Dancing for Daddeh by Mikahorsie

I found this cute Foal in a backalley. Everyone meet “Jackson”…


Better form than most dancie bebbehs show. Almost tolerable! Almost.

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That horn is going into that urethra.

Awesome :smiley:

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Sorry my guy dancie privildges removed, you may either live in poopies or starve to death or get stomped by your siblings or mummah.

choice is yours, world is your oyster. :shrug:

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Aww what big eyes cutie

Those eyes. Dont trust it.

That’s not a fluffy…
~readies his pistol for the skinwalker posing as a fluffy but made the crucial mistake of staying on their back legs too long and dancing too well if I cant back up and escape~

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With some fluffy dance classes, he could be a star!

(post deleted by author)

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