Choose your own adventure 2 (RoseTea)

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You decide you approach the 3rd place stall, the girl looks up at you, seems super surprised that someone actually came to her stall.

“U-Um hi there…! Um… May I help you…?”

She nervously tugs at her sweater sleeves and pushes her glasses up.

“I’m here to adopt a foal, your mare seems very well behaved, I’m sure her foals are the same way.”

You smile and look over her stall at a basket, it has a small quilt draped over it.

The lady quickly reaches down and pulls up the basket.

“Oh! Oh o-of course…! U-uh here you go…”

She goes to lift the quilt, then looks back up at you.

“I haven’t seen too many customers yet… so thank you.”

She lifts up the quilt and slides the basket over to you, inside has 5 foals, they seem to be just at the merging phase of chirpy to talkie. They all have number tags on their tails as well.

The girl gives a shy smile at you.

“I should probably warn you first… number 5 is 90% blind, and number 1 has refused to wean off the hoof suckling stage. But other than that, they’re very well behaved. I… hope this doesn’t deter you from picking one.”

Here are the foals~! Any of these babies catch your eye? Maybe you’d rather pick from a different stall? It’s up to you.


Instantly as I laid eyes on number 5 I knew it was the one. Vision imparement is irrelevant. :heart_eyes:


I’d say #4 myself. That pattern is very interesting.

Does she remind me of someone it is it wishful thinking? Like, could her mom or dad be an old friend?


We should take all 5. And the 3rd place fluffy. And the girl. And the stall. Also the basket.


Gods! They are all so adorable but my favorite is #1, just love the tone on tone mottling.


personally, I like number 3.


Hot sauce or bitter apple can fix #1 habit. And like hers and #2 patterns.


I love theeeeeem
Number 1 is cute I like that one -3-


The #3 Pegasus please! She’s sooo cute, with the little smile and everything! Auuugh!

Have any of them started to develop any noticeable personality traits just yet. Always gotta watch out for… uh… certain signs, yknow…


Damn! :rage:
I arrive late.
They’ve all ben taken :sob:

Good job.
The girl Is adorable…i in love :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

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Oh it’s a choose your own adventure thing, we’re voting for which foal is used for the story later on.

Just vote for anyone :heart:


I’d say 1.

I second the motion of some unpleasant taste to rid her of the hoof suckling issue proposed by @bunnybunnyhops.

That pattern is too cute not to grab.

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And the car they drove in on…and the parking lot…and the fairgrounds…and the…

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I like #4, he has tactical camouflage!

… Man, our votes are all over the place. Is there a limit on how many foals we can get or is “marry the girl and adopt every fluffy she has” a viable option?


Give 4 a hunting cap and beard and he could be a “duck-dynasty” fluff!


Will we eventually get to see all the foals? Like from all three mares


I’d take #3 and #4, Please! Those colors would make a nice camouflage looking fluffy when they are bred with my Spotted Fluffies. I would have love to adopt them all to be honest.

I think #5 would have been a great color for a fluffy to be bred for Nature look.

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Hmm. They’re all so adorable. I take it the mare is going to be bred within the next few weeks?

Uh, blushing stall owner I di-didn’t actually think I would sell all of them, if that’s what you are implying.

It’s ok, I am still going to buy them and will be back for the next litter. So, I see you have not put up any prices. No worries, I have plenty of money. Places an envelope with $5,000 inside Okay, I think that should cover the expenses for the next few birthing cycles. I smile, as the stall owner is baffled by my payment for her mares foals

We rent a U-Haul and grab stuff until it’s full.

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I like 4, 2, and 5

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