Cry Wolf Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

Jacob stopped in his tracks, not really sure if he’d truly heard something or not. The tapping on his door was so faint, so pathetic that if it weren’t so persistent, he might have thought it was the wind. But no, something was knocking on his door, quite frantically as well, it could only be…

“Pwease, sabe Fwuffy fwom munstah.”

A Fluffy!

Jacob burst over to the door, flinging it open so fast that the little thing on the other side almost fell over itself from the sudden space where the door used to be. It composed itself and looked up at Jacob, tears brimming in its little eyes.

“Pwease nice mistah, munstah stawwion wan gib Fwuffy bad speciaw-huggies, pwease nu wet Fwuffy git huwties.”

Jacob felt his stomach turn, he knew it was risky letting a feral into his home, but he’d feel like shit if he became an accessory to a rape. Against his better judgement he picked the Fluffy up and took it inside, he took a quick look out for any rambunctious stallions in the area, he couldn’t see any but that didn’t mean they weren’t there.

Jacob quickly shut the door and brought the Fluffy inside, taking it immediately to the kitchen and wrapping it in the first towel he could find to warm it up. As soon as it was coddled Jacob noticed his hands were absolutely filthy, this feral had likely been outside for a long, long time.

Daniels entered the kitchen at that point. “Daddeh, wha dat?”

“It’s another Fluffy Daniels, I found… her? I think. I found her outside, a bad stallion was trying to give her special-huggies that she didn’t want.”

Daniels gasped. “Bad speciaw-huggies awe wowstesh fing Fwuffy can du. Daddeh gud fow sabben Fwuffy.”

Jacob silently thanked Daniels sheltered upbringing for keeping him ignorant of the truly awful things Fluffies can do to each other. Turning his attention back to the feral, Jacob thought about how best to approach this, Daniels was at least trained slightly by Fluff-Mart and then more so by Jacob himself, he still had natural Fluffy fears, namely regarding water and bathtime, but he was aware enough to know Jacob would keep him safe.

This feral though, there was no knowing what experience she had with water, if any judging by her coat, she was matted with some much dirt and debris that at first glance Jacob might have assumed she was fully brown. But she needed to be cleaned, that much was certain, might as well try and get it done as quick as possible.

“Hey there, you have a name little one?”

The feral sniffed. “Nu hab namesie, wose mummah befow git namsies. Udda hoomin caww Fwuffy ‘Pwize’ befow, nu knyo if dat namsie.”

“Prize huh, seems a bit odd. I can call you that if you like or I can give you another name.”

The feral face lit up. “Oh pwease gib nyu namesies daddeh, Fwuffy wan namesie.”

Shit, Jacob’s kind heart had gotten him into trouble, he hadn’t meant to let the Fluffy get attached to him, he just wanted a way to stop any confusing by calling it ‘Fluffy’.

“Now hold on there, I haven’t said I’m gonna be your daddy yet, I’m just gonna look after you for the moment and see if I can get you cleaned up. We’ll talk about what happens after that in the morning.”

The feral started crying again. “Huu, daddeh nu wub Fwuffy.”

“I didn’t say that, I just… look you can stay here tonight, I’ll clean you and I’ll feed you but after that depends on how you behave. If you’re a good Fluffy I may, MAY, consider keeping you around. But that is not a yes, understand?”

The Fluffy nodded from their coddled position under the towel. “Fwuffy undastan.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that… Alex.”

“Huh, Fwuffy hab namesie? Yay, hab biggest heawt-happies. Nyu daddeh gun gib bestest skettis and wickie-cweans an…”

“Alex, you’re not off to a good start. I told you I’m not your new daddy yet and you clearly didn’t listen.”

“Sowwy nice mistah, Awex jus git biggesh happies, nu mean tu be bad Fwuffy.”

Jacob felt bad for the little thing, clearly not having had much happiness in its life before. “It’s ok Alex, but don’t expect anything big like spaghetti or ‘lickie-cleans’. I’ll give you some good nutrious kibble to feed you properly, and for the cleaning… well that’s what I was planning on discussing next.”

Alex watched as Jacob’s eyes darted over to the sink, and suddenly felt very scared.

“NUUU! Wawa am bad fow Fwuffies, nu gib Awex wawa huwties.”

“Nu, nu, it ok.” Daniels jumped up, trying to calm Alex down. “Is gud wawa, daddeh nu wet anee-fing happen tu Fwuffy.”

Alex stared at Daniels unconvinced, before letting out a deep breath. “Ok, Axex twust daddeh.”

“Ok then.”

Jacob ran a small amount of warm water into the kitchen sink, he was used to doing this with Daniels so it was no problem to get a good temperature and amount. All the while Alex stared at the running tap with absolute fear in her eyes, Jacob saw the bottom of the towel get soaked where Alex let out scardie pee-pees.

Luckily it was going in the wash anyway so no harm done.

Very slowly and very carefully, Jacob unwrapped Alex from the towel and gently placed her into the sink, every single one of her muscles were clenched so tight that Jacob swore she was going to pop a blood-vessel as he lowered her into the water and…

Nothing, Alex opened her eyes, the water was just above her legs, soaking the underside of her belly but no higher, it was a comfortable temperate and most of all, Jacob hadn’t let her go.

“Am gud wawa?”

“That’s right, so long as I’m looking after you, the water can’t hurt you.”

Alex giggled as she splashed around, Jacob smiled and gently ran a wet cloth over her back. The water had been getting filthier and filthier from the moment she entered the sink but running that cloth over her proved just how bad it was, she shrink in size by almost an inch as the filth and grime was soaked out of her Fluff.

Jacob also took the time to double-check and confirm Alex was indeed female, it was a little hard to look at an animals’ genitals but he wanted to be sure.

As the dirt was washed from her body, Jacob started to see more of what Alex really looked like. She was a grey unicorn with a white mane, maybe a little dull by Fluffy standards but he liked the colour, she winced a couple of times when he brushed over her so he figured she had some bruises, not uncommon for ferals, but otherwise she was fine.

Reaching the point where the water was too dirty to keep using, Jacob got a quick cup of water to wash over Alex before taking her out of the sink and wrapping her back up in the towel. Once coddled again, Jacob placed her on the floor and got an extra food bowl out for her and Daniels.

“Now this is a little earlier than I would normally feed Daniels, but since this is special circumstances I’m gonna let it slide and feed you both now while I call a friend. You both understand that you won’t be getting fed later, ok?”

Both Fluffies nodded in agreement and Jacob got the kibble, pouring it into both bowls. Alex nearly dove headfirst into her meal, an impressive feat given that she was currently trapped by towels, but Jacob assumed she must’ve been starving and thought nothing of it.

Before he left though he turned to Daniels. “Daniels, buddy. I got something I need to tell you, I trust you but I want to make sure you understand. Don’t give Alex any special-huggies, we don’t know if she’s even staying or not or if she has any… sickies that we can’t see. I just want to make sure you understood.”

Daniels had no idea how his daddy knew that Alex’s mare scent was messing with his brain, but he was a good Fluffy who listened to his owner so he nodded.

“Ok daddeh, Daniew nu gib Awex speciaw-huggies, gud ow bad. Espe-seeallee bad.”

“Gud boy, alright I won’t be long.”

Leaving them to their meal, Jacob quick;y got out his phone and hit redial.

“Hey, I got a favour to ask.”

Kathy put down Alex, feeding her a little treat for behaving during her examination, and turned back to Jacob.

“She’s good, a little malnourished but nothing to be concerned about, her hoofs are slightly calloused so she’ll make a bit more noise on your hardwood floor, and she’ll likely have issues with litterbox use considering she’s a feral but otherwise nothing to be too concerned about.”

“Awex am gud Fwuffy?”

Kathy smiled at her. “Yes you are, well done for being such a good girl.”

As she pet Alex, Jacob could see a look in Kathy’s eye that told him she wasn’t telling him everything.

“Was there anything else?”

Kathy paused for a moment before motioning to the other room. “Come with me.”

Jacob followed Kathy to the living room, letting Alex and Daniels play with some blocks in the kitchen, Jacob shut the door and turned to Kathy.

“What’s up?”

“Has Alex told you anything about where she was before she came here?”

Jacob shook his head. “No, she said she was being chased by a rapacious stallion but that’s all I know, why?”

“Something concerns me, she’s got bruises on her back and on her genitals which are sadly fairly common for ferals. She’s about 3, maybe 4 years old so she’s almost definitely given birth at least once, whether consensual or not, I can’t say, but she’s said nothing about being a mummah? About losing her ‘last babbeh’?”

“Nothing, hasn’t even mentioned a special-friend.”

“Strange, but not as strange as the next thing.”


“She’s also got bruising on her anus, multiple clusters of varying timeframes. If it was just one then I’d say it was a randy stallion who didn’t know any better, but multiple times suggests she was repeatedly used anally and I can’t figure out why.”

“Weird, and I swear she hasn’t said a single word to me about anything.”

Kathy looked iffy. “That itself is a concern, usually you can’t get the Fluffies to shut up. Either she’s too traumatised to speak of what happened to her, which is entirely possible. Or…”

“Or what?”

Kathy took a deep sigh, not really liking the implication of what she was about to say.

“Or she’s hiding something.”

Suddenly they heard Alex scream from the kitchen. “DADDEH HEWP!”

While Jacob and Kathy were away, Daniels tried to get to know his new friend a little bit better.

“Du Awex hab famiwy, daddeh, mummah?”

Alex sneered. “Mummah am dummeh, nu fink Awex am bestesh babbeh, fink dummeh Bwudda am betta. Nu see hew in many fowebas, nu wan see gain. Wived in Twee-Pwace tiww bawkie munstahs come, Awex smawty, wun way fwom meanie munstahs, Awex du betta dan dummeh famiwy.”

Daniels felt shocked, the hatred in Alex’s words were scaring him. “Dat am bad, Daniews sowwy Awex hab meanie famiwy.”

Alex snorted. “Awex nu cawe bout famiwy. Dey tuu dummeh tu knyo twuth, dat Awex AM bestesh babbeh, Awex am WEAW Smawty.”

Alex’s face went weird and she scrunched her features, trying to push something out of her.

“An… Smawty… wan… poopie’s… HOWSE!”

And Alex dropped a pile of shit, right there on the kitchen floor, blatantly an obviously. While Daniel was looking at the offending turd, Alex put on her best scared face and cried out.


Jacob and Cathy came rushing back in, seeing a shaking Alex cowering away from Daniels with a pile of shit behind her.

Alex was crying quite convincingly. “Daddeh, Awex wan make gud-poopies, bu meanie Daniew nu wet hew gu tiww she hab bad enfies wiv him. Awex nu wan make bad-poopies.”

Daniels little mind was going into overdrive trrying to keep up. “Bu dat… Awex say… Daniew nu…”

Kathy leaned into Jacob. “Does that sound like something he’d do?”

“Not really. But then before this afternoon I would’ve said he’d never hump my couch cushions either, plus we’ve never had another Fluffy before, let alone a mare. God I don’t know what to think.”

“Probably best you separate them, Alex said her name so it’s likely she isn’t lying but… ferals are a funny bunch. Take Daniels away, I’ll see to it that Alex is cleaned up.”

“Thanks, sorry about all this…”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve seen way worse in the store.”

Jacob didn’t want to think about what Kathy had seen in a Fluff-Mart store so he knelt down and picked Daniels up, carrying him out of the kitchen.

“Daniels, do you want to tell me what happened?”

“Daniew nu knyo, tawkin tu Awex, Awex say meanie fings, den she make bad poopies.”

“Why would Alex make bad poopies? We’re looking after her.”

Daniels little brain was frazzled, the unfortunate side effect of his comfortable upbringing was that he wasn’t 100% sure on what Smarties were. He had a vague understanding of Bestesh Babbehs from his traumatic youth, but he didn’t understand what they were.

Now Alex was calling herself one, and Daniel couldn’t find a way to explain it to Jacob.

Jacob took Daniels silence as something of an admission and he sighed. “Daniel I’m didn’t want to do this, but I need to put you in the sorry-box. Just for a little while until I clean Alex up, after that we’ll talk, ok.”

Daniels nodded but he was crying his little heart out, too sacred, too confused and too ashamed to find the right words. Jacob opened the closer door, wiped off the dust from the long unused Sorry-Box, and solemnly placed Daniels inside.

“I’m sorry bud, but this is for your own good.”

Daniels said nothing, he just kept crying even as Jacob shut the door and walked away.

Returning to the kitchen, he found Kathy wiping Alex’s behind with a wet-wipe, the turd still on the floor.

“Sorry, I felt bad leaving that for you. But at least Alex is clean.”

Jacob smiled but there was little laughter in his eyes. “She say anything else?”

Kathy shook her head. “Just that Daniel wanted to give her bad enfies, I don’t want to believe her but…”

“I know, neither do I, but Daniels isn’t talking so until he does I’m gonna just hope there’s a misunderstanding and leave it at that. You mind just keeping hold of her while I clean this up.”

“No problem.”

Kathy held Alex to her chest while Jacob got out the cleaning supplies. Unknown to either of them, this gave Alex the clearest view out of the window and into the garden, through the fence she saw a flash of black and silver Fluff darting out of view and into the bushes.

Alex smiled, the first part of her plan had gone better than she imagined. Now she was ready for part 2.

Chapter 3


Oh jeez… I want terrible things to happen to Alex so bad…


Definitely feeling bad for Daniels. Already hating Alex. #impending-doom is on my radar.


I do too, but that’s just because I enjoy the suffering of fluffies generally.


Poor Jacob and Daniel, they’re in for a rough ride.d


I identify with Daniels. Full of anxiety and horniness, just like me.


This is why you install cameras in all the rooms and not just the saferoom when you get fluffies. One never know what they are up to. It’s better to act like Big Brother than being duped, fooled and bamboozled by a fluffy.


Poor Daniels, he needs to ask about the things he doesn’t know. That alone should help shed light on the issue. Or if Daniels had a one on one with Kathy.

Either way, life is going to be really rough for the little guy for the next few days.

Really curious about the issues with Alex’s nether-yaya and rear.

(Wild predictions: Alex is obviously more clever than a normal fluffy to the point she knows how human can spot lies so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn she uses sex to keep members of her herd in line. She might also be smart enough to know poopie-place special huggies won’t give her unwanted babies. She probably has also had babies before and seems cruel enough to have handed them off to be enfie-babbehs in return for food/power/loyalty/fun/etc.)


Oh a fucking bitch mare the worst kind! :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: An infiltration???

I pray Alex isnt so dumb believing that bitch bullcrap! And just dont make poor Daniel suffer.

Kathy has her suspicion but please dont make these two humans dumb as shit on that bitch! :cold_sweat::pray:t2:


No sympathy. Fool let a feral through the door, he deserves everything he gets.


I mean the story is named cry wolf. After the third time nobody came to safe mischievous Shepard boy so I think Jacob will find out what happened.


Damn her! I want Jacob and Daniels to have a good, happy ending


I will give Alex bad enfies while I num num num her weggies.


Don’t do those things.

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Lmao yes indeed.

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