Casual Fluffy Remake demo (by TommyBoyio)

The milk bag is a temporary fix not intended as a feature. Its actually got a lot of coding issues, like how if its “female” (i coded them to be male but sometimes they spawn wrong because its just modified from the normal code) and gets raped and gives birth then it will stop making milk after those chirpies are aged up.

The milk bag also doesn’t have a functioning eat or shit mechanic, aside from being thrown they wont die. Their also alicorns (thats the only way i could make them alicorn safe cause the alicorn safe code isnt working yet) with the wings removed so regular babies dont freak out after their grown.

Plus there was a major issue on if you did kill the milk bag it crashed the game. I managed to fix that in a very janky way.


Im going to unreal because there is a plugin for dirrectly converting unity projects to unreal. If not id have to start completely from scratch and that would likely not work out well.


Oooh, this looks like fun!

Yup, that’s an excellent reason. I bet that plugin is going to spike in popularity.


It’s just a shame that from everything I’ve heard Unreal has a steep ass learning curve. I can barely handle unity as is, sucks I spent money on unity based plugins that help make things easier. I might end up sticking with it just because the switch cant be made. We’ll have to wait and see.

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oh, what fun. the background textures for the back around the wall and stuff are really close to the normal wall. the sun textures are a bit weird looking. not looking so bad,
something I found annoying about the first game, was it hard to pick up the fluffy you want like I want to pick up the baby at doesn’t need the mom, not the freaking feeder or newborns,
I think items in the game, like a blanket that turns fluffy into effie toys and a needle to turn a mare into a milk bag, are something you could add as well.
I don’t know how long it would take to code, but making a family tree will be fun, see how to mix the genes you can make lol
also add a code at random where a fluffy isn’t scared of an alicorn, if the mare births them are alicorn it be 100 percent.

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Please I’m begging wait for the discord (this isn’t towards you it’s towards everyone)


am i unlucky or have alicorns not been added yet?

aww right right, dummy brain of mine, just got excited over the whole remake

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No worries! Server is up now

They are in the game their just hard to get to spawn but once you have at least 1 female you basically have an endless amount because their babies are always alicorns ( or corpses)


so i had a smarty demanding “dummeh mares” but i noticed compared to the original they didn’t accept foals, is this just because i used command summoned chirpies or do smarties just not accept foals?

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Recreating it in / migrating to a new engine that’s intended for 2D from the start could be a great exercise and allow you to understand the code better, even if you’re just swapping parts around to work with the new engine. I must admit I’m a bit jealous you’ve got the drive to do this project.

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They have a morality scale, they wont accept chirpies until it’s at the lowest level

I will consider this but for now I’m sticking with unity until I can get things converted

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so a few suggestions i have after sinking some time into this:

  1. some fluffy colors are reeeeeally dark which make it difficult to identify if they have a horn/wings or not which i can kind of tell if you look real close and squint but maybe removing some of the really dark colors would help being able to tell at a glance. it would make my eugenics projects go a lot smoother!

  2. unsure if this is a bug or behavior retained from the original but i had some fluffies starve to death over eating corpses. i know there’s a morality scale but from my experience i’ve never had one that would let itself starve over not eating

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An admirable work! A question: this game have a way to move the camera?

Forget it i discovered

Yeah i know this an alpha, but will not be a bad idea put a sorry stick in a future update

Discord link expired

Here is a fresh link