Choose your own adventure 1 (RoseTea)

Hi guys! I have an absolutely glorious back story irl to go over, if you wanna skip past my rambling, look for the :enfenf: icon and “!!! !!! !!!” line :slight_smile:

So, I had the worst art burnout/block for a few weeks. I just genuinely couldn’t be assed to make art/write for ages. I’ve been on a Sims 4 kick for a while so that’s been my main addiction. If it interests anybody, I’ve recolored small dogs in the sims to make them look like fluffies. They only look good when zoomed out though lol. Maybe one day I’ll show them off if you guys wanna see it.

Don’t worry if they bark, they’re just bilingual.

Also, I’m having a battle with my art program rn because they refuse to take my new card info lol. So I’m This close to just getting a cracked version if they don’t shut up and take my money oof.

Okay enough of that, time to explain how this works.

!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! :enfenf: :enfenf: :enfenf:

Aight, now that we’re all here, let me explain the rules.

I had to redo this image completely from scratch because my art program decided to delete the first one right before my art block, so this post is like… 4 months late or something lol.

This is a choose your own adventure, you are a human (Or if we all decide, you can be anthro) again, your choice.

You will be picking a fluffy to raise, and how we do it, is up to you! I am a pure hugboxer, so I am 100% putting my neck out there for everyone to take a swing. I will draw abuse or sadbox if we end up that route. (Pls be gentle with me lol)

This will literally go any direction we choose, meaning, this can turn into a damn dating sim type deal if you weirdos want that. I will 100% let this turn into Anthro fucking simulator if you fucks pull it that direction. Hell, if you wanna go on a rocket ship and colonize Pluto with fluffies, idc, you do you.

The only limit is we ain’t diddling actual animals, human/anthro kids, or murdering actual animals, human/anthro kids.

So other than that, go nuts. I Hopefully don’t need to set more ground rules. Assuming we ain’t like… getting too criminal with this lol.


This is based off this post I made actually, this current idea came first, but since my art program deleted the first image, I ended up posting that post first

Okay, now that we have the rules set, we can start!!! :heart:

You’re at a Fluffy Fair, just finished watching the “Best Mares” prize ceremony, you decided to see the market and potentially get yourself a foal!

Upon walking into the market area, you see the top 3 mares all sitting at their stalls, it’s tradition for this fair to have the top 3 mares owners sell the foals for a little extra “Clout” and such.

First place, you see the mare that won First prize 5 years in a row, she’s a very beautiful alicorn, black fur with rainbow mane. Seems like she’s worth a fortune… No wonder she always wins. Her babies sell out super quick as well, she ONLY sells alicorn foals. Not to mention the amount of fluffy grade makeup she has on…

Her owner is a rather tall woman, about 6’2, golden blonde hair, perfect hourglass body. Seems this entire stall is to flaunt glamor and feminine beauty.

Second place, is a pretty standard designer fluffy unicorn, hot pink fur with autumn red mane. She has the largest false lashes on, if she blinks fast enough, she might fly away.

Her owner honestly doesn’t seem much different, more like a super generic “UwU Twitch Streamer Gamer Girl” About 5’8, she isn’t even looking at anyone, just adding to her Instagram or Snapchat and giggling hysterically. Both fluffy, and the girl, just scream “Bimbo”

Third place, is the most bizarre one. It’s a dirty green shaded mare with dusty brown mane. Pure definition of a “Poopie Fluffy” You remember hearing people during the show talk about the owner sleeping with the judges to get a prize. Others said it was because the fluffy had unnaturally large tits and the judges got off to it.

Speaking of the owner, she’s a 5’5 girl in a turtleneck sweater and glasses. Seems rather nervous, like she herself doesn’t even think she should be here. Her stall looks like it’s all hand painted and built by hand as well.

So, who do you approach first?

Next <3


I gotta see what turtle neck girl is all about. I mean, why would you even enroll a poopie fluffie in like a pageant? im curious in this chicks motives


Something is up with that black alicorn. Only alicorn foals? Tons of fluffy makeup? She’s hiding something, the first lady is my vote.


I interested in the thir place girl.
I in love with the thir place girl !!! :two_hearts:


Cool! More actually not fluffies posted to the FC.

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I’m gonna go for the third girl.

First is neat, and I’m a natural ‘alicorn simp’ but if she always wins, her foals are gonna cost a fortune and I just d e s p i s e the look of the second one soo I don’t think I wanna go down that route.

But the third one… I have SO many questions, and I need answers by gum! ANSWERS!


Why tho?


Sweetie, you pick a mare, pick a foal.

What’s not fluffy about that.

If we happen to get a wifu in the process, that’s just part of the process. This is literally just foal raising simulation.


Interesting that the third place girl doesn’t seem to be more presentable on her stand and her appearance pretty much convey a bit anxiety. I’m choose to check on the third mare foals probably for the fact that for a badly colored fluffy it could probably placed due to it’s talent and discipline rather than it’s appearance. It is afterall much easier to have a well trained fluffy.

Also a bigger Tits means it’s probably a Nurse Mare or one of those UberMummahs.


I say, we go with the alicorn, if we take the time to breed the offspring, we can get rich and colonise Pluto with fluffies faster lol.


Because the my little ponies in the picture categorically aren’t fluffies.

Well I’m sorry my artstyle isn’t up to your standards.

I won’t be carrying this conversation any longer, if you don’t like it, you can leave. :heart:


Lol apology accepted.

Turtleneck girl for sure! I think her fluffy’s pretty cute, honestly. It’s got that natural-color appeal to it. (Plus, if she did end up here by some fluke and people are making rude remarks and rumors about her, nobody else is going to get her foals and she seems like too sweet a girl to suffer through that humiliation.)

(Dang her fluffy does have big tits though.)


Dude don’t gatekeep.


Honestly the third one seems to be the only mare who isn’t completely spoiled so her.


Dull-coloured fluffy has the best colour combination imo. Much better on the eyes.


Not gatekeeping is the reason we get my little ponies when we should be getting fluffies. I’m going to speak my mind.

Number #3. I prefer natural colors and hopefully it’s humble roots will ensure better foals.

The owner seems nice?


Third one. I can see patterning and her colors work well together. The owner is timid and timid people are usually nice and the fluffy will mirror that.