Dexter and Jigglypuff (Pokédex #39) by Karn/Princess Purrpaws

An idea for a community project that was thrown around in chat with @SqueakyFriend
and several others involving a fluffy in the Pokémon universe going on an adventure and trying to fill in his Pokédex. Which led to this.


Ohhh this is so cute! They’re singing a duet!! (It is gonna be a very short-lived duet, but still!)

I love the little pokedex it has, very tempted to draw something for this project myself!


If you are interested.

You KNOW jiggly puff would get mad at the fluffy’s off key singing and draw funny faces on its face

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And now I wonder if the Jigglypuff is not just any Jigglypuff but THE Jigglypuff from the anime,the one that takes mons and people falling asleep when hearing its song like a personal insult?