Casual Fluffy Remake demo (by TommyBoyio)

Do Not make request/ ask questions on this post the discord exists for a reason. I will not be reading or replying to anything on this post.

The Discord server is live now

After quite a bit of going back and forth with myself I’m deciding to finally make this project public.

For a few like months now I’ve been very quietly working on a full remaking of the original Casual Fluffy game and I think The demo is good enough to be released. It has a lot of bugs and it has temporary dev controls in that wont be in forever.

Press L to spawn a chirpy
Prress K to spawn in a forever milk bag.

The storage system is working but has a bug where any stored fluffies occupy the same layer so their bodies over lap in a weird way untill either a new fluffy was spawned in between them or a chirpy is born.

The Milk bag is a temporary stand in for a planned milk feeder for orphaned chirpies so once the feeder works they’ll be removed.

Some names of items are wrong on this build but I’ve already fixed them in the build I’m working on. It might be a while before the next build release cause I’m gonna try to switch from unity to Unreal. By the way I’ve never made any type of game or even worked with unity before going into this so 80% of the time I’ve just been learning how to even read the old spaghetti code and how to even work with it so in this demo most of the work is visual

Eventually I’ll get around to replacing this post with a better post that explains stuff more clearly.

Spoilers below for if you want to go in blind

Here are some Demo photos provided by my wife


Here is a very scuffed Video Demo


Here is the download link for the demo please let me know if it’s not working.




Could you please make it so that the magnifying glass displays all of their stats, ie age, hunger, sex drive, morality, pregnancy, sex, cannibal, fluff, size, race.

Pretty Pretty please?


I plan to eventually do that for some things but there is gonna be a visual in game distinction for cannibals so I’m not sure if that will need to be on the stat box!

I’m also working on having a save feature so people can play, make stuff, breed fluffies they want then save the game and close it with out loosing anything when it’s reopened!

As of right now i’m stuck on doing anything cause all the work is on my old laptop and I’m still setting up my new laptop and planning to switch to Unreal before I continue with doing more.


can you also get the x key to delete things again? it’s really useful for getting rid of fluffies without having to smash them on a wall.

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Figured I should tag you all here since the other post likely wont stay up since I’m going public with this game and all info will be here from now on c:

I just don’t know how to ask staff to close and or delete the other post cause I’ve never had to ask about it before


Oooh yes please I’ll download it in the morning first thing


fuck yeah based, cant wait brochacho


so far so good, the graphics look great and much less creepy like the old version’s. thanks so much for sharing this with us even in this state. i’m excited to see where this goes.


Even if this is as far as it goes - and I really hope it goes further - this is amazing work and knowing how much time and effort goes into making games? Seriously impressive.


is there any way you could leave in both the milk bag and the eventual feeder? the milk bag makes for some spicy abuse.



could you maybe give it a full screen mode? Thats something i always had a problem with in the og game. mainly cuz my eyes suck ass…


A few things

  1. When spawning a milk bag, sometimes it spawns males. Not sure foals will do well living off of the ‘milk’ they might produce.

  2. Is it possible to have some kind of ‘save’ system to save the design of the world? I only ask since every time I played Casual Fluffies, I had a very specific setup for breeding pens and food dishes, which takes a while to re-do every time I start it up again. It’d be handy if I could make it once, then just load it up.

  3. Most importantly of all, can we have some kind of ‘Fluffy Creator’ added? Something where we can pick colours for manes / tails and coats, setting genders, if it’s an earth, unicorn, pegasus or alicorn, and maybe even some special options like making them rapists, cannibals (from the start) or 'Smarty’s, etc

  4. One more: a possible food option for ‘Fluffiagra’ or something similar to make fluffies horny enough to mate?


You have become legend


Holy crap this is great! Can’t wait to see this improve over time!


I second this! Resizable would be nice too, while back i got a new monitor and, it became even smaller, haha, why cant we just have perfect eyes forever?

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I wish now more than ever my computer hadn’t been smashed in my last move! I’d love to be able to play.


This build appears to be from February, is this the right demo?

Any reason you’re planning on going to Unreal instead of Godot? The 2D engine implementation they have might fit this better.

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