D’arc Foal-A-Cola Bottle for WildeFaun ~ [The_Other_Conagher]

Hi, all ~ Just been working through some projects lately.
I liked @WildeFaun 's Foal-A-Cola concept so much, I took their sketches and developed a 3D model of the D’arc Foal-A-Cola bottle with them ~

If any adopters want, here are two renderings of a blank bottle (I’ll post up another tribute art of how you can use the pics). Feel free to use them as you like, I’d just ask that you link back to WildeFaun’s post for your foal, as this is still all their art :thumbsup:

Check out the original post here, and let me know if you adopted a Foal-A-Cola foal and want a specific bottle color scheme based on your flavor ~ Enjoy! :glee:
Foal-A-Cola sneak peek give away. “WildeFaun” - Fluffy Image Self-Posting - FluffyCommunity (fluffy-community.com)


Love these soso much! :glee:

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