Casual Fluffy Remake demo (by TommyBoyio)

I shall be watching you with great interest!


Ha love it really eats up hours of my evening!


The discord link isn’t working.

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link must of became too old

a new one for you

thanks for giving new links it helps cause i dont check here

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haven’t been on this site forever, got here off of google after trying to sniff down the actual casual fluffy source code. mistook ‘Sep 17’ as ‘Sep 2017’ because im so used to these projects being dead but imagine my surprise when the replies went into impossible years like September 2028 LMFAO.

absolute godspeed to you my guy, my only advice is take it slow and remember no progress is wasted progress because you come away with the experience you gained from it. never lose hope even if shit takes forever to get right. there are no failures, only learning opportunities. and most importantly have fun and be yourself :+1: