Custom Design Fluffy Safe Rooms! (Artist:Carpdime) (FB id: 28727)


“Have you seen the stuff that people buy for dogs and cats? Imagine talking fluffy ponies??”

Really awesome! A functional and comfortable place.

One of my favourite pictures by Carpdime, and definitely one of my favourite dioramas. The picture caused quite a stir when I saw it on the booru but honestly, I do like the idea of providing the best for a fluffy if one has the means. I used it as the basis for a story revolving around a trip to a MegaFluffmart.


considering fluffys, in the better timelines, are basically hybrid pets/children to their owners, yeah i say good fluffys deserve this kinda safe room :slight_smile:

Heck even with non talking pets we treat them as family ^^’ lol


“Daddeh wan pway Dive Kick wiff Scwub?”



Shouldn’t we then?
Some people go a bit way too far
but others are a bit too easy with pets
Dog or cat sick or too old ? eh just get rid of em.

I said it before but i was raised to consider pets family and they are with you till the day they die.
Because that’s what it means to have a pet they put their lives in your hands.

Anyway !
this saferoom looks like a fluffy markt safe room or somebody who really likes fluffies and has cash to spare.

I personally really like the idea of a safe box in various sizes for foals and adult fluffies.


If we go by oculus story its a display safe room at a fluffymart lol but i could see owners with lots of money building this for their pets/pets familys

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Yeah i thought as much, haven’t read the story yet.
But i like the save box idea because ti allows people on a budget to keep their fluffy safe and not be …extravagant.

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