Cry Wolf Ch. 3 [By BFM101]

Daniels had been in the sorry-box for an hour, which to a Fluffy might as well have been forever, when the lid finally opened and the little golden brown guy saw Jacob looking down at him.

“Daniels, I’m sorry this had to happen but you need to understand I did it for your own good.”

Daniels sniffled. “Daniews undastan, nu wik sowwy-box bu knyo daddeh onwy pun-ess bad Fwuffies.”

“Do you know what you did that was bad?”

Daniels threw his mind back, he still couldn’t fully understand what happened, Alex was fine, then she could herself a Smarty, made bad poopies on the floor, and accused him of trying to give her bad-special-huggies. Daniels was sure that he hadn’t…

But then the whole situation frazzled his brain and he burst into tears.

“Daniews sowwy daddeh, huu huu, nu knyo wha Daniews du wong, bu pwomise neba du it gain.”

Jacob sighed, his hopes of getting Daniels side of the story was looking grim, the poor little guy was so shaken up by the events that he couldn’t even think straight. Jacob didn’t want to believe Alex, part of him still didn’t, but he couldn’t put anything to rest with only one side of the story.

Feeling like shit for making his pet cry, Jacob reached in and stroked Daniels’ mane. “Hey, it’s ok bud. Look I don’t know what happened between you and Alex, but she was very upset so I had to do something. Just tell her you’re sorry and that’ll be the end of it, I’ll call up some shelters and see if any of them have room to take her tomorrow.”

Daniels still wasn’t sure why he had to apologise, but Jacob was smarter than he was, if daddeh said apologise, then Daniels would apologise.

“Ok daddeh, Daniews say sowwy tu Awex.”

“There’s a good boy.”

Jacob lifted Daniels out of the box and carried him through to the living room where Alex was sitting watching TV while Kathy stayed close by to keep an eye on her, Jacob could see Kathy eyeing Alex like she was expecting something, but for the past hour nothing she hadn’t done much other than eat and watching telly.

Jacob placed Daniels on the floor and stood back. “Alex, Daniels has something he wants to say.”

“Daniews sowwy Awex, nu mean tu scawe yu ow be meanie.”

Alex looked a little awkward and she shuffled her hoofs. “Dat ok Daniews, Awex maybe mis-unda-stan yu, stiww scawdie bout udda Fwuffies. Stiww wan be fwiends.”

Daniels nodded, happy that there was no bad blood between him and Alex. He toddled over to her and the two of them hugged, it felt nice…

A little too nice as Alex pulled him in closer and he caught a whiff of something… musky.

Alex whispered in his ear. “Hmm, Daniews huggie feew guuuuuddddddd”

Daniels jumped back and tried to sort himself before his erection began to show. “Happy be fwiends Awex, bu Daniews stiww hungwy, gun hab nummies nyo.”

And he shot off as fast as a Fluffy could manage back into the kitchen. Alex just smirked at him and turned back to the telly.

Jacob and Kathy made their way to the front door, Jacob feeling a little disappointed. “I guess Daniels libido is making it hard for him right now. Once Alex is gone tomorrow I’ll stop by and pick up that enfie toy.”

“You think you can keep them apart till then?”

“Daniels might be turning into a horny little bugger but he technically hasn’t broken any rules, if I tell him not to fuck Alex I trust him to keep it in his pants for at least a day.”

“It’s not him I’m worried about, it’s her. Something doesn’t sit right with me about her Jacob, I don’t know what it is but I’ve dealt with a lot of Fluffies, Alex is… I dunno, I just get bad vibes off her.”

“She’ll be gone by tomorrow, if no shelter will take her than I’ll give her some food and drive her into the forest. But I gotta at least try and find her a better home.”

“Alright, but keep me posted, I’ll check with my managers and see if we can take her in ourselves.”

“Thank you, and thanks again for staying, I know it was a big ask…”

“Don’t sweat it, happy to help out a friend.”

“When did we become friends?”

“… Good question.”

The two of them shared a quick laugh before Kathy made her way home, leaving Jacob to wonder how best to handle the mess he found himself in.

Damn him for being so naive and kind.

After putting away the last of the cleaning supplies, Jacob gather Daniels and Alex into the living room to talk to them both.

“Guys, I know that this has been a stressful day for us all, but I hope we’re all friends now.”

Both Fluffies nodded.

“Good, because I wanted to make things clear to both of you. Alex, you’re welcome to stay here tonight to build your strength up, but first thing tomorrow I’ll be taking you to a shelter, a good one where they can find you a mummy or daddy of your own.

The look on Alex’s face almost made him reconsider. “Bu daddeh…”

“Stop, please. I’m sorry but I’m not your daddy Alex, I shouldn’t have even named you that was cruel of me. But I can only keep me and Daniels here for the moment, I only took you in because you were in danger, now that you’re out of danger, I can help you find someone who can take you in and love you properly, ok?”

Alex’s head dropped. “Ok dad… nice mistah. Can Awex gu ousside pwease, wan gu wook at cwouds.”

Jacob was a little surprised at a Fluffy wanting to do such a mundane task, but he figured as a feral Alex probably learned to entertain herself in ways domestics never thought about.

“Of course Alex, I’ll get the door for you.”

Alex follows Jacob through to the kitchen where he opened the back door for her and let her out into the garden, leaving the door ajar in case she wanted to come back inside.

Once she was outside, Jacob turned back to Daniels. “Sorry you’re new friend can’t stay with us Daniels, but after the whole incident earlier I thought it best if she doesn’t stay long.”

“Daniews undastan daddeh, wiww miss Awex, bu nu knyo wha think of hew.”

“Don’t know how?”

“Daniews finkie-pwace say nu tug u neaw hew. Bu Daniews nu-nu stick wan be cwosa tu hew.”

Jacob grimaced, fearing that Daniels would be having these thoughts.

“Actually bud, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

While Jacob and Daniels were inside talking, Alex made her way quickly to the end of the garden where the fence was, her plans had to move quickly, she only had until the next bright-time to ensure she could take this house for her own.

The best way she could think of was to be a soon-mummah, but no way was she carrying a poopie Fluff’s babbehs, nu she needed to already be pregnant before she let Daniels anywhere near her. And for that, she needed help.

“Speciaw-fwiend? Speciaw-fwiend yu dewe?”

From behind a nearby bush, a dishevelled but still good looking black unicorn stallion with a silver mane and a half-bitten off left ear appeared.

“Speciaw-fwiend, Stwyka hab wowwies, nu see yu in su wong.”

Alex rolled her eyes, she’d been stuck with Stryker for a while now, having been forced together through unfortunate circumstances. But still, he was very strong and VERY good looking, she kept him around for protection and to one day give her some good looking babbehs.

Right now, she needed him for the latter.

“Sowwy speciaw-fwiend.” She cooed at him with as much fake sincerity as she could muster. “Hoomin hab udda Fwuffy, Awex need tu pway twicks on hoomin to make him fink udda Fwuffy am bad.”

“Speciaw-fwiend am Awex nyo? Fot namesie wa Pwize?”

“Pwize am nu namsies, neba caww Smawty dat gain.” Alex realised she’d snapped more than she intended. “Sowwy, nu wike be cawed Pwize, namesie am Awex nyo, caww it by nyu hoomin daddeh. Jus need tu git wid of udda Fwuffy den Smawty an Stwyka can moov in.”

“How speciaw-fwiend gun du dat?”

“Gun teww hoomin dat udda Fwuffy gib bad speciaw-huggies, Awex be soon-mummah, hoomin nu wet soon-mummah gu.”

Stryker huffed at that plan. “Stwyka nu wan speciaw-fwiend tu hab udda stawwion babbehs.”

Alex rolled her eyes again. “Smawty nu hab udda stawwion babbehs, speciaw-fwiend gun gib Smawty babbahes nyo, den Smawty hab enfies wib udda stawwion.”

Stryker was torn between lust for enfies now, and fear for his foals later. “Bu fot speciaw-huggies bad fow tummeh-babbehs.”

Alex seethed, she was smart enough to know that she was safe to have special-huggies for at least a few bright-times after enfies, until she could feel the tummeh-babbehs herself. But she didn’t have time to get it through Stryker’s thick skull.

“Jus twust Smawty, nyo gib bestesh guud-feews.”

Alex turned, flicked her tail up and pressed her special-place at the gap in the fence, Stryker looked down, his eyes glazed over at the sight.

“Speciaw-fwiend mean it dis time? Nu mowe poopie-pwace enfies?”

“Nu mowe, wan weaw enfies dis time.”

Stryker didn’t need to hear anything else, he bounded forward and enfed like his life depended on it. The angle was awkward with Stryker having to hold onto the fence post instead of Alex, and he couldn’t get in deep like he wanted to, resorting to short, shallow thrusts, but it was warm and exciting and after so long without release, it was all he needed.

“Enf, enf, enf, enfenfenfenfenfenf GUUD FEEWS!”

Alex was mildly disappointed at a how short the whole affair was, and how little Stryker was able to fill her with, but the deed was done, she knew in a few minute she’d be pregnant with his foals.

“Fank yu speciaw-fwiend, nyoo gu hidesies cwose by. Smawty wet yu knyo wen it ok tu come out.”

“How Awex gun twick hoomin into wettin Stwyka into homesie?”

“Yu weave dat tu Smawty.”

She smiled at him one more time before turning back to the house and leaving Stryker to find a hiding spot. If her plan worked, then she would have all the protection and pretty babbehs she needed.

Alex’s only plan for Stryker was to have no plan and hopefully never see him again.

Later that day, Jacob cooked up some pasta for Daniels and Alex, not Sketti exactly, but something almost resembling a carbonara with a creamy sauce instead of the tomato nectar Fluffies usually loved.

Not that either of them complained of course.

“Fank yu fow bestesh nummies nice mistah.” Alex smiled as she tried to lick her face clean of sauce.

“Happy to give you at least one good meal before you go Alex, the shelter I found for you looks very nice, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a mummy or daddy in no time.”

Alex said nothing and nodded, to Jacob it looked like she was still upset about leaving, in truth it was so she could focus on her plan. She knew it wouldn’t be long until bed-time, if all else fails she could try something then but she wanted to make sure Jacob was still awake so he could catch it all with his own eyes.

She needed to be patient, and luckily for her, Alex had learned to be patient a long time ago.

Her chance came right after dinner, when her, Daniels and Jacob were watching Telly together as they digested their meal, Daniels was keeping his distance from her, but stayed close enough so they could chat while enjoying the TV, Jacob had been careful and put on old cartoons instead of Fluff-TV, not wanting to risk either of them picking something up.

But then, nature called. Alex could faintly hear Jacob’s stomach grumble as he stood up and went to leave the room.

“Sorry guys, I need to go make some good poopies.”

As soon as Jacob shut the door behind him, Alex made her move, needing to be quick. She turned to Daniels and approached him, making sure her back legs were slightly apart to let her mare scent fill the room.

“Awex sowwy nu see Daniews gain, wike habben fwiend gain.”

Daniels was still unsure what to make of Alex, but his little Fluffy brain told him friends were a good thing. “Daniews miss Awex tuu, neba hab udda Fwuffy hewe befow, wiked habben fwiend tu pway wiv.”

“Weawwy? Daniews neba hab fwiend befow?”

“Hab fwiends at hoomin pwace whewe daddeh find Daniews, bu nu see dem in many fowebas.”

Alex took her opportunity and rubbed up alongside him. “Su Daniews neba hab speciaw-fwiend befow tuu?”

Daniels tensed up, the scent of Alex’s special-place was toying with his mind, he could feel his groin tingling with animalistic desire, but he kept his head.

“Sowwy, Awex am vewy pwetty, bu daddeh teww Daniew nu tu gib speciaw-huggies, Awex am nu staying su nu wan Daniew tu hab heawt huwties coz nu can see babbehs.”

Alex smiled at him, doing the Fluffy equaliviant of batting her eyelashes. “Bu Daniews, if Awex hab Daniews babbehs, daddeh HAB tu wet Awex stay, nu can take babbehs away fwom deiw daddeh.”

“Bu daddeh say nu hab munies fow mowe Fwuffies.”

“Aww mummahs an daddehs say dat, bu dey awways du, dey jus say dat su gud Fwuffies nu bwing in bad Fwuffies fwom ousside. Bu we bov gud Fwuffies, we bov Fwiends, wai nu be speciaw-fwiends?”

Daniels innocent little mind was going haywire, he was a good Fluffy and did what his daddy told him, but he’d had the worst pain in his special lumps all day and daddy had done nothing to help him. Alex had done bad poopies earlier and said it was his fault, but she also apologised and said she misunderstood him, misunderstood what he didn’t know but she was a lot smarter and more world-weary than he was, maybe HE had misunderstood her, maybe she was a good Fluffy after all, maybe two good Fluffies could have a family together.

Then Alex played her trump-card and presented herself to Daniels, flicking her tail back and forth to waft her musk into his nostrils.

Daniels didn’t stand a chance, almost in a daze, he stood up and mounted her, Alex turned away so she could hide her disgust at letting a Poopie Fluffy enf her, but needs must for her plan.

“Ooh speciaw-fwiend, nu-nu stuck feew gud.” She mewled through gritted teeth.

“Enf, enf, wub speciaw-huggies. Enf, enf, wan du dis mowe. Enf, enf.”

‘Like that was ever gonna happen’ Alex thought to herself. “Maybe wata, speciaw-huggies bad for tummeh-babbehs, wan be daddeh fiwat wight?”

“Enf, enf, enf, yeh, enf, enf, enf. Wan be daddeh, habs wots of… enf, enf, enf… babbehs wiv speciaw-fwiend.”

Alex bit her tongue to keep from yelling at his sickening words, she briefly wondered if it was all worth it, to degrade herself to this level. Had Daniels been a proper colour, she might have been able to sneak in and make a place for herself without needing to resort to this.

No, she knew some owners were fussy about who their Fluffies mated with, Jacob owned a poope Fluffy so he cared, he would care for her and her foals because he was a good person. A kind, naive, dumb person that Alex was more than happy to take advantage of.

From the bathroom she could hear the muffled sounds of a toilet flushing, she didn’t have long left. Taking matter into her own hand she started pushing herself against Daniels in an effort to make him go faster.

“Huwwy speciaw-fwiend, Awex wan feew babbehs nyo.”

“Enf, enf, enf, enf, enf.” Daniels kept enfing away, Alex could feel his body starting to tighten.

She heard Jacob’s footsteps getting closer.

Daniels pulled her closer and pushed himself as deep as he could manage.


The handle moved.


Alex felt Daniews nu-nu juice inside her.

The door opened.

And she burst out crying.


Daniels was in such a shock he didn’t even notice Jacob had walked in the room. “Bu speciaw-fwiend…”


Alex curled up into a ball and wept, using her real disgust over fucking a poopie to make genuine tears. Daniels went over to try and comfort her when Jacob finally spoke up.


Daniels turned, suddenly very frightened at the look on Jacob’s face.

“Daddeh… Daniews nu knyo…”

“I’ve seen enough Daniels, it’s time for you to go.”

Daniels pissed himself as Jacob walked over and picked him off the floor.

“Bu… speciaw-fwiend.”

“She’s not your special-friend anymore.” Jacob’s voice was cold, chilling even Alex with how monotone it was.

Once Jacob had taken Daniels away and shut the door, Alex straightened herself up and smiled at a good well done. She had succeeded, the house was hers now, she had a loving daddeh, the prettiest foals in her tummy and no need for any dummeh stallion to help her.

She really was the bestesh smarty after all.

It was a few days later, Alex hadn’t seen Daniels at all, Jacob had taken him out in the metal monster and came back alone. Not that Alex cared, she was happy never to see him again.

By now she was just starting to show her pregnancy, it was faint but a subtle roundness was building on her, plus her soon-mummah songs were a dead giveaway.

Jacob found Alex in her usual spot in front of the telly, singing happily to herself. “You ok Alex?”

She nodded. “Yeh daddeh, Awex an tummeh babbehs awe gud.”

“Still sure about keeping them? I know what Daniels did to you was horrible but you don’t need to carry his young.”

“Awex am suwe, babbehs am nu meanie daddeh, Awex stiww wub babbehs.”

There was a strange look on Jacob’s face that made Alex feel a little nervous, but it passed quickly and he smiled at her again.

“Well ok, I was just checking. Anyway I came through here because I was cooking something up in the kitchen and wanted you to try my new spaghetti recipe.”

Alex gasped with joy. “Yay skettis make bestesh miwkies fow tummeh babbehs. Fank yu daddeh.”

“Anything for you sweetie, here you go.”

Jacob placed the bowl of skettis in front of her and watched as Alex dived in and devoured the godly nummies in seconds, slurping every noodle, tasting every fresh tomato in the sauce.

It was heavenly.

“Dese am bestesh nummies eba daddeh, fank yu fow… fow…”

Alex yawned suddenly, tiredness had hit her with the force of a ten ton block and now all she wanted was to go to bed.

“Sowwy daddeh Awex feew tiwed nyo, bu it nu bedsies time yet.”

“That’s ok Alex, being a soon-mummah must take a lot out of you, why don’t you take a quick nap and I’ll wake you up in a moment.”

Alex thought back to her other litters and couldn’t remember feeling this tired, but then she had been a feral and had to stay on guard for monsters, now she was in a comfortable home with nothing to worry about.

“Ok daddeh, Awex hab smaww sweepies.”

Alex nestled down in her nearby bed and closed her eyes as she drifted off to sleep while Jacob petted her. As she went, Alex found herself dreaming, dreaming of her dummeh mummah for picking her stupid brother to be the bestesh babbeh when clearly she was smarter and prettier than he was. She dreamt of all the things she had to do to get to this point, her time with Stryker, with her old owners, with her old herd.

Soon she found herself dreaming about her beginnings, when she lived in the tree place with The Technicolor Smarty Herd.

Chapter 4


Stomp Alex into paste


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I’m concerned for Daniels now. Although I’m thinking the spaghetti was dosed with something. I feel there’s hidden information. Hopefully Jacob took on some of Kathy’s distrust. A smartphone could’ve recorded or relayed everything …


Oh man not even the lightest-hearted hugboxer would spare Alex any torment, I wish I could say “man I wish this was my story so I could torture her like nothing else” but honestly I don’t think I can think of a fitting punishment.

All I do know is that whatever comes next it’ll be another BFM masterpiece


Thought for a moment the spaghetti had parsley in it. But it seems it’s going another way.


Gad that bitch! A true asshole heck she didnt even care for stryker either all she wants to be the new pet in the house.

I do hope Jacob for once be more suspicious as Kathy was, serious when a mare asking to go out its a fucking red flag already and he stupidly let her out :man_facepalming:

And that skettis laced with sleepin drug…wonderin bout that too :thinking:


Damn how I wish it was have that bitch cry in panic seeing her soon babbehs pop out of her. :smiling_imp:


Why do I have a feeling Daniels isn’t “gone” too far away, and that Jacob knows everything.

I kind of hope she wakes up in the middle of the woods and eventually has a litter of bad color babbehs.


Roll-coaster of emotion. I hope Daniels is safely tucked away with Kathy or something. Jacob seems to be more aware than he is letting on…I really hope that is the case.

You really made a great character to hate with Alex, bravo. A bit sad though, so smart for a fluffy, wasted potential.


Well, no telling. @BFM101 could well be messing with us ( hopefully even! ).


Will be interesting to see BFM’s take a brutal, yet justified abuse story, if it heads that way. At the moment this can literally go any which way.


Also, poor Dainels is going to be head-fucked after this. Any time he gets a boner it is going to trigger his PTSD, he may never enf again.

Wild prediction: The story will end with Alex being gone and Jacob bringing back Daniels and taking in Stryker. They will become special friends and raise the foals.


Wow…this is super fucked up. I mean we’ve all seen fluffies as users, but damn. I’m not 100 percent sure she’s able to be labeled a sociopath but she’s real close


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Excellent story. The fact that I can hate a little retarded, technicolor horse as much as I hate Alex is impressive writing.

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It definitely sounded like the spaghetti was drugged. I suspect (or maybe just hope) that he’s already figured her out. Daniel is staying comfortably with the Fluffmart lady, and Jacob is playing along with her lie because he wants to see if the babies are Daniel’s before he brings the wrath of God down upon her.

In that case, he’s drugging her for some type of paternity test.

Though it would be super karmic if he still believed her, and knocked her out for an abortion because he can’t stand the idea of seeing Daniel’s rape babies.


Next chapter is going to be a backstory about Alex and what’s led her here, Stryker will factor into the ending but I’ve only JUST hinted at his part to play in this chapter.

Hopefully it’ll all make sense in the ending.


Twist ending, she becomes a half-pillowed, enfie toy.


I’m not really a fan of random abuse. I don’t dislike it, it’s just kind of meh to me.

However, this story thus far has me thinking about what could be the most horrible thing that could be done to Alex for what she has done. I have not yet had an idea that seems like it’s bad enough.


I’m just happy to see several of my theories about her were right on the money.