Choose Your Pixelfluff First Edition! (By:iFluffybooru)

Time for a new solo contest I am going to start running where I create three potential morsels for your ravenous tastes to sample. I will then run a short poll regarding these fluffies, the winner of which will be featured in a future comic. I’m also tossing around some ideas for how to get community input on their fate, I’d like to say that if…

you comment which you vote for, and write a description I will randomly choose one such option

…and use it as the basis for the comic. Below, in the spoiler, is a better look at each contestant as well as a brief backstory for your use in concocting their fates!

This series was very heavily inspired by the amazing @infraredturbine 's “Folly of Hope” series. I hope to pay sufficient homage to their amazing works through this series, as thanks for their fantastic output of quality content.

A Closer Look!

Meet Miss Molly a foal with a lot of attitude and gumption! After being taken right from the hands of an abuser using their car’s cigarette lighter to burn her, and into the hands of her “nyu mummah” Jenny, her life began! Jenny is a huge supporter of the “Abuse for Abusers” movement and has raised this foal to be self sufficient and high spirited. Molly feels she can take care of herself and lets anyone she perceives as a potential abuser know exactly what she feels about them (but only when Jenny is around to protect her)! A vote for this girl is a vote for the tearing down of fluffy-centric worldviews!

Meet Sacharine, an SBS foal with a heart of gold! Contrary to most foals with SBS she is capable of limited communication, though most conversations with her relate to “miwkies” and how they’re the best thing in the world. Her mother EllenDee is a show mare who in the name of efficiency let all her other foals starve and focused on her “bestest”, little Sacharine. Sacharine has only known her mother’s teat and the sweetest Skettie Formula money can buy, and at the ripe old age of two months she’s ready for a new adventure in life! A vote for Sacharine is a vote for the end of a pampered life in a brutal way!

Meet poor little P-213, never given a proper name. Her first memory is one of excruciating agony as the places where her “weggies” should be flared up in sharp pain, followed by agonizing burning. She remembers bad tasting milk, and when she opened her eyes for the first time she saw a human in a white lab coat looking down at her. The human told her it was her job to get rid of “not pretty babies”, these babies came down a belt in front of her and when she saw one that wasn’t a pretty color she presses the button in front of her. That baby then gets pushed aside, though she’s unsure what happens to them after that. A vote for P-213 is a vote to possibly end the suffering of a poor filly, or make it much worse!

The Chopping Block
  • Miss Molly
  • Sacharine
  • P-213
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Sacharine deserves to suffer and will much more fun seeing her.


Let me know if you’ve got an idea for her potential fate!

All deserve to suffer.

Biwwions must get fo’ebah sweepies.


Saccharine must die.
Cram its corpse into the very bottle it drinks from, and feed the resulting bottle of gore to its mother assuming she’s still around.


Hmm, I actually feel like Molly abuse would realistically lead to… violence of the human-on-human variety which AFAIK isn’t allowed. Seen too many SBS, lately. Factory pony it is!

Well, it’s too obvious that she chooses her eventual replacement? Too old to see?

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I’m voting Molly. All deserve to suffer, but there is something so much more fun about breaking an independent, owned Fluffy, especially in the hands of someone like Jenny.


Human-on-human violence is allowed when it satisfies both of two conditions:

  1. It is directly tied into a fluffy-related story
  2. Its intensity is noticeably lower than fluffy abuse (ie. no gore or extreme torture)

Indeed im kind of curious where you saw this going because my headcannon ending for Molly doesnt really involve Judy at all lol. Though i suppose thats not necessarily up to me.

No guys if we vote for Miss Molly, the collapse in her worldview will make the entire process better!


Miss Molly needs to be volleyed into a wall


Sachrinrle dies by the thing she loves the most; Milk. Overfeeding over time until her body cant support itself without help, then hook her up to lofe support and contuinue until shes just a husk.



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I second this…Basically they become an obese blob full of milk and looks more like a fat slug than a fluffy.


The best abuse is the one that has fluffies sink lower than they thought possible.


Can we just kill and abuse all three for the fun of it in the end? :smiley:


Maybe even swap her milk with one of those “enhanced” growth hormone formulas too.
I’d love to see her pop like a balloon. lol


I mean, it seems obviously implied that something horrible happens to Molly, and Jenny has the Chekov’s Gun of being ‘Abuser-abuser’.

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The Sketties Milk she’s already hooked on has 160% of a foals daily recommended intake of fat. Im sure we coukd convince her to drink some more >:3

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Its decided that her use has run its course however before she is discarded she is taken where the bad babbehs go and the results of her actions, causing her to enter a wan-die loop of guilt and trauma before being dumped in a alley for either a feral or the elements to give her the sweet relief she at this point craves. :glee:

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