Cry Wolf Ch. 4 [By BFM101]

Backstory time, this chapter will focus on what Alex has been up to before making her way to Jacob’s house, hopefully explaining why she’s such an awful bitch.

Because canonically Alex hasn’t got a name yet, she will refer to herself as Fluffy but for ease of understand the prose will still call her Alex.

“Dummeh mawe, stay stiww.”

“Am nu mawe, am stiww fiwwy.”

“Yu hab mawe smeww, dat gud enuff fow Fwuffy.”

Alex rolled her eyes as Toughie tried to enf her, he had a point, she was technically giving off mare scent indicating she was ready to breed, but that had only started a few days ago. Usually Fluffies waiting until they were a little older before looking for special-friends.

Of course Alex wasn’t looking for a special-friend, she just wanted to prove to her mother that she was the bestesh, that all the focus on her stupid purple brother was wrong. Alex wanted babbehs so he could show her dummeh mother what a good mother should do. Sadly the only stallion she found willing to enf her was Toughie, whilst everyone else thought she was too young for enfies, Toughie thought she was too old but he was still willing to help out once she told him she didn’t want him near her foals.

The Green Toughie fumbled around a little bit more trying to fit his nu-nu stick into Alex’s special-place, eventually he found the spot and pushed in.


“NU! Dummeh, dat nu speciaw-pwace, dat am poopie-pwace.”

“Enf, enf, gud enfuff, enf, enf, fow Fwuffy, enf, enf.”

Alex seethed as her poopie-pwace was assaulted, the one stallion she could find to give her babbehs and he couldn’t even do that properly. She lay down and let Toughie do his thing while she gazed out of the hole in the tree they were hiding in, from here she could see Mother, that dumb white bitch was preening herself like she always fucking did, too high and mighty for feral living. Beside Mother was Alex’s brother, the future Smarty, Alex didn’t know why Mother loved him more than her other children, from what Alex saw her brother was a dumb mummah’s boy.

Alex felt Toughie starting to go faster, hopefully he’d be finished soon and she could be done with him, in hindsight she figured this might be better for her, poopie-enfies didn’t make babbehs and she was starting to regret asking this horny idiot to give her some.

Toughie pulled her in close as he cried out. “GUD…”


The cry from one of the herd’s lookouts followed by what sounded like hundreds of loud barking shocked both Alex and Toughie, Alex tried to stand up to run but Toughie was still on top of her, trying to pull himself out of her and escape.

She snarled at him. “Dummeh stop mobin an wet…”

In a blind panic, Toughie kicked Alex in the head and knocked her out cold as he scrambled over her and ran off.

It was almost dark time when Alex finally awoke, she could still taste the blood from where Toughie had hit her, more importantly she could smell blood.

A LOT of blood.

Climbing to her feet, a feat Alex found harder than she expected because of her recent concussion, she carefully made her way outside, and almost instantly stopped when she nearly stepped into a puddle of Fluffy guts.

It was beyond a massacre, so many dead Fluffies, faces she’d known all her life stared at her, faces she couldn’t regonise anymore. Skin was torn, head ripped off, guts spilled out, body parts that had been chewed up and spit out was strewn several feet away from their original body.

The barkie-monsters had annihilated the entire Technicolor Herd.

Alex tip-toed through the mess, careful not to get anymore blood or viscera on her Fluff, and looked through the bodies, trying to make sense of it all. Was there anyone left, did anyone make it out alive, was she truly alone? Passing by a line of dead chirpies, the last born of the herd merely a few days ago, Alex noted that they had all been crushed rather than bitten or eaten, the dumb bastards of her herd had killed their own children trying to escape.

Dummehs, the lot of them.

In a vain hope, Alex made her way to the tree hovel where her family lived, her low expectations fell even lower when she saw the half-devoured corpses of her brothers and sisters, the faces she could still make out still had their last moments of terror carved into them. Eventually she made it home, and felt the last piece of hope she made left burn out and die.

Her father, the herd’s Smarty-Friend and the one parent she could rely on was dead, but Alex could tell this wasn’t the barkie-monster, no her father’s head had been crushed like the chirpies, and a set of small bloodied hoof-prints running away from the body could just be made out in the low light.

More importantly, Alex hadn’t yet seen the bodies of her mother, or her stupid brother.

Alex weighed up her options, even if she did try to find the surviving members of her herd, however few they may be, it was likely her brother was the new Smarty which meant her mother was the new Smarty. Either one would likely lead the herd to doom and she wanted no part of that, on the other hand, being alone was dangerous, she had no protection, no real home and no-one to help her if she ended up in trouble.

No, she was the bestesh, the smartest babbeh, even if her mother was too dummeh to notice it. She’d be fine by herself, she would find a way to survive.

Leaving her father’s corpse as the sun started to disappear completely, Alex found a small piece of comfort among what remained of the food storage, at the very least she wouldn’t starve anytime soon.

After that, who knew?

Alex spent a few bright-times in the ruins of the herd’s home, partly because the amount of food they had left over was enough to sustain her, mostly because she wanted to make sure that idiot Toughie hadn’t impregnated her.

After three bright-times with no babbeh feeling in her tummy, she felt safe enough to leave the tree-places. Good thing too since the smell was getting unbearable.

Alex didn’t know where she could go, but she picked the opposite direction from the tracks that the survivors left, she wanted nothing to do with them anymore. She’d start her own herd, teach all those dummehs that a mare could be a Smarty too, then she’d find her mother and give her forever sleepies for not recognising the true Bestesh Babbeh.

Alex smiled at the thought, she was so clever.

Unfortunately clever doesn’t get you fed, and Alex found herself starving after only a few days on the bare minimum she could find; brown grass and dead leaves only did so much to sate her stomach.

She was about to give up, turn round and hope she could find her old home again when she heard his voice.

“Ooh, pwetty mawe.”

Alex turned towards the voice and her face soured, it was a poopie stallion, dirt-brown fluffy with a darker brown mane, a little bit older than her and obviously trying not to look too excited about finding a mare.

“Am pwetty mawe wost?” He asked again his eyes leering over her.

“Smaw… Fwuffy nu wost, jus wooking fow nummies.” Alex caught herself just in time before calling herself Smarty, she knew some Fluffies took issue with that title.

The brown stallion cheered. “Yay, Chess-nut hab wots of nummies, keep dem safe fow cowd-times. Can shawe wiv mawe, if mawe be speciaw-fwiend.”

Alex nearly made sicky-wawas, this wretched beast wanted HER to be his special-friend? If she wasn’t starving she wouldn’t even be talking to him.

“Nu can hab speciaw-huggie nyo dummeh, awmosh cowd-times.” Alex was right, winter would be on them soon enough, had she any self-reflection she would’ve realised she was going to be trying to bring foals into cold-times not that long ago.

But narcissism is a blinding disease.

“Chess-nut knyo, bu homsie am big an wawm, an hab enuff nummies fow soon-mummah. Be gud daddeh fow babbehs.”

Alex fought back the urge to smack this idiot in the face and weighed up her options, perhaps there was no harm in riding this out as far as she could.

“Ok, Fwuffy gu wiv poo… wiv Chess-nut. Wiww be… ‘gak’… speciaw-fwiend.”

“YAY! Chess-nut hab biggesh heawt-happies, neba hab speciaw-fwiend befowe.”

Alex bit her lip to keep from insulting the shit-stained dummy and followed him to his home, it wasn’t a far walk and she did have to admit, Chestnut had done well for himself, he’d found a small burrow near a tree, easily protected from wind and rain, lined the whole place with dry grass, leaves, and even bits of his own Fluff to make a bedding area in one corner while in the other was enough food to feed a whole family over the cold-times, let alone one Fluffy. Some of it was typical grass and leaves, but there was a good amount of nuts and berries in there as well.

“Chess-nut hab gud homesie, whewe du Fwuff…?”

Alex was interrupted by an overly excited Chestnut jumping on top and mounting her. She didn’t even have time to think about what was happening before she felt his nu-nu stick enter her, and unlike Toughie he knew where her special-place was.


It was over before Alex knew it, this poopie asshole had been so excited that he’d enfed her in seconds and clearly saw nothing wrong with what he did as he crawled up and tried to cuddle her.

“Chess-nut wub speciaw-fwiend.”

Alex seethed with fury, this was going to be a long winter.

Chestnut enfed Alex a couple more times before she was able to stop him with the feel of her tummeh-babbehs. If anything though, that just made him even more insufferable, where the enfing she could block out and ignore until he was finished, now that she was pregnant Chestnut insisted on waiting on her hand and foot, making sure she ate even when she wasn’t hungry, licking her backside clean of bad-poopies then nuzzling her with his shit-smelling breath, he would stand guard all night for her protection then keep her up awake when his loud complaining about how tired he was.

Alex hated him, and hated her tummeh-babbehs as well. She already knew they weren’t going to be pretty coming from a poopie daddeh like him but even if she did get some pretty ones like her, she could already tell they were going to be dummehs. She felt nothing for her foals but contempt, a few times when Chestnut left to find more food or water she tried to smack her tummy on the ground hard enough give them all forever sleepies, but she could never do it hard enough and only ended up hurting herself.

She instead then decided to wait, she had a plan and all she needed was for this whole mess to be over so she could see it through.


When the day finally came, Alex was ready, more than ready as she had to fight her natural instincts. Chestnut rushed over to her side and readied himself for the babbehs.

“Ee-sey speciaw-fwiend, babbehs am coming.”

“Fwuffy knyo babbehs coming dummeh, it Fwuffy’s speciaw-pwa… AAAAHAHHAH!”

The first foals pushed out of her, she could hear it’s high-pitched chirping grating against her ears, then another one came out, and another, then finally the forth and final one dropped out of her and her legs could feel solid ground again.

She turned around to see her brood, and immediately had to stop herself from sneering at them. All four of her babbehs were awful, three of them earthies like Chestnut, with varying degrees of grey, brown and white colouration between them all, the final one was a unicorn like Alex, but was pure brown throughout.

Chestnut, the happy little moron, didn’t care, he had his babbehs. “Chess-nut am daddeh nyo, hab biggesh heawt-happies. Daddeh wub babbehs, babbehs wub daddeh. Wub yu speciaw-fwiends.”

Chestnut tried to cuddle Alex but she pushed him away. “Sowwy spe… ugh… speciaw-fwiend, buy u hab boo-boo juice on yu. Gu hab wawa cweanies den Fwuffy can gib huggies.”

“Bu… can speciaw-fwiend nu gib wickie-cweans.”

“Fwuffy am mummah nyo, need gib babbehs miwkies, nu can gib Chess-nut wickie-cweans.”

Chestnut nodded, seeing wisdom in his mate’s words, he smiled as he trotted out of the burrow and towards a nearby river. Finally free of him, Alex turned to her brood, all of them till dirty, all of them chirping out for milk and warmth from their mother, their tiny little hoofs reaching out instinctively to find her.

Alex couldn’t give a shit.

“Dummeh ugwy babbehs, Fwuffy nu am mummah.”

And she lifted her hoof high above the foal, ready to stop that chirping for good.

Chestnut returned to an empty burrow, Alex nowhere to be found.

“Speciaw-fwiend? Speciaw-fwiend whewe awe yu?”

He stepped closer to the bedding area, and felt his heart clench when he saw the blood.


All four of his children were dead, their teeny, tiny bodies crushed into a near unrecognisable past, the distraught stallion tried to gather up his foals to hug them better but their corpses were too broken, too shattered to even be held properly.

“Babbehs, wai… wai babbehs foweba sweepies? Chess-nut wub babbehs, wan be daddeh, huu, wan babbehs bak.”

Through his wailing, Chestnut heard a sudden thundering behind him, he turned just in time to see Alex sprinting towards him with her head down and her horn wielded.

That second of confusion cost him everything, as Alex’s horn pierced through his special-lumps, and a flick of her neck tore them completely off.

“AHHHHH! SPECIAW-WUMPS! Huu, speciaw-fwiend gib wowstesh huwties, fot yu wub Chess-nut.”

“Wub? WUB?” Alex stamped down on one of Chestnut’s back legs, breaking it in two. “WAI YU FINK Smawty EBA WUB YU? Yu jus poopie dummeh, gib Smawty bad babbehs, su Smawty gib dem aww sowwy-hoofies.”

“Huu, yu am meanie, Chess-nut wub babbehs, wan be daddeh.”

Alex stomped down on his other back leg, again breaking it. “Yu wan be daddeh su mush yu twick Smawty tu come hewe? Yu gib wowstesh enfies and fowce Smawty tu hab poopie-babbeh? Yu nu daddeh, yu jus enfie-dummeh.”

“Dat nu twue, Chess-nut du wub babbehs.”

“Dummeh wub babbehs su mush, DEN DUMMEH HAB BABBEHS!”

And with a violent kick to the back on the head, Alex slammed Chestnut’s head into the bedding, into where his dead children lay. And she held him there, she held his head in place as the dry-grass and torn Fluff suffocated him, she was certain that at least one of the foals must’ve fallen into his mouth because she could see sickie-wawas spluttering out of him. But she didn’t lift her hoof, she held him down until his arms stopped flailing, his frantic breathing slowed and every muscle in his body relaxed and dropped down.

She held on a few moments longer to be safe, but eventually Chestnut was dead.

Alex looked over the corpse of her former ‘special-friend’, ideally she would’ve liked to have done this away from the bedding area but time wasn’t on her side. Still, now she had a full stock of nummies, a protected home and no babbehs in need of looking after, she was set for the full cold-time.

But first, she had to proritise, she quickly set about tearing clumps of Fluff off of Chestnut, hoping she could make a new nest from him. She didn’t have long before the cold-wawas started falling, she had to get this body as far from the nest as possible or risk either predators or illness from the rotten smell.

As for the foals? Well she could always use an extra snack.

There is another chapter for Alex’s backstory, I realised there was more to her than I thought so I split her chapters in order to spend more time with her awfulness.

For clarification, Alex is the daughter of Mother and the sister of Smarty from The Technicolor Smarty Herd, for anyone wondering why she’s sociopathic monster, it’s because of her genes.

Chapter 5


Fuccckkkk that alex is one bitch!!! And her mom and brother? You mean her mother is the same bitch that invade Josef house??? That bitch mother??? Seems both are from the same tree

The crushed smarty friend is also a clue…

And what she did to her mate she is a fuckin black widow!!! Gad!!! :grimacing::triumph:

She is as worst indeed


Hmm. Nope. She still just seems awful.


I would say I’m surprised she didn’t trade the babies off items of favors, but this is her first litter…a snack will suffice.

Glad to know I don’t have to temper my hatred, she has been a piece of shit from the get go.


Doesn’t she know 99% of fluffies use special friend requests to have sex almost immediately after? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mama’s boy smarty?



Whole family is rotten.


Side note: while arguably a throwaway character I did like Chestnut.


Like Mother, like daughter.


I find Chestnut an ugly colored fluffy interesting, managing to find shelter and plenty of food. He was not a bad guy, maybe he had a bad life but he triumphed at having a good place and food for a while surviving alone is not a small thing for a fluffy, it hurts that his libido won, but it hurt me to imagine crying for his babies and knowing the fate of fluffys of ugly colors they were perhaps their only babies