Dexter and Alcremie (Pokédex #869) by Karn/Princess Purrpaws



Fluffy, no! Don’t eat the alcremie even if it looks super tasty and I would probably try to sneak a lick of it myself!

… Okay maybe just eat a little bit of it!

Wait I just noticed, the fluffy’s name is Dexter? Oh man that is so perfect, I love it.


Having flashbacks to that Shadman comic:

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I’d never seen it.
Very cute Alcremie.
And odd attention to Pikachu’s cake.

Yeah, usual cautions about reading his comics. Not all are like that where it’s funny as hell parody. He has done a lot of Simpson rule 34 stuff.

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Oh, I know. He does have some cute stuff despite his reputation and far, far less cute stuff.

Must participate!! Dark types are GO!

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Would love to have you on board.
And wuv Dark Types.

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