Down But Not Out Ch. 1 [By BFM101]

Herman Mongola whistled to himself as he piloted the drone over his farm, casually he reached over and pressed the button to drop the suspended brick onto the Smarty’s head below. A beautifully horrific display of red splattered out in all directions, mostly covering the feral herd that had invaded his crops.

There was a high pitch squeal from the survivors. “EEK, MUNSTAH GIB SMAWTY FOWEBA SWEEPIES, WUN WAY!”

Herman watched on the drone camera as blotched of colours sped out in all directions, he tried to hold back a smile but he couldn’t help but feel a little bit of pride at protecting his herd. That was until, just faintly over the drone’s microphone, he heard it.




Herman felt his smile wiped from his face, on the drone’s camera he could make out a tiny spot of yellow struggling to move against the dirt, its front legs dragging themselves forward, its back legs not moving at all.

“Goddamn it.”

Herman quickly landed the drone safely and ran outside, rushing past Hickory and Cinnamon who’d came out of their Safe-Room to investigate.

“Wha happen daddeh?”

“I’ll tell you in a moment Hickory, stay inside for now.”

Hickory jumped at Herman’s sharp tone but understood his daddy was just worried and retreated back to safety. Herman grabbed his jacket and ran outside, as fast as his old legs could carry him. Finding the Smarty’s body was easy, the blindingly bright white Fluff stood out like a sore thump, as did the crimson pool of his blood and brains. But it wasn’t the Smarty Herman was looking for, it was the tiny trail of blood leading away from the Smarty and towards the yellow foal trying desperately to crawl away.

“Huu, wai weggies nu wowk, need wun way fwom buzz-ee munstah, nu wan gu foweba sweepies tuu. Mummah wait fow babbeh.”

Herman grimaced at the sight, the foal had been stomped on in the rush to escape, likely not seen – or worse, actively ignored – by their herdmates. A dirty hoof-print was indented onto their back, thankfully not high enough to cause any major organ damage, but low enough that the foal’s back legs was basically obliterated.

The foal would never walk again, and it was Herman’s fault.

Taking a deep breath, Herman rustled the crops to let his arrival be known.

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

The yellow foal peeped and stopped moving, covering its eyes with its front hooves as it shivered with fear and pissed itself. Herman reached over and softly stroked it on the back, being careful not to touch near its broken bottom half.

“Hey there, you’re alright now, I gotcha.”

The foal relaxed and let out a soft purr. “Coo, wub scwitchies.”

Herman carefully scooped the foal off the ground and cradled it in his palm, softly scratching its belly while letting it suckle on his thump. He took that moment to check the foal’s gender, he couldn’t see any testicles, or any remains of testicles, and took that to mean the foal was female.

“I thought I heard someone crying, I saw what that monster did to your Smarty, I scared it away, it can’t hurt you anymore.”

“Chirp. Am mummah hewe? Babbeh hab wowstesh weggie huwties.”

“Oh I’m sorry, but there’s no-one here. Just you. I think your mummy got scared and ran off, she probably doesn’t even know you’re gone yet.”

The filly started sniffling again. “Mummah nu knyo babbeh am missin?”

“I’m sure she’ll realise once she calms down, how about I take you back to my home and you can rest up there while we wait for your mummy to come back.”

The filly nodded, still crying about potentially being forgotten about, Herman did what he could to comfort her but he knew her diagnosis wasn’t good, even if she survived the injuries, the chances of her mother coming back were slim, and the chances of her mother accepting a ‘broken babbeh’ were even slimmer.

Right now all she had was Herman, and he wasn’t about to let her down.

Taking the filly back into the house, Hickory and Cinnamon were once again surprised the see their daddy bring home another Fluffy.

“Dat anudda Fwuffy daddeh?”

“Indeed it is Hickory?” Herman answered, placing the filly onto a soft blanket on the floor. “I found this little girl outside, her herd had been scared off and I think they left her behind by accident, someone stepped on her as well so she can’t use her back legs too good.”

Cinnamon gasp. “Oh nu, babbeh hab wowstesh sowwy-hoofies. Dat am howwibew.”

“It is, but we’re gonna look after the little one and make sure she stays safe.”

Cinnamon nodded and lay down next to the filly, wrapping her body around her to keep the little thing warm. “Dewe, dewe babbeh, Cin-a-min gib wawmsies an huggies tu make feew betta.”

The filly turned in closer to Cinnamon, gripping onto her Fluff and resting herself in the warm comfort, all the while Hickory nudged the water bowl closer so the filly could drink if she needed anything.

Herman smiled at his pair, proud of them for taking the filly in so quickly. It had been a little over a year since the pair said goodbye to their daughter Pamela and adoptive son Lazarus, both having left to join the households of some of Herman’s friends, and about six months since their first litter were all adopted out as well. The pair still saw their children and their grandchildren on a regular basis, but with the autumn weather taking a turn for the worse, Herman hadn’t allowed them to have anymore foals for the moment.

Looking after this little filly gave them the opportunity to be parents again, even if for a short time.

With the filly finding a small piece of comfort, Herman made for the kitchen to warm up some milk, he still had some of Cinnamon’s milk leftover from her last litter in the freezer for emergencies, and this felt like an emergency. It wouldn’t be as beneficial to the filly as it would be straight from the source but needs must and Herman didn’t have a milk producing mare on hand.

As the milk was slowly warmed up on the stove, Herman added the tiniest drop of Fluffy safe pain relief to the mixture. Fluffy biology was awful when it came medicines, it was why so many vets often didn’t give Fluffies any form of anaesthesia or pain relief when having to operate because the medicine would mess with their biology and kill them before the pain did. The stuff Herman had was expensive and rare and contained only the most minuet amount of herbal relief, enough for the sensitive Fluffy to feel a slight change and then allow the rest to be handled b a placebo effect.

Herman didn’t know how much pain the filly was in, the fact that she hadn’t made much, if any, noise about being hurt told Herman that her spine was likely snapped, even if her legs weren’t destroyed she wouldn’t be able to feel anything below her waist. With Fluffy healing being as famously quick as it was, the filly’s nerve ending would likely start knitting themselves back together before the end of the day, then the agony would damn near kill her. Getting something in her system now would ease her suffering but not remove it.

With each passing minute Herman was less and less certain about the filly being able to go home again.

The milk finally started to bubble and Herman took it off the stove, letting it cool for a few moments before pouring it into a spare bottle with a rubber teat. Taking it back through to the Fluffies, he saw Hickory and Cinnamon both looking with horror at the filly’s injuries, he didn’t blame them for being unnerved. Basically the entire lower third of the filly’s body had been flattened, her legs broken and bent in all unnatural directions, her waist twisted the wrong way, adding to Herman’s theory that her spine was in tatters. Below her, Herman could see a small amount of poop had spurted out but the filly had made no notice of her own accident, his heart broke realising that alongside the inability to walk anymore, the filly would have no control over her bodily functions, a lifetime of bad peepees and poopies she wouldn’t even be able to tell had happened, let alone stop them from happening.

At least she could still go poopies, as small a comfort as they might be.

Cinnamon looked up at Herman, tears streaming down her face. “Babbeh hab wowstehs huwties daddeh, Cin-a-min nu fink huggies hewp hew.”

“No Cinnamon, I’m afraid they won’t, which is why it’s so important we do our best to look after her. Here, raise her up so I can feed her.”

Cinnamon shifted her body so that the filly was sitting upright. Half-asleep from the exhaustion and the turmoil her body had just went through, the filly didn’t fully understand what was happening at first.

“Wh… wha? Wai babbeh movin? Am weggies wowkin gai…?”

“I’m afraid not.” Herman said with a soft stroke of her yellow face. “I don’t think your leggies will ever work again. But here, I have some special milkies for you, these won’t bring your leggies back, but they’ll take the hurties away.”

The filly whined at the reminder that her legs were ruined but her tummy rumbled and she happily took the bottle, suckling down the medicinal milk with gusto. Herman’s face took on a sad smile, happy that she still had an appetite but upset that that counted as a positive given her situation.

The filly let go of the teat with a loud belch and nestled back into Cinnamon’s light brown coat, her eyelids growing heavier by the second.

“Fank yu fow gu… fow gud miwkies nice mis… nice mistah. Babbeh am swee… sweepies nyo.”

Herman smiled and stroked her mane. “That’s alright, you rest up, you’ll need it after today.”

The filly yawned. “Fank yu, gud dawk-time nice mistah and Fwuffies.”

“Goodnight to you too…”

Herman paused, realising the filly didn’t have a name, he wondered if it was his place to give her one, but remembering that she had been abandoned and the likelihood of her being returned was slim was all Herman needed to convince himself that she deserved a good human name.

Taking a look over her, the yellow Fluff, black mane and Pegasus wings all reminded Herman of a certain comic book character, and given her situation it felt apt to have the reminder.

“Goodnight, Oracle.”

The filly smiled in her sleep. “Owacew hab biggesh hea… heawt happies. Wub nyu namesiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

With the newly named Oracle now out for the count, Hickory lay himself beside his mate, both of them using their body warmth to keep Oracle comfortable. Herman left the little family unit alone, tomorrow would be rough, but they’d earned a rest for now.

That night, as Herman was tidying up the last of his kitchenware before bed, he saw and heard movement from his window, small, high-pitched movements.

“Cawefuw, nu wan buzz-ee munstah gib Fwuffies foweba sweepies gain.”

“Huu, whewe am babbeh, wan babbeh bak. Babbeh, mummah am hewe.”

A mare and a stallion, Oracle’s mother and potentially her father as well. Herman looked back into the living room, Oracle still fast asleep between Hickory and Cinnamon. Not wanting to disturb her, Herman grabbed a jacket and a torch and went to greet the pair himself.

Naturally as soon as the bright torch went on, there was a loud yelp and a fart as two frightened Fluffies were immediately startled and started running, although in the confusing maze of corn they ended up running towards Herman instead of away from him.

“Hey, hey, hey. Easy there, I’m not gonna hurt you.”

The mare, an orange Pegasus with a black mane peeked up from over her hooves. “Nice mistah nu gib hiwties?”

“No, no, don’t worry. This is my home, no-one here is going to hurt you. Did I hear you two were looking for a baby?”

The mare jumped with excitement. “Yeh, yeh. Mummah wose wittew yewwow babbeh wen wunnin fwom buzz-ee munstah dat gib Smawty foweba sweepies. Tuu scawdies tu see babbeh am gun, hab nice mistah seen babbeh?”

Herman felt iffy, it had been several hours since the Smarty had been killed, granted Fluffies weren’t the best at time keeping but they surely they would’ve done something before now.

“Your baby is in my house, I’ve been looking after her while waiting for someone to come find her.”

The mare squealed. “Yay, babbeh am ok, gib babbeh bak nice mistah.”

“Now hold on there, she’s been with me a long time now, why has it taken you so long to find her?”

The stallion, a yellow unicorn with a red mane, huffed and stomped his hoofs. “Gib babbeh bak nyo.”

“Not until you answer my question.”

To Herman’s surprise, the mare giggled. “Mummah nu come bak cos bestesh babbeh hab wowstesh scawdie hungwies, mummah need gib him bestesh miwkies an huggies an wub befowe can wook fow udda babbeh.”

Herman felt a pang in his heart, poor Oracle had been left to suffer because her mother was too busy tending to her favoured child. He could guess what this orange wretch would see to Oracle’s disability, but he had to tell her anyway.

“Well, your baby is alive, but she’s been hurt badly, she…”


The stallion huffed again. “Weo gib hoomin wowstesh huwties fow huwtin babbeh.”

“I didn’t do anything, one of YOUR friends stepped on her when you were running away, her back legs are broken and she can’t walk anymore.”

The mare stopped crying, processed what Herman was saying, and then turned her nose up at him. “Nu wan dummeh nu weggie babbeh, mummah onwy hab gud babbehs wiv gud weggies.”

Herman expected that response, but it still hurt him to hear. “Really? You’re going to abandon your own child because she can’t walk anymore?”

“Babbeh am dummeh babbeh, mummah nu wike dummeh babbeh, tuu mush wowkies.”

Herman sighed, though inwardly he was thankful he didn’t have to give up Oracle to these monsters.

“Fine then, if you don’t want her, then I’ll keep Oracle and look after her myself. Now kindly leave.”

As Herman turned to leave, he heard the stallion stomp his hooves again.

“Nu, dis am gud homesie, Weo wan wand fow hewd an babbehs, hoomin gib Weo skettis nyo ow Weo gib foweba sweepies.”

Herman turned back to Leo, a smirk growing on his face. “Oh, but you don’t want this land.”

“Wa… wai nu?”

“Because the buzzy monster lives here, the one that killed your Smarty. And do you know who controls the buzzy monster?”

“Who?” Leo asked, shitting himself a little bit.

“I do.”

With a press of button on his phone app, Herman’s drone turned on and lifted out of its holding area, hovering in the air menacingly, seemingly staring right at the Fluffy pair.

Both of them screamed, shit themselves and run off into the cornfield, crying and hollering as they immediately got lost and turned about. Herman waited until their screaming got quiet enough for them not to come back anytime soon and brought his drone back down for landing.

Herman didn’t like or want to hurt Fluffies, but he wasn’t above scaring the shit out of trespassers to protect his herd.

So I was inspired by @GreaverBlade’s disabled filly Dawn but arrived too late to take her in myself. So I crippled my own foal and made a story around her.

That’s right, it’s another BFM Hugbox Story, keep yourselves on edge for if and when I decide to be an abusive dickhead again.

Chapter 2


Honestly, I really like this. It’s a Mongola family story with a sympathetic, but realistic Mongola.

He likes his fluffies. Smarties can fuck off. Invaders can kindly see themselves off his property.

I’m excited to read more of this. This also could tie nicely in to something I have in the works with Gal-with-Pastels. I’ll have to reach out by DM later.

That being said, since you missed out on Dawn…


Since she both talks and chirps, I figured I’d give her the start of her mane and tail. She’s also starting to fluff out.

I figured she might inherit some orange from her mother, as it seems she got her yellow fluff from her father.


Very cute, thank you

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Hit me up if you want the source Krita files.


It’s funny how quickly fluffies stop loving each other.


Yeah, although on a practical level she is right. In the wild, crippled animals do not live long, so why waste time, energy and resources on a fluffy who will never be useful for anything, worse still pooping in the safe place?


gasp Munstah! :joy:


Had I known it, I would have gladly left her to you, since I am not yet ready to introduce her in my story.


It’s fine, this works out for the better since I can use the surprise arrival as a jumping off point, rather than having Herman take in a random disabled foal.

Like I’m sure he would, but then I’d have to come up with a reason for Dawn to leave after just arriving.


I think I have a little man-crush on Herman. He’s adorable. :heart_eyes_cat:


He’s also close to 70 in this time of his life. Unless you got a thing for the silver look.

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Never shy away from a silver fox. They know how to dish out the really good verbal punches… and know to appreciate life outside the silliness of pretentious career climbing. :wink:

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Im smiling cause Herman is enjoying that toy and now an expert of brick droppin.

By fluffy feral standard his farmland can be the horror urban legend for them to avoid. “Bewawe of da Buzzy Munstah dat giv fluffy foweba sweepies!”

Poor oracle got the worst parents to have with :cry::triumph: wish they get mauled by wild dogs when they get back to their bestesh.

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I do like Herman. Thank you.

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This could make a decent plot point. But instead of immediately thinking the baby useless, the parents grieve over the fact that the baby can no longer fend for herself and likely won’t survive. They could agonize over giving the baby forever sleepies to spare her suffering.

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If this takes place when it does. Then that means Lazarus and Pamela were given away literally a few weeks after Second Chances. I guess Herman doesn’t deal well with horny fluffies.

Also an expensive and rare form of pain relief that’s very mild, to me, would be quite easy and common to make since you could just reeeeaaaallly dilute some herbs or something.

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The timeline isn’t set in stone but Lazarus is basically owned by Johnny and Gheorghe at the end of Second Chances and I imagined that Pamela left not long afterwards, partly to move towards starting her own family and partly to give her parents room to raise their new litter.

Horniness doesn’t factor into it that much, else Herman wouldn’t have allowed Cinnamon and Hickory to have as many litters as they did