Drastic Measures Part 11-12 (Art By Casca_De_Laranja)

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“And it was that moment the bestest shitrat knew it had fucked up, or at least it would have known if it wasn’t so fucking stupid”
May the bestest shitrats life be short but it’s death drawn out.


Of course, the bestest babbeh had to start running his mouth. Would have been just Mummah, but NoOoOoOo~ The bestest babbeh just had to act like a smarty.


Dammit! I can’t. I fucking can’t! I know this is somewhat unrelated, but thanks to TLOU 2, all I can think of when somebody gets beaten up with a golf club is, A Joel in one!

This piece speaks to my cold, blackened heart. Keep up the good work! :+1:

I need to know what happend later to that smarty foal shitrat

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Oh boy here we go

I actually love this comic a lot I feel bad since most alicorns are called monsters when they are very beautiful