Chapter Index: The good Dr. Crazystein (By SqueakyFriend)

dr crazystein index

The good Dr. Crazystein

This black comedy(?) story details the youth of Dr. Crazystein, the self-proclaimed mad doctor fluffy! I wrote several chapters of it on Fluffybooru and have decided to repost them here with some slight touch-ups.

Note: Dr. Crazystein is not a real doctor and should not be emulated in any way. Fluffies will get hurt or even killed throughout the story, sometimes graphically.

Chapter Index

Chapter 1: The Rise of Dr. Crazystein
Chapter 2: Dr. Crazystein’s First Subject
Chapter 3: Dr. Crazystein and Mr. Hyde
Chapter 4: The broken body of Dr. Crazystein
Chapter 5: Dr. Crazystein Performs Surgery
Chapter 6: Dr. Crazystein’s New Assistant
Chapter 7: What’s that, Dr. Crazystein?
Chapter 8: Ivo’s New Wings
Chapter 9: Dr. Crazystein meets a Monster
Chapter 10: Dr. Crazystein’s Fake Surgery
Chapter 11: (Not written yet)


This will be really hand in future. Thanks for this @SqueakyFriend

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Looking forward to more stories! Love the series