911)


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Web archive pages for: 18355 18890 18891 18892 18893 18911

Uploaded here were the original pencil sketches that Carpdime uploaded to Fluffybooru back in March 2014. This is the earliest of his art and is almost entirely done in pencil. Because of the sketchy nature of these first set of uploads and lack of visual clarity, they are uploaded as a set and kept separate from other uploads related to his earliest art.


They really look like @Thrash 's efforts.
Same kind of sketchy quality but better defined.

Seeing Carpdime do abuse, even at this stage is still kinda surreal.


Love how you can see the shadow of the tablet he’s using to take the pictures

The good old days


links you to my gore art cause i’m not just hugbox

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@Thrash was certainly an influence, but the artist called Peanutbutter was in fact the major influence at this early stage of my art. PeanutButter did a number of black and white lineart that in many ways became a foundation of my style even to this day.

I have always cited Buwwito and Quickhorn as my main influence, but on reflection PB was just as influential.


Yeah I can see that , though to me i mostly see Trash’s influence.
But you know your own style best of course

Your art has been influence on how I draw fluffies along with Marcusmaximus and Fwidde.


This does take me back! The shocking, taboo side of fluffies was what caught my interest in the first place. I also love how I covered the standard suite of abuse tropes, there was so much “new ground” to cover when anyone enters a new fandom, almost a rite of passage !

I know Booru comments get a lot of flak for how toxic it could be, on the flip side it was also amazing for how welcoming the Booru community was for new creators.

My early art was quite awful and hardly groundbreaking, but I still remember the encouraging words from other users, especially Teatime that gave validation and confidence to continue my art.


The way I heard it, the Booru was pretty welcoming and open at first.
and dint become a toxic snake pit, untill way way later.

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Silly babbehs in that last one, letting those tummeh sketties go cold!

I didn’t knew Carp started with photographs…and the level, far further than the novelty i am…